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Hello all, I decided to revamp my writer's profile again.


My pen name is DATsubasa as you can see. Wondering what does DATsubasa means? Well, D is for Dark while A is for Angel. Tsubasa basically means wings in japanese language. Reason for the name? I always have a liking for dark angels because they are mystical and powerful. And I love wings. I just simply put these two together and got myself this pen name. Call me boring, but I just like it.

Anyway, about myself. I love writing as much as I love reading. My first attempt to write a long story is at the age of seven. I am not bragging or lying tho. This is just personal interest, that I wish to fully make use of it for personal enjoyment as well as to make others' happy. I am currently doing my degree in university, so, sorry if I have not been updating regularly, but keep in mind that I have not forgotten about this account of mine that existed. I do have alot of ideas jumping around within my mind, due to me being a highly imaginative person, but I am not able to fork out ample time to put them to words. I will still try to dig out some time tho :)

Let's touch about my writing style. But before that, you guys need to know roughly what I like. Which explains the kind of stories I will be writing in the future after my current writing 'project' ended. I love fighting, science, adventure, magic related stuff and fantasy. Not much about romance tho, I am not a very romantic person XD

Regarding my standard and command of English, I am not fantastic. But I believe that it is eligible and understandable for the majority to get the things I wanted to put across. I am a normal human and not an extreme grammar and spelling nazi (and not indirectly saying that you are x.x), so, if you spot any grammatical/spelling/word-usage errors in my stories, do drop me a note so that I will re-edit them :)

I am not the kind that writes overly lovey dovey cute love/infactuation or stories with heavy sex content with extreme scences. Read those kind of stories before but it is not what I will write, neither is the genre to my liking. So, at this point, if this turns your interest in my writing genre off, it is alright if you decided to turn away from my page. I won't be angry. Afterall, I can't expect everyone to have the same taste as mine, isn't it? I love writing things in a descriptive manner, but indirectly. I also love sarcasms. I love adding psychological elements into my stories. Thanks to the heavy influence by Deadman Wonderland and NE Evangelion, plus the kind of person I am.

Frankly speaking, the two Soul Eater fan fictions that I wrote and am currently writing have some romance touches. I am not much of a pure romance writer, but I am trying hard to. Afterall, emotions are crucial in all kinds of stories, especially love, isn't it?

When writing, I take things slowly and let my mind have a clear flow. I do not like to rush my work. And I don't plan my work at all. I let my mind work the ideas on the spot. But I know what I am writing. My works are usually, well, put it like this: impromptu. Hence, at times, there might be several twists in my stories.

Apart from that, conversations are essential in my stories, to make it more alive. But it will not overflow. I like to keep things to a limit.

That's it for now, I guess :)

Drop me an email if there is anything: datsubasa@hotmail.com

Just want to emphasize to those who are waiting for my RE to update, I will eventually update them. I already roughly know what to write for the next chapters and how the ending will be. So, to those who are still waiting, thank you so much for your patience. I won't let you guys down :)

In the future, I will be writing more stories after the RE project. Do keep a look out, yea?

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!


(left stale for the time being)

(same as above, but there will be updates in the future)

Note: The author's Resonation Echoes' fan art sketches

Chapter One:

Chapter Two:


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