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Author has written 2 stories for Tales of Symphonia, and Mario.

Name: Logan Aura, or (my real name) Michael Logan G..

My deviant art:

Like: Math, science, writing fiction, reading, Japanese culture,

Hate: History, writing essays, most guys.

I'm tall (6'3"-ish), brunette w/ shoulder length hair, and normally just wear Jeans and a T-shirt, I have glasses, but I can see just well without them. I'm kind, hyper, but a little shy.

I have a boyfriend.

Current obsessions- Murder Mystery Novels, Dangan Ronpa, The Mole, Cooking shows.


All right, if people actually still follow me, I thought I'd explain.

Where are all your stories?!

I deleted Almost of them. Simple as that. I'm redoing a few of my stories that I've left hanging for so long, but most of them are so old that I don't have the drive to continue

What're you planning on doing?

I have 3 stories that I currently plan on working on, 2 in the planning stages and one that's in the progress of being written. You'll see a quick description of them later.

What stuff do you plan on writing?

Adventure, Mystery, things of that nature.

More specifically, my stories are going to have a LOT of stuff that're made BY me. I'm likely not going to do any small stories anymore.

What's up with your long stretch between updates?

Well between July 2014 and September 2014 I was on an old laptop due to a busted new one. Due to that, some of my stories were gone, and in addition to that when I got my laptop it was factory reset, my drive to work on my stories was a bit low. Starting to get back into the swing of things however.

Stories I am currently working on

The Mole: Mushroom Kingdom: Inspired by the stories by Princess Toady and Krisechters. 10 lucky contestants will travel through Mushroom Kingdom in hopes of earning a large sum of coins, but not everyone is as it seems. One of them is the Mole, bent on making the prize money as little as possible while staying hidden, while their Hostess with the Mostess, Timpani, guides them through their tasks.

(Clues will be linked here)

Contestants: Mario, Goombella, Koops, Flurrie, Yoshi, Vivian, Ms. Mowz, Bobbery, TEC, Toadette (Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door incarnation)

An Unusual Symphonia: It's a huge shock to wake up from a sleep after speaking to someone online, only to wake up in a world of a video game with them. Two young men are pulled into the world of Sylvarant, unknowing as to why they were brought there and what they need to do to return home.

Paper Mario and the Heart's Desires:A redo of a story from a while back, tweaked and edited. Once again, the Mushroom Kingdom is in danger by Bowser, releasing an ancient evil. Only this time, he is not going to start his journey alone. Our hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is going to travel to save it with many people he meets along the way.

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