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Hi, my name is Paige and I am now 17 years old. My penname is TrueKelpa because a few years ago, I took part in the CBBC TV show Raven, and my 'name' was Kelpa. Also, the wave symbol!

Yes, yes I am Koolkidpaige (or kkp for short) from the BcH blog. Welcome to my profile!


(Sorry don't know your name) We were doing a rather epic Sherlock thing, then my stupid laptop lost the internet connection. I gave you my penname so I thought I'd leave a note here in case you came looking. PM me? Thanks :D


Me, me, me. What to say... Well, my best feature is my sarcastic nature. Or is that the worst... I can never tell. If I don't like someone, I make sure they know about it, but I stay completely loyal to my friends no matter what. I worship spellcheck, I only get drunk very occasionally, and I love to sing. And write, obviously. I write songs, original fiction, scripts, you name it, I've written it. Well, except non-fiction. I'm not big on that. But then, who is? Well, non-fiction writers, I guess. That would make sense.

Most of my FFs contain OCs. Deal with it. ;) Nah, love ya really. Seriously, if you are actually reading this crap you deserve some kind of award. Aaaanyway... OCs. My OCs are all pretty much facets of the same person, a character from one of my original fictions by the name of Raven. There is a significance there, but I might go into that later. Or I might not, depends how bored I am. Seriously, right now I am actually considering doing homework. And I have 8 weeks before I need to return it. Now that is boredom. Ahh look, the rambling part of my nature just kicked in. In addition to the sarky side. I used to have a sane side, where I kept my marbles, but I lost both long ago. But... where were we? Ahh yes, Raven. And currently just Aldora and Kayla. Oh, and Emily, but her fic (Type 2.5) has been giving me trouble, and I fear I may not be able to update it again until the next series of BcH comes out. But I digress. I take pride in the fact that none of my OCs are Mary Sues, 'cause they are just irritating and unrealistic. I prefer creating believable characters with flaws and weaknesses, because that's what makes people human. Please don't be put off by the fact that my fics contain OCs, because they really aren't that bad! And, if ya ask nice, I might even let you borrow them! I'll put a little OC analysis thing at the bottom if ya like.

Reveiws are like air to me, I need them to survive... no, seriously! Please reveiw my stories! Please! *Does a little happy dance*

Ok, so I'm gonna put the Coming Soon bit here so you don't have to trawl through all my favourite things to find it...



Planning two new fics at the moment, a Harry Potter FutureFic (Centered on Lily Potter) and a Becoming Human fic to focus a bit on Adam and Christa's respective pasts - how they came to be what they are, and what happened afterwards, that kind of thing. My question to you is, which should I work on first? I'm going to attempt to put a poll up here so you can give your opinion. Well, that's that!

Ok, there will be a sequel to the Forest Of Silva! And not just one! I am planning on making it a 4 part thing, with possibly a companion fic explaining more about Aldora's past. Titles:

1. The Forest Of Silva

2. Winds Of Change

3. The Waters Of Avalon

4. Trials By Fire

And, if I go ahead with the companion fic, it will be called 'Rogue Spirit'.

*I've started typing up Rogue Spirit guys!*

So, keep an eye out for that. Not sure when it will appear, it's in the planning stage right now (That is to say, it's all inside my head), so I don't know when, but it will definately happen. I promise.

As for the Other Four Bar... I'm really sorry to be putting this on hiatus until I manage to get a job and earn myself some money to buy Plague, as I am totally out of ideas and inspiration. But if you have any suggestions as to what direction you would like to take, please PM me! I need ideas!

My first forray into the DP-verse is now up! It's called Ember's Song. Check it out!

Ok, second DP fic up now too! Just a plot bunny that was knawing at my bedpost at 2 in the morning. It's called 'The Power of Music, and is now a threeshot.

Also: Who loves Charmed? I DO! If you do too, I have good news. I had to write a 'transformation' as part of my 6th form inductions. Transformation is just fancy English-teacher speak for fanfiction. So I wrote a Chris fic, because I love Chris :D I shall post it up soon, when I have finished it, so it will be updated regularly for once. Yay!


I am now the proud owner of the first ever Becoming Human/Young Dracula crossover! I love Craig Roberts, and I saw a definate link between the reluctant vampires in both of those series, so yay :D

Fic Songs:

Yeah, I usually have a song going r'round in my head whenever I write, and each story generally relates to that song. For the best example of this, check out the lyrics of Ignorance by Paramore and then read my fic 'Dr Jacobs and Mr Brannagh'. You'll see what I mean. Non bolded ones are ones I've partially written, but not posted yet.

(Becoming Human) Becoming Monsters: Plastic Jungle - Miike Snow

(Becoming Human) Monsters Within: Town Called Malice - The Jam

(Becoming Human) Hybrid: Bad Influence - Pink

(Becoming Human/Young Dracula) Dr Jacobs and Mr Brannagh: Ignorance - Paramore

(Being Human) Supernatural Elemental:

Dirge - Death in Vegas

(Charmed) Back to the Bad Bad Bad Bad Future: This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars

(Danny Phantom) Ember's Song: Remember - Ember McLain

(Danny Phantom) The Power of Music: My Interpretation - Mika

(Gone) The Other Four Bar: Hurricaine Drunk - Florence and the Machine

(Harry Potter) Lily Luna Potter: She Wolf - Shakira

(Merlin) Rogue Spirit: Rabbit Heart - Florence and the Machine

(Merlin) The Forest of Silva: Night of the Hunter - 30 Seconds to Mars

(Sherlock) Toy Soldier: Toy Soldiers - Martiqua

(South Park) The Incredible Kyle: Titanuim - Sia & David Guetta

Fave books (Just a few, believe me, there are like, hundreds)

The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson

The Angel Experiment; School's out Forever; Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports; The Final Warning; MAX; FANG; ANGEL; NEVERMORE

The Gone series by Michael Grant

Gone; Hunger; Lies; Plague;

The House of Night series by P.C and Kristin Cast

Marked; Betrayed; Chosen; Untamed; Hunted; Tempted; Burned; Awakened;

And of course Harry Potter by gool ol' JK

Yeah, not gonna type these out. Everyone knows them anyway...

Fave characters in general

Ya might wanna skip this part... Its gonna get pretty long... Or, ya know, see how many you recognise...

Good Guys

Alex Drake - Ashes to Ashes

Gene Hunt - Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars

Thumper - Bambi

Adam Jacobs - Becoming Human

Christa Stammers - Becoming Human

John Mitchell - Being Human (*Sobs*)

Xander Harris - Buffy TVS

Cordelia Chase - Buffy TVS/Angel

Chris Perry (Haliwell) - Charmed

Paige Haliwell - Charmed

Prue Haliwell - Charmed

Dani Phantom - Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom/Fenton - Danny Phantom

Jazz Fenton - Danny Phantom

Valerie Gray - Danny Phantom

Luke Rutherford - Demons

Ruby - Demons

Bender Bending Rodriguez - Futurama

Lana Arwen Lazar - Gone

Taylor - Gone

Rikki Chadwick - H2O - Just Add Water

Zane Bennet - H2O - Just Add Water

Hermionie Granger - Harry Potter

Luna Lovegood - Harry Potter

Claire Bennet - Heroes

Hiro Nakamura - Heroes

Peter Petrelli - Heroes

West Rosen - Heroes

Aphrodite - House of Night

Timone - Lion King

Zahzu - Lion King

Kovu - Lion King 2

Sawyer/James Ford - Lost

Kate Austen - Lost

John Locke - Lost

Angel - Maximum Ride

Max Ride - Maximum Ride

Gwaine - Merlin

Merlin - Merlin

Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Carribbean

Abby Maitland - Primeval

Connor Temple - Primeval

James Lester - Primeval

Djaq - Robin Hood (BBC)

Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock (BBC)

John Watson - Sherlock (BBC)

Wulfgang - Shoebox Zoo

Richie Foley/Gear - Static Shock

Finn - Storm Hawks

Piper - Storm Hawks

Raven - Teen Titans

Beast Boy - Teen Titans

Caleb - W.I.T.C.H

Irma Lair - W.I.T.C.H

Taranee Cook - W.I.T.C.H

Will Vandom- W.I.T.C.H

Cloudkit/Cloudtail - Warriors

Rusty/Firepaw/Fireheart/Firestar - Warriors

Yellowfang - Warriors

Wisty Allgood - Witch and Wizard

Count Dracula - Young Dracula

Erin Noble - Young Dracula

Robin Brannagh - Young Dracula

Vlad Dracula - Young Dracula

Bad Guys

Bartok the bat - Anastasia

Rasputin - Anastasia

Dark Willow - Buffy TVS

Spike - Buffy TVS

Cole Turner/Balthazar - Charmed

Dan Phantom (Evil Danny) - Danny Phantom

Ember McLain - Danny Phantom

Quincey - Demons

The Master - Doctor Who

Caine Soren - Gone

Draco Malfoy - Harry Potter

Sylar - Heroes

Scar - Lion King

Audrey II - Little Shop Of Horrors

Ben Linus - Lost

Morgana - Merlin

Guy of Gisborne - Robin Hood (BBC)

Sheriff of Nottingham - Robin Hood (BBC)

James Moriarty - Sherlock (BBC)

Dark Ace - Storm Hawks

Master Cyclonis - Storm Hawks

Matt Olsen/Shagon - W.I.T.C.H

Tigerclaw/Tigerstar - Warriors

Ingrid Dracula - Young Dracula

Fave TV shows & pairings:

Becoming Human


Being Human

George/Nina; Mitchell/Annie


Piper/Leo; Pheobie/Cole

Danny Phantom

Danny/Ember; Danny/Sam

Doctor Who

Rory/Amy; 11th Doctor/River Song

H2O - Just add water

Lewis/Cleo; Ash/Emma; Will/Bella; Zane/Rikki


Merlin/Freya; Merlin/Morgana; Arthur/Gwen

Young Dracula

Vlad/Chloe; Vlad/Erin; Bertrand/Ingrid; Ramanga/Ingrid

Fave Book?

Call of Cthulhu by H.P Lovecraft

Maximum Ride by James Patterson

Fave Film?

The Inbetweeners Movie

Fave Childhood Film?

The Lion King

Fave TV Show(s)?

Becoming Human/Being Human, Doctor Who, Sherlock, South Park, Young Dracula

Fave Pairing?

Buffy/Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Rikki/Zane (H2O - Just Add Water)

Fave Musical(s)?

A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, Little Shop Of Horrors

Fave Song(s)?

Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts (AVPM)

Hungry like the Wolf (Duran Duran)

Ignorance (Paramore)

The Pretender (Foo Fighters)

This Pretty Face (Amy Macdonald)

Titanium (Sia & David Guetta)

Toy Soldiers (Martiqua)

Welcome to the Show (Britt Nicole)

What Would Brian Boitano Do? (South Park: Bigger Longer And Uncut)

Fave Baddie?

Ember McLain (Danny Phantom), Eric Cartman (South Park), James Moriarty (Sherlock), Scar (Lion King)

What I look for in a fic;

I’m gonna make a list, right here, right now, of all the things that should be included in a story. I want at least three from this list in anything I read.

A first person narrator – preferably a teenager or a kid. Someone who doesn’t always have to take the world so damn seriously all the time.

Informality. Seriously, a formal book makes me feel like I’m reading a newspaper. And if I wanted to read a newspaper, I wouldn’t have picked up a book.

Betrayal. Gotta love a bit of betrayal, the harsher the better. A guy selling out his best friend to save his family, or because he’s under some kind of mind control, that sort of stuff. Angst, guys!

Magic. Gotta have magic. And not the sort of magic in stuff like Terry Pratchet novels, either, like other world magic that everyone knows about. It’s gotta be in this world, preferably set in present day, and only known about by a select few. Which brings me onto my next point...

Secrets. There’s gotta be a big secret kept from a large portion of people, as well as the constant threat of the secret getting out. For example, the existence of supernaturals in shows like Being Human.

Turncoat. Yeah, a bit like the betrayal one I guess, but more in the way that it’s their own choice. Either that or they turn on their own personality, becoming evil when they're supposed to be the good guy, that sort of thing.

Immortality. Yeah, there’s gotta be some kind of ‘returning from the dead’ thing happen. Either that or ‘they weren’t really dead, everyone just thought they were’. But not in the way that Eastenders did with Archie Mitchell, ‘cause that was just freakin' ridiculous. I mean, really.

Teasing. Again, if there are friends in the story, in real life they take the piss out of eachother. They don’t always sit around drying your tears when you’re upset, because sometimes you need a kick up the backside and someone telling you to man up, for god's sake. That’s what friends are there for.

Improbable romance. If there’s gonna be romance, make it interesting! The bad boy with the good girl, or the good guy with the bad girl. Why do you think couples like Spike/Buffy are so popular? I’m talking Draco/Hermione, Jake/Rose, Rikki/Zane, Pheobe/Cole, Ember/Danny, the rivals with an impossible attraction. It’s gold.

The Realist. You know, that one character who, when things go mental and implausibly crazy all around them, they just take a step back and say; ‘what in God's name is actually going on here? When the hell did things get this insane? I just wanted a freakin' ice cream, and now there are robots everywhere? What kind of screwed up day is this? I mean, come on!’ You know? That guy. That guy is cool.

References! Little references to actual life situations, or previous episodes, where people can say ‘oh yeah, I remember that!'

Doubt. Be it self-doubt of the character (which I prefer) or doubt from everyone around them, I don’t want a crappy little thing full of everyone motivating everyone else. It’s unrealistic, it’s childish, and frankly, it’s damned annoying.

Supernatural-ness. Yeah, I’m a sucker for that kinda thing. It’s just so awesome.

Dialogue. And not just any dialogue, but good dialogue. I mean, no offence to Edgar Allen Poe, but his dialogue, when there is any, left a LOT to be desired. Sure, it tells the story well, but I want cutting insults thrown around, I want comebacks that set your teeth on edge, I want arguments and fights and speeches that make you think about the meaning of life and wonder what exactly a ‘fuckwad’ is at the same time. I want low blows and scathing comments, and I want to see the bad guys fighting with words and witty banter as well as fists. That’s what gets me to like a character.

Tragic back-story. Gotta be tragic, but can’t have left the character a gibbering mess because of it. The horrors in their past make them a hardened warrior, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, without whining about how awful their life has been.

Flaws. Characters must, must, MUST be flawed. If there is one thing I hate with all my soul, it's Mary Sues, who always see the positive in every situation, with incredible intellect, a pretty face, bravery and surprising fighting skill when necessary. You get a few of those in real life, and that is PLENTY. They need flaws! A short temper, pessimism, stupidity, rashness, disability, cowardice, lack of coordination, drug addiction, criminal record, twelve toes, burning hatred of life itself, WHATEVER! They need flaws, they need to make mistakes, they need to have weak points. SERIOUSLY!

Quotes Time!


When life gives you lemons, keep them, 'cause hey, free lemons.

When life gives you lemons, add vodka and throw a party!

I'm not so good with the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it annoys enough people to make it worth it!

When it rains on my party, I bust out the slip n' slide.

Be insane... because well behaved girls never made history.

If two wrongs don't make a right, try three.

If nothing goes right, go left.

Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.

Fair trade coffee; If you don't like it, you're racist!

It only takes two days of work before even the calendar is saying WTF.

Being Human:

Mitchell: I never know with you whether its Jewish guilt, or Werewolf guilt.
George: They're pretty much the same thing.

Mitchell: George? Get your lead.

Lauren: I saw your furry friend. I was actually going to feed from him. Can you imagine? Probably have to get jabs or something.

George: You are not meeting my friends.
Tully: I am house trained, you know.

Tully: The Earth my pillow, my canopy the stars.
Annie: Oh, I'd like to see George living like that. He had a panic attack in the Eden Project.

George: Hold on, hold on! We need to set some ground rules here about guests!
Mitchell: Like what?
George: Like... don't kill them!
Mitchell: Ugh. Such a bourgeois concept.

Annie: Maybe he's had a blow to the head.
George: I'm sorry?
Annie: Happened to my Nan. She got hit in the head by a radio controlled plane at a county fair. From that moment - obsessed with pygmy goats.
George: There wasn't a single bit of that sentence I understood.

George: That was pathetic! We were like the world's gayest ninjas.

Lucy: If you see the guy I declared dead walking round... kill him!

Annie: Look. My first boyfriend took naked photos of me while I was asleep and put them on the internet. My second boyfriend got drunk and asked my mum for a threesome. My third boyfriend pushed me down the stairs and killed me. So I think a vampire's pretty much... marriage material, given my track record.

Gilbert: Hang the DJ! That tune came out in 1990! [Annie looks at him] Sorry.
Annie: Who are you, the 80s police?
Gilbert: No no no. Just someone with taste.

Gilbert: Thank god you met me. It's time you had some fun, girl.
Annie: I thought fun was a bourgeois concept.
Gilbert: No no, I'm talking about Gilbert fun!

Mitchell: We're valued members of the local community.
George: Yes, until we inadvertently kill one of them.

Owen: What was it?
George: What... oh! It was a pigeon.
Owen: A pigeon?
George: Must've left a window open.
Owen: Well have you got rid of it?
George: I killed it.
Mitchell: You killed it?
George: [Nods] With a shoe.

George: I had the wolf in me.
Mitchell: So did Nina.

George: Nina has opened my eyes. It's like she's helped me, finally, figure out... I've had an epiphany, Mitchell, a breakthrough. I... am making... ha ha ha... a LIST!
Mitchell: A list?
George: Lists solve everything. You put the thing on the list, you do the thing, and then you tick it off! And in that way, order is achieved, and the world, becomes... a better place.
Mitchell: Are you sure you're okay?

Mark: If you're non-believers that's fine, we can just sit together for a few moments of quiet contemplation.
George: Contemplation about what?
Mark: The fiery oblivion that awaits all atheists?
George: Oh, it's not that. I'm Jewish and... [gestures to Mitchell] he's complicated.
Mark: Jewish people pray, I've seen Yentl.
George: You're very sarcastic for a vicar.
Mark: Yeah, so people tell me, and I feel very bad about it, then I forgive myself.

Owen: I need you to keep me safe.
Policeman: Okay. Have you been threatened by someone?
Owen: I killed my girlfriend. And now she lives with a werewolf and what I think is a vampire, and they're going to torture me. So I need to find somewhere safe!
Policeman: I see. Well in that case, we're gonna need a different form.

Annie: I'm a ghost actually.
Seth: Get out. Can you, like, move things about and, you know, walk from one room to another?
George: You know, I'm pretty sure everyone can do that.

George: [Sees graffiti on mirror] What? Mr Sands suck cocks? For God's sake! ... It's Mr Sands SUCKS cocks, singular, not plural, you... gah, have I taught you nothing?
[Brings out a marker pen to correct it]
[Headteacher walks in]
Headteacher: Are you vandalising that mirror?
George: Ahh... [Finishes writing] Nope. No, I'm not.
Headteacher: I saw you writing.
George: Yeah. Yeah, I think it's best if I just... go...

Mitchell: So, you've just arrived at Hogwarts, which house do they put you in?
George: I'd like to say Gryffindor, but they're supposed to be brave. What's the other one? Ravenclaw, does that have a characteristic?
Mitchell: I think they're brainy. You could be in Ravenclaw.
Annie: I quite fancy Hufflepuff actually. I've always thought in Hufflepuff they just spend the day making stuff with safety scissors and glitter.
George: What about you?
Mitchell: I think that they'd say, 'it's probably best if you just stay in the canteen for the next five years'.
Annie: Does anyone ever choose Slytherin?
George: No, because that would be like saying 'I'm a sociopath.'

Owen: What are you talking about?
Janey: I'm seeing things! It's Annie, she's here. Owen, she was going to chop my feet off!
Annie: Okay, that is totally out of context.

Herrick: You alright there, Nana?
Nana: Oh, yes.
Herrick: Had an affair with Hitler, didn't you dear?

Herrick: How do you think this ends?
George: I don't know. We kiss?

Girl: I still don't understand why you do it.
Mitchell: It's complicated.
Girl: Take your time. I'm tied to a bookshelf.

Herrick: Everyone looking after you?
Mitchell: They won't leave me alone. I can't even take a piss with out someone going, “Hey, can I tag along?”
Herrick: Yeah, and I bet that was Seth.

Lia: You're gonna be killed by a werewolf. A wolf-shaped bullet. Bang!

Mitchell: Do you people have any FUCKING idea who I am!? My name is John Mitchell, and I've killed more people than you've met!

Daisy: All over the world you've got these pockets of vampires. Some in hiding, some with arrangements like you had here. But things have started to shift. You notice how there's been lots of accidents lately? Gas explosions, buildings collapsing. They're fighting back.
Mitchell: They?
Daisy: Humans.

Nina: And where do you think you're going?
Adam: Oh, I thought I'd try my luck in haematology.
Nina: I know what you are.
Adam: So you know what I'll do if you come any nearer.


Annie: There's a question you haven't asked yourself yet. If I exist, what else does? You think you're the big bad wolf? You should see George on a full moon. You think you're a cold-blooded murderer? Mitchell was killing 80 years before you were even born. Don't you get it yet? I'm just the tip of the iceberg; I'm good cop. Look at you, so pleased with your grubby little murder, fact is when it comes to pure naked evil, you're an amateur. I want you to know you wandered off the path. This is where the wild things are, and we have got your scent now. We can find you at the edge of the earth, and create unimaginable tortures... and now I'm gonna tell you the very worst thing in the world, something only the dead know...
[Whispers in Owen's ear]
Owen: That's not true!
Annie: I saw it. My advice to you: find a safe place, with locks, and bad dogs... and never ever turn out the light.

Danny Phantom

Sam: Oh, please. Paulina? Girls like her are a dime a dozen.

Danny: How much change you got?

Sam: Haha, very funny. Just remember, you can't judge a book by its cover.

Tucker: Well, there's only one way to find out. Go on, Danny. Go to that library and check out that book.

Danny: I-I can't. I get weak-kneed when I try to talk to cute girls.

Sam: Oh, and you have absolutely no problems talking to me?

Sam: Come quick! A bully is shoving a poor defenseless nerd inside his own locker!

Poindexter: I'll save you, Tucker!

Danny: [Sardonically, after being trodden on by the football team] Fill in for the mascot. It'll be fun. You'll meet cheerleaders...

Tucker: Oh sure, phase the car through the building. You had to save the day, didn't you?

Danny: Um, yeah, because a car smashing into the 28th floor of anything is bad!

Danny: know me?

Vlad: Of course I know you. You're that ghost boy who uses his powers for good. How quaint. Aren't you gonna try to shove me into your ridiculous thermos?

Danny: I...don't want to fight you...

Vlad: No. No, you don't. [attacks]

Walker: I am your judge; executioner; jury; executioner; jailer; and, if necessary, your executioner.

Danny: Uh, you said executioner three times.

Walker: I like that part of the job.

Danny: What the heck is she so happy about?

Sam: Don't ask me. I'm usually the sour one around here, but compared to everyone else, I'm the Gothbird of Happiness.

Tucker: I hate my life.

Sam: I hate your life more.

Danny: Two-hundred seventy-nine girls in our school, and he's gotta have a crush on the one with the weapons and the grudge.

Danny: Tucker, you're starting to scare me. And I fight ghosts!

Tucker: It's an Ember thing. You wouldn't understand it.

Sam: Uh, you do realize she's an evil mind-controlling spirit from another dimension.

Tucker: Yeah, but you said the same thing about Paulina.

Danny: You know, he has a point.

Sam: Wait. I know that look. That's that same longing, puppy dog stare you give Paulina.

Danny: Who's Paulina?

Sam: That's a pleasant side effect.

[Sam kisses Dash]

Dash: Agh! She tastes like geek!

Sam: Agh! He tastes like failure!

Lancer: Now's the best time to say, "Gosh Mr. Lancer, I never realized being a teacher was so difficult."

Danny: I'm fourteen... I don't really care...

Sam: Oh man! I've never seen this many ghosts attacking at once.

Danny: I'm gonna need a bigger thermos.

[A ghost tackles Danny]

Tucker: And a paramedic

Paulina: [overshadowed by a ghost] You can't get away from me!

Danny: Wow, I waited all puberty for a girl to say that to me, and now it's a complete bummer.

Tucker: Pretty neat horse though. What's it made of, flaming bed sheets?

Fright Knight: Flaming bed sheets of death!

Danny: [in Tucker's body] Hi, I'm Tucker Foley. Don't let the PDA, glasses, and lack of muscle fool you. I'm a stud.

Tucker: [to Sam, who's looking at Danny and Paulina] You okay?

Sam: Of course I am! Why would I not be okay?! LOOK how HAPPY he is!! [punches a hole in a locker]

Danny: Do you know who I am, by any chance?

Paulina: Yeah. You're that ghost boy who saved me. Twice, apparently. Inviso-Bill, right?

Danny: I need a publicist.

Danny: So you're the one who hired all these idiots?

Vlad: Yes, all except your father. He's a free idiot.

Sam: I’m a creature of the night, doomed to a family of morning people...

Sam: How ironic is it that I'm stuck under house arrest while my parents go to a free Circus Gothica show?

Tucker: Only slightly less ironic than the fact that they were right about it being evil.

Tucker: Good job beating the big cow, Danny.

Danny: Yeah, well it hasn't stopped Sam from busting my chops about "Cruelty to Unliving Plastic Animals".

Sam: I had to choose between fake cows and evil trucks. The cow won.

Danny and Tucker: Pretty please with those dark licorice sprinkles and the black frosting you like with those little gummy bats on top?

Sam: Uh, excuse me? I save your butt, and you're giving me grief?

Danny: Welcome to my world, remember? We should make the menu Recyclo-Vegetarian! We should let the gorilla out. We should sell all of your dad's stuff at a garage sale!'

Sam: Anything else you wanna blame me for? World hunger? The Ice Age? Puberty?!

Paulina: She surrendered her individuality for a boy! I'm so proud of her!

Danny: Sam, are you okay? I heard a scream.

Sam: Yeah, that was me. You'd scream too if you were stuck in a sleepover with her. [Paulina]

Danny: Actually, I kinda doubt that.

Danny: [seeing Spectra turn into a walking snot monster] I was going to mention that there's a "you blew it" pun on you somewhere, but I rather not.

Spectra: Alright kid, let's boogie.

Danny: See, that was the thing I was trying to avoid with the whole "blew it" comment.

Paulina: Hey, they got my parents!

Dash: Mine too!

Kwan: Cool! Party at Dash's house!

Dash: You're one brave geek, Fenton. When I'm wailing on you tomorrow, I'll be wailing on a hero. But I will be wailing on you.

Jack: Why do I suddenly feel like I have buns of steel?

Maddie: At last!!! ... I mean, I love you just the way you are. [hugs Jack]

Sam: You realize you're playing with fire.

Danny: Well, sometimes I have to use my powers for the greater good. [points to Dash]

Dash: [opens his locker and gets half-covered in toilet paper] Whoa!

Tucker: And come on! How good was that?

Sam: Niiice...Using your powers to stuff toilet paper into a locker. He's gonna find out it's you.

Danny: Have you seen his grades?

Danny & Tucker: Never gonna happen!

Dash: [notices the toilet paper has Jack's face on it] Hey! This is Fenton Wipe!

Sam: "Never" is Karma's doorbell. Ding-dong! It's for you.

Sam: So, what's up with this? Why are you helping her all of a sudden?

Danny: Oh, she hid me from Dash earlier today. I'm just returning the favor.

Sam: Well, be careful. The last thing you'd want to do is invite your archenemy into your own house.

[They open the door]

Vlad: Ah, hello, Daniel!

Sam: Too late.

Danny: You're helping me? What do you want, my mom's cell number?

Vlad: No! But, ooh, if you wanted to give me her number...

Valerie: Hey, Danny.

Danny: Hey, Val.

Tucker: "Hey, Val"? Isn't that the same Val that's usually on a jet sled trying to waste Danny?

Sam: Yep. And apparently next week, we're having cookies with Skulker!

Sam: [drinking tea] I'm getting worried. We haven't seen Danny or Valerie for hours.

Jack: Ah, they're fine. They've been up in Danny's room. Alone. For hours.

[Sam drops the teacup and it shatters.]

Danny: Curse this infernal messy room. This looks like a job for... the vacuum cleaner!

Super Danny: Have you lost your half of our mind?!

Fun Danny: Dude, I'm not the one wearing a bed sheet.

Jazz: See? This toxic home environment is making him a nervous wreck!

Danny: [eyetwich]

Jazz: He needs a normal family outing! One that has nothing to do with ghosts!

Danny: Will you stop talking about me like I'm not here?!

[invisible Youngblood pokes Danny]


Maddie: I don't know, Jazz, honey. Sure Danny seems a little high-strung but I'm sure it's nothing we can't work out here...

[Youngblood pokes Danny again]

Danny: Back off, punk! [snatches an ecto-gun and fires it all around the lab]

Jack & Maddie & Jazz: [find cover behind piles of boxes]

Maddie: [to Jazz] I'll get the sleeping bags.

Danny: You have now stooped to my level. Thank you for shopping Fenton Mart.

Danny: [looking at a giant purple football covering the entrance to the portal] Well, that's Vlad for ya. Subtle as a flying mallet.

Future Valerie: You're from the past, aren't you? I almost forgot how cute you were.

Danny: You thought I was cute? Wow, an older woman likes me.

Danny: I'm trapped in this story. The guy's off his nut.

Skulker: He ought to know better.

Box Ghost: Let's go kick his butt!

Tucker: Skulker?! He's hunting you again?

Jazz: Again?! As in more than once?

Danny: Jazz, take it easy. There's a rhythm to these things. Ghosts attack, we exchange witty banter, I kick ghost butt, and we all go home having learned a valuable lesson about honesty, or some such nonsense.

Jazz: [Jotting down on a memo pad] Attack, banter, kick butt, lesson, got it... So, why is he not attacking?

Danny: What?! No attack? He's ignoring me?!

Danny: [Watches Skulker tear through the lab equipment in the basement] And here I thought you weren't hunting me.

Skulker: Where is the Ecto-Converter?

Danny: See, that's more like it. You make demands, I ignore them.

Danny: You hacked into my personal ghost files?! And how did you get the password?!

Sam, Tucker, and Jazz: It's Paulina Fenton.

Sam: Seriously Danny, it's not that hard to figure it out.

Jazz: How come you never told me Vlad Masters has ghost powers? And he has a thing for Mom?!

Danny: Because it's none of your business!

Sam: If you don't mind, we'll be over there, doing the "glad I'm an only child" dance.

Jazz: Wow, Danny, isn't this great? We just caught three ghosts tonight!

Danny: Actually, we caught one ghost. Three times. All of them ME!

Jack: Danny's busy skulking, Jazz is safe in Wisconsin, we have the house to ourselves... I'll get the checkerboard!

[Valerie hugs Sam]

Sam: Human contact...crushing Goth...indifference...

Mrs. Tetslaff: Mr. Baxter, you're going to have to whip Mr. Fenton into shape.

Dash: Awesome! Is 'broken in half' considered a shape?

Tucker: What's wrong with beauty pageants?

Sam: Other than the fact that they turn girls into shallow doormats and boys into drooling idiots? Everything.

Tucker: But it's got a swimsuit competition!

Danny: Dude, you're seriously cutting into my very limited "Girls Are Flirting With Me" time!

Danny: Your campaign is all about victory through technology and the triumph of machine over man. It's kinda creepy.

Sam: So we changed your lame official campaign platform. (hands Tucker a list with the new ideas)

Tucker: (reading) Graffiti art classes? Rage against the PTA meetings? Mini-skirt Fridays? Okay, that's good.

Danny: Yeah, that was mine.

Jazz:If anyone asks, I'm related to you.

Sam: OK, but you're going to have to be a lot less cheery.

Danny I don't understand, that has to be Dad. [Jack fires two shots at Danny and misses] He aims like my Dad.

[Transforms back to human form on a concert stage in front of the stunned audience]

Danny: Uh, nobody saw that, right?

Sam: Remind me again. Why do we hang out with a kid who has ghostly enemies?

Tucker: Because you have a crush on him?

Guy in White 1: We've lost visual contact. Activate White Fang tracking device.

Guy in White 2: White Fang?

Guy in White 1: I don't name this stuff.

Freakshow: Any last words? May I suggest, "Ah! Freakshow! Don't hurt me!"

Sam: He's not my boyfriend. I dumped as soon as I found out you were right about him being a phoney. Apparently, that is the only way a guy could like me.

Tucker: That's not true.

Danny: That's totally not true! There's a million reasons why a guy could like you. I mean, you're smart, you're fun, you're cool, you're pretty... Why am I still talking? I am such a spazz. Still friends?

Sam: Pssh. The best.

Tucker: Seriously Danny, you need to let go. It was over between you and Valerie before it really began.

Danny: Yeah I know but it's not easy. I mean do you guys realize what it's like to like somebody you can't be with?

[Sam spits out soda.]

Tucker: Do you Sam? Huh? Do ya?

[Sam throws soda on Tucker's face.]

Danny: What's the matter with you two?! I'm not doing anything! Why can't you just leave me alone?!

Operative K: A prepubescent specter operating freely? Unacceptable!

Danny: Hey! I have totally hit puberty! [reaches into his shirt and pulls out a white chest hair] See!?! That's totally a chest hair!

Jack: Sam! Tucker! Get out of that thing!

Sam: [shouting] What?! I couldn't hear you over the roar of the rockets! [leans back into the Specter Speeder; to Tucker] Could you activate the roar of the rockets please?!

Danny: [determined look] Okay,'ve looked evil in the face, and defeated it time and can do this! [unfolds a map and looks at it confusedly; traces his finger along the map] We turn left at Skulker's island and right at Walker's jail. Or, is it a left at Walker's jail and a right at Skulker's island...?

Sam: Um, are we ever going home, or are we still playing "Lost in the Ghost Zone"?

Danny: We're not lost! My expertly drawn map tells me exactly where we are. [points] We just hook a u-turn around this swirling vortex of infinite pain, and we're home. Oh, wait, that's a...thumbprint.

Sam: [being tied to a stake] I'm not a witch! Are you people that paranoid?!...Oh, wait, Salem, 1600's, duh.

Danny:What do you want, Skulker?

Skulker: My girlfriend thinks I'm a lousy hunter. But hanging your pelt on my wall should change her mind.

Danny: Wow.

Skulker: Frightened now?

Danny: No. I can't believe you have a girlfriend.

Skulker: Now that just plain hurts.

Danny: [to Skulker, who is on the head of a giant lake monster] New pet, or is this the girlfriend I've been hearing so much about?

Jack: Get your filthy roots off my town, you horticultural horror! [To Maddie] Thanks for writing down the word "horticulture" sweetface.

Maddie: I didn't want you to mispronounce it during the battle cry, hon. First impressions are very important.

Jack: And you married me anyway.

Box Ghost: Behold! The Lunchbox of Fear! [opens it, a spooky thermos comes out]

Danny: [catches it] Hey, bringing your own thermos to our battles, now? You know, you could save us time by showing up already inside it.

Box Ghost: And now... taste your multi-grain DOOM!

[Lunchbox of Fear shoots out hundreds of sandwiches that rain down on everyone]

Lady: Look! That caterer brought free lunch for everyone!

Crowd: [cheers and picks the sandwiches up]

Box Ghost: No! I am no caterer! My sandwiches are very high in calories! They will totally clog your arteries!

Sam: [scoffs] In like, forty years!

Box Ghost: Yeah? So? It is a SLOW death!

[Danny and Tucker start eating their sandwiches.]

Box Ghost: [confused] Wait, what are you doing?

Danny: Tasting our doom. And, I gotta tell ya, it's a little dry.

Tucker: You wouldn't happen to have any "Spicy Mustard of Doom", would ya?

Jazz: Taste my fire, dragonbreath! [shoots Fenton Bazooka]

Maddie: Ten heads? Meet NINE TAILS! [pulls out Jack-o-Nine Tails]

Jack: I DON'T HAVE A CLEVER QUIP! [shoots ectogun]

Danny: So what's the big deal about people's dreams?

Nocturne: Asked the Ghost Boy who dreams of the Goth girl.

Danny: Oh, man... that was... private...

Danny: At least the monster is gone.

Dash: [screams and runs into the mess hall] The monster ate Kwan!

Tucker: At least the monster got to eat.

Danny: Dash, that's impossible! He...probably just...wandered off to use the bathroom.

Dash: Nah-uh! You don't know Kwan's amazing bladder. He can hold it for-

Sam: [as she gets up and walks way] Uh, please don't finish that sentence until I'm safely out of the building.

Tucker: Please don't finish that sentence at all, dude.

Sam: I'm impressed.

Danny: [flexes his muscles] With my strength?

Sam: That you knew what "reversed polarity" was.

Valerie: I don't hate you, Danny. It's because of you that I'm the most powerful ghost hunter in Amity Park.

Danny: Hey! What about the Fentons?

Valerie: Are you kidding? They couldn't catch a ghost if it was living under their own roof.

Danny: True

Danny: Valerie, you don't wanna do this.

Valerie: [brandishing a gun] No, you don't want me to do this.

Danny: Well, yeah.

Tucker: Did he just do what I think he just did?

Jazz: You mean step back into the Fenton Portal, remove his ghost powers, and revert his DNA profile back to that of a normal human?

Tucker: I was gonna say, "Go Un-Ghost", but that works too.

Danny: Why is everyone but me bummed about this? Danny Phantom's not needed anymore! From now on, Danny Fenton is just a nice, normal kid from a nice, normal family. Now, let's go get Mom and Dad outta jail.

Danny: [to a crowd of ghosts] Well gang, there's good news and bad news. The good news? My powers are back. Bad news? My powers are BACK! [attacks]

Sam: Cool statue. Personally, I would've used recycled materials, but, you know, that's just me.

Young Dracula

Vlad: Mum's pregnant?! How did this happen?
Ingrid: Well when mummy and daddy love eachother they make a special wish for a baby...
Vlad: But mummy doesn't love daddy. SHE LOVES PATRICK!!!

Vlad: Everybody was a vampire.
Robin: Cool. I love it when I have that dream.

Vlad: More like a nightmare. I'm scared, Robin, I can't fall asleep again.
Robin: It's double maths after lunch. You've got no chance.

Vlad: What if there's an evil vampire in my blood after all?
Robin: Vlad, you still sleep with a teddy bear. Dream on. Come on, let's get you a plaster. And a lollypop for being brave.

Ingrid: You got old.
Vlad: You got sick.

Ingrid: I can look after myself.
Vlad: Oh yeah? So why d'you leave Stokely?
Ingrid: I got bored.

Vlad: You got burned.

Vlad: I've asked Erin to stay with us.
Count: That... half fang? Why?

Vlad: She saved Ingrid's life.
Count: You're really not selling her.

Vlad: Times have changed, and I say Erin stays.
Count: And I say she goes!

Ingrid: Don't I get a vote?
Count: No!
Vlad: Yes! Listen to Ingrid!

Ingrid: I don't want her here.
Vlad: ... You don't get a vote.
Ingrid: You can't have two queen bees in a hive. It'll be a fight to the death.

[Ingrid begins to cough]
Count: My money's on the half fang.

Count: You need a specialist in the dark arts, an alchemist! Someone who's dared to probe into the dark places... no matter how twisted and wrong...
Vlad: Renfeild. He means Renfeild.
Renfeild: Sir?

Vlad: Mistress Ingrid is very ill.

Renfeild: Ahh. Would she like a cup of tea?
Vlad: A little bit iller than that. It's a shame, I'm gonna have to bring his memory back. [To Renfeild] Look into my eyes...
Count: I thought you said you couldn't do that!

Vlad: I lied![To Renfeild] When I click my fingers-
Count: For four years, this squeaky-clan imbeceile has been tottering around-
Vlad: Do you want him back or not!?


You love hoodies.
You love jeans. (They beat skirts when you have legs like mine)
Dogs are better than cats.
It's hilarious when people get hurt. (Only when it's people I dislike)
You've played with/against boys on a team. (Yeah, that one wasn't voluntary. Dodgeball, boys V girls. Total annihalation)
Shopping is torture
Sad movies suck. (Indeed they do. They make me cry.)
You own/ed an X-Box
Played with Hotwheels as a kid.
At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.

You own/ed a DS, PS2, or Sega. (Still have the DS, and I remember my Sega fondly. I had the original sonic game. Oh yeah.)
You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers. (Used to be? Hello, hot young men in lycra, anybody?)

You watch sports on TV.
Gory movies are cool.
You go to your dad for advice.
You own like a trillion baseball caps.

You like going to highschool football games. (Yeah, but only to look at the boys...)
You used to/do collect football/baseball cards.
Baggy pants are cool to wear.
It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people.

Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors. (Blue and silver! But red looks best on me clothes-wise)
You love to go crazy and not care what people think. (Yep. I only care what people think after the crazy. Then I kick myself. Repeatedly.)
Sports are fun. (Only when I'm not playing them...)
You talk with food in your mouth. (eew...)
Sleep with your socks on at night.

Total: 9


You wear lip gloss/stick. (I kinda have to. Also, y'know, I love it.)
You love to shop. (Only when it's for ME!!!)

Cats are better than dogs (Sorry to any dogs reading...)

You wear eyeliner. (Not often... sometimes)
You wear the color pink a lot.
Go to your mom for advice. (Single parent... not much of a choice there)
You consider cheerleading a sport.
You hate wearing the color black.

You like hanging out at the mall. (I would, if we had 'malls' in England. But we have shopping centers, which are better :D)
You like getting manicures and/or pedicures. (Yay!!!)
You like wearing jewlery. (Indeed I do. But manily silver. Gold just looks tacky with my skin tone.)
Skirts are a big part of your wardrobe.
Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies. (Yep. When I have money...)
You don't like the movie Star Wars. (Never really liked it. The Family Guy version is cool though)
You were in gymnastics/dance.
It takes you around/more than one hour to shower, get dressed, and do make-up. (Much more. I feel ashamed... oh, wait. No I don't)
You smile a lot more than you should.
You have more than 10 pairs of shoes (Well, obviously! Doesn't everyone?)
You care about what you look like. (Pretty much...)
You like wearing dresses when you can. (Only to special occasions. They aren't 'everyday wear' for me. I'm more of a 'jeans and t-shirt' gal)
You like wearing body spray/perfume/cologne.
You love the movies (Yay! But not on my own, 'cause that's just weird...)
You like putting make-up on someone else for the joy of it (Yep. Especially when the 'someone else' is a guy. Then it's hillarious.)
You like being the star of everything (What can I say, I'm a self centred little chit. They tried therapy, it didn't work, so they gave up.)

Total: 18

OC Analysis thing

Name: Aldora

Fic: The Forest Of Silva

Gender: Female

Age: 17-20

Appearance: Long black hair, pale skin, gold eyes.

Personality: Quite sarcastic and very proud, with a firey temper and a grudge against the mysterious Damien.

Name: Kayla

Fic: The Other Four Bar

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Appearance: Distinctive eyes, one green and one violet. Brown, shoulder length hair with a diagonal fringe.

Personality: Very quick to jump to a fight, defensive. Often very stubborn. Finds it hard to controll the jumble of instincts inside her head, so often lashes out without meaning to.







Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Home Away by alwaysALOHA reviews
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