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Author has written 8 stories for Justice League.

Derecho Nox @ FictionPress - I started this page as a place to publish my original stories. These will consist of writing prompt results, musings, and maybe even some poetry. But you'll still see signature Derecho Nox personality. (Is that a good thing? I'll let you decide.)

Random thoughts and updates:

I'm such a bad author. I haven't posted anything, updated anything, for almost a year.

I'm. So. Sorry!

I've received a few requests for updates, private messages from you wonderful readers asking for more. I don't check that email often, so I was surprised to see those and the awesome reviews so many have left. That makes me feel even more guilty that I haven't responded to you. Please accept my sincerest apologies, especially if I don't answer you directly.

You deserve the next installment.

2016 has been a whirlwind of activity for me, which left little time nor energy to write. Starting and maintaining a photography business while keeping a full time job takes most of my spare time. Considering that I also have a family with a young, energetic son, there is little time to devote to labors of love. But the series isn't far from my mind.

I also had a bit of writer's block. I've been picking at the next story for the Interrogation Series all year, but I haven't been able to hit it hard.The next story is a bit complicated, like "Home, Hearts, and Heroes". There are two time lines from two different points of view, so it's getting messy. I literally had to break everything out in an outline format. Felt like going back to college and preparing for a term paper.

I hope to have "The Fewer... The Proud" out before the Wonder Woman movie. I don't want to be too influenced, though I doubt that will happen. I'm trying to have an open mind about it. Let's just say... I still follow the animated version of Justice League as my template.

So, for your patience and encouragement, below is a preview of "The Fewer... The Proud." I was trying to establish a relationship that could cause our favorite couple some trouble in the future. But then, Diana had a life before Bruce. I wanted to explore that. Here's where she met someone who became very important in her life.

-D. Nox

P.S. What am I listening to? 2016... you are a cruel, demanding year. So many talented voices taken. But we still have George Michael's music to remind us of his cool style. He was able to do a duet with Mary J. covering Stevie Wonder's "As." You will be missed.

Preview of "The Fewer... the Proud."

“Alright, let’s get this done. We’re going to get your measurements for a uniform and take care of some paperwork. Thought, I don’t know why you were assigned to me. Junior officers should be trained by their direct COs. I’m going to be too busy taking care of an international matter to have to hand-hold a newbie at the same time.”

Diana stared at this man who walking in the room not only without a greeting, but not even giving her the courtesy of looking at her. He paced with a datapad in hand, the top of his head showing her only his sandy blond head. She was about to give him a taste of Amazon indignation when he paused.

“So, who are you and why were you put under my care? And why is this passworded? Ugh, the US government… not everything is top secret…” Sighing in frustration, he entered his code in irritated taps. Then he froze, his eyes widening and mouth hang open and a slight gasp escaped. His cold demeanor disappeared as a blush stained his cheeks. Slowly, he looked up.

Diana’s breath caught in her throat. She had a sudden wave of deja vu. Or was it a memory?

A battle. Running from danger. A quick, sudden kiss...

He looked exactly like…

“I apologize, Wonder… I’am, I wasn’t expecting...” The man reached out a slightly trembling hand towards her. “I’m Major Steve Trevor. I was here to meet someone… ah… else.” He glared down towards the datapad. “Damn it, admin screwed up my paperwork again. They mixed you up with someone named Diana Prince...”

“I am Diana Prince,” she stated imperiously, ignoring his hand. “You’re late. Is this what I should expect from the United States government? This… hurry up and wait?”

“Uh, actually, that’s exactly what we’re known for.” Major Trevor looked around the room. “What are you doing here? My orders were to orient a junior officer for a special assignment and get them to the clothing department. You’re… you’re…”

“Very annoyed, that’s what I am.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean-”

“No, your transgressions are of a different sort.” Diana sighed and took off her fake glasses. “I’m annoyed that this disguise is even necessary. I tie back my hair, put on these gods forsaken glasses, and an outfit that’s constricting me, and you still knew who I was!”

Major Trevor held up the datapad. “That’s only because your ID is right here. Though, you still look powerful.”

“Seriously? But I was trying my best to look small and weak. How does Kal do it…”

“How does who do it?”

“Never mind. So, Major Trevor, do you think a military uniform would disguise me better?”

“Why would you want to?” He rolled his eyes. “I have to apologize again, ma’am. I’m not usually this discombobulated. You just caught me off guard.” He grimaced. “Can I start over?”

“What do you mean?”

“Hold on.” Doing an abrupt about face, the Major briskly walked out the door. Diana stared after him, confused at his strange behavior.

A firm, but slightly timid, knock tapped on the door frame. “Are you decent? May I come in?”

“I, ah…” Diana looked down. Her business suit was still there. “Of course?”

Major Trevor opened the door and entered. A professional but courteous smile crossed his lips as he reached a hand towards her. She took it this time, making sure not to squeeze too tight. “Hello, ma’am. I’m Major Steve Trevor. I’ll be your military liaison during your service with us. I’m to escort you to be fitted for a uniform, but we’ll have to change the orders a bit.”


“Well, Ms. Prince,” Major Trevor drolled, lifting an eyebrow as he swiftly ran his gaze over her figure. “Despite the tied back hair, glasses you obviously don’t need, and business suit that is nowhere near your style…” He flung his hands in the air and gestured towards her. “You still look like Wonder Woman.”

Preview of "The Fewer... the Proud."

Shayera and Wally sat at a Watchtower cafeteria table, reading a letter from Diana describing her first duty on Parris Island. Every now and then, one would gasp out loud, and another let out a sharp laugh before returning to the handwritten pages. They leaned against each other, sharing the experience of Diana playing the drill instructor.

"Can you believe it? Di's yelling at a bunch of young girls. That's too funny," Flash said.

"I like what she wrote here." Shay read out loud. "'They looked at me like I grew another head, and I think one poor girl was about to faint when I called her out.' Awww. She probably ruined every image that girl had on growing up to be like Wonder Woman."

"Have you ever heard her? She might be a nice person, but she can really project when she wants to."

"She was projecting all right. It looked like she was channeling Bats there for a minute."

"I wonder what she looks like in a military uniform. I bet she's hot."


"What? I was just wondering. I always thought a woman in uniform was sexy. But on Diana? Rrowr!"

"What else does she say?" Shay quoted again. "'So far, the food is mediocre. Not up to the standards of the 'Tower cafeteria. No mocha. Slowly being tortured here.' I bet we'll have a surplus of iced mocha now that she's not here to drink it all."

"Hmmm, definitely a sign of deprivation." Flash took a long, luxurious drink from his own iced drink. "You think they would mind if we sent her some?"

"Do you want her to get in trouble? That's the surest way of getting unwanted attention from your commanders." The two so-called friends of the absent hero looked at each other.

"We'll think of something," Wally confirmed. Shay nodded. Both looked up as a familiar dark figure moved towards his usual table at the far end of the cafeteria. Batman glanced over to the duo and nodded. Shay waved the letter in her hand as acknowledgement.

"How do you think he's doing?" Wally asked.

"I don't know. He's a little hard to read right now. Basically, he's being his normal, mysterious self."

Flash starred as Batman sat down with a drink and a report. The Dark Knight calmly turned to a page and read.

"What do you see, Wally?"

"Absolutely nothing." The young speedster sat back in his seat thoughtfully. "But something doesn't seem right. He's off. I know it."

"What? You think he's silently missing Diana? You want to go over and give him a hug?" Shay teased.

"Why don't you? You're a woman, he could use a softer touch."

"And give John another excuse to start a fight with him? No way! I just got over explaining things to him. I don't need talk of me and Bats cuddling up to each other in the cafeteria getting around the station."

"Oh, so you and GL are together now?"

"Well, no...he's actually taking a break from any type of relationship. I can understand that. I'm just going to continue to push him into thinking he wants to be with me. Can't do that if there's rumors of me and Bats doing The Dirty." Shay glanced to the dark figure in the corner. "He's fine, Wally."

"But, I know he's not taking this well. Just...just LOOK at him!" The pair watched as Batman took a drink of his beverage, then turned a page.

"You're right, Flash. He looks absolutely, positively normal. I'm worried out of my wits over him," Shay droned blandly.

"Maybe now is the time we can show him that he can rely on his friends in a time of need. He won't come out and say it, so we'll have to take the initiative."

"You go ahead and do that. I won't interfere unless I can actually see the need to do so. He's not 'boo-hooing' so I'm keeping my distance."

"I know how to get him to open up. I may not be able to do it, but I know someone who can," Flash decided resolutely. "But first, I have to know..." The speedster stood up, brushed imaginary dirt off his shoulder, and took a step...

Flash suddenly stood in front of Batman's table. "Hi Bats! How ya doin'?"

Bats didn't even look up. "What do you want, Flash?"

"Okay, you seem fine. Just wanted to come over and say 'hey'." awkward pause "Hey."

"Is there a reason why you're standing there?"

"Um...sure, there is...if I can remember what that was...oh yeah! So Shay and I are thinking of sending Di something. Wondered if you could give us an idea of what that should be."

"And what makes you think I would know what she needed?" Batman growled. He finally looked up.

Flash cringed away from the glare. He gulped in fear. "Well, you seem to know everything. Figured you'd know the whole 'military' thing in and out already. We wanted to know..."

"Pictures," Batman grunted. "She's allowed to have pictures. Letters are also appreciated. The more, the better."

"Ah. Okay. Well, we got that covered. there anything I can do...get for you? You look busy, so I figured I know..."Flash stood there, awkwardly hopeful that he could prove that he's a good friend.

Batman sighed. "Here. If you have to do something, refill this." He handed Flash his now empty Styrofoam cup. Wally opened it up to see what he was drinking. Recognizing it, Flash zipped over to the mocha machine, poured a new cup, and included a fresh straw. He was back before Batman could turn to another page.

"Here you go Bats! I figured you'd want a new cup and all, so...yeah. Um. If you need anything, just let me know. I'll be there in a flash!"

"Sure, Flash. Thanks." Batman turned to another page. "You can go now."

"Oh, okay. Bye!" Wally returned to the table he shared with Shayera. "I just can't see it. I know he's not all there, but I can't figure it out. Oh well, maybe you're right, Shay. He's probably doing fine." He picked up his own mocha, taking a drink of the rapidly warming sweetness.

Shayera shook her lowered head. She looked back up, glancing towards the far table. Batman absently took a drink of ice mocha and turned another page. She restrained from rolling her eyes.

Watcha doin' there, Bats? Having a little taste of Diana?

Only because she was looking for it did she see the slight slump in his shoulders.

There it is. A soft, sympathetic smile crossed Shayera's lips. He's missing her.

Other Stories I've written:
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The Music

The "Interrogation Series" Theme Song - The Yearning (VIP) - Apex
"Let me tell you of the master plan of the universe."
Because every series deserves a theme song. I hear the hardness of Gotham, the mystery of Themyscira, a promise of adventure, and the yearning of hearts through time.

Stories in Progress

"The Fewer...the Proud" - 9th in "Interrogation Series"
First Chapter Song - Goddess - Banks

Debriefing the Case - 7th in the Interrogation Series
Question the Evidence - 8th in the Interrogation Series

All Along the Watchtower - Bob Dylan via Lisa Gerrard

Debriefing the Case - Chapter 1: Rising Tide - Beats Antique
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Debriefing the Case - Chapter 3: Nahan - Niyaz
Question the Evidence - Chapter 3: Invisible Sun - The Prodigy

Welcomes, Traditions, and Family - 6th in Interrogation Series

Book of Hera: Take My Hand - Dido
Chapter 1:
Intro - The XX (Extended Version)
Chapter 2: Euphoria (Firefly) - Delerium
Chapter 3: It's Not Up to You - Bjork
Chapter 4: I Belong To You - Lenny Kravitz - 5
Chapter 5: Young Blood - The Naked and Famous
Chapter 6: Madness - Muse
Chapter 7: Je T'aime Till My Dying Day - Enigma
Chapter 8: Angelica - Paul Schwartz
Chapter 9: Ephemere (Upon the Faded) - Vas & Azam Ali
Chapter 10: Dark of the Night - The Paul Schwartz Project
Epilogue: Stay Awake with Me - London Grammar

Playlist for "Home, Hearts, and Heroes" - 5th in "Interrogation Series"
Click here to listen to most of the playlist at GrooveShark.

Preludio: Aspirir, Espirir - Nothing Can Come Between Us - Sade -The Best of Sade

Book 1: Hestia - Truly (Feat: Nerina Pallot) - Delerium - Chimera
Chapter 1: A Secret Pearl - Blood of Eden - Peter Gabriel - Us
Chapter 2: Scared and Tired - Secret Door - Evanescence - Evanescence (Deluxe Version)
Chapter 3: Under Blood Red Trees
- Breathe - Telépopmusik - Genetic World
Chapter 4: What I Am Living For - Closing In - Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself

Book 2: Hermes - White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane via Collide
Chapter 1: One Pill - Human Nature - Madonna - Bedtime Stories
Chapter 2: Talking Backwards - Riot Rhythm - Sleigh Bells - Treats
Chapter 3: Some Kind of Mushroom - Set It Off (feat Lazerdisk Party Sex) - Diplo -Express Yourself
Chapter 4: Red Queen - Erotica - Madonna - Erotica

Book 3: Artemis - Hunter - Bjork - Homogenic
Chapter 1: Searching - Cantara - Dead Can Dance - Towards the Within (One of my all time favorites!)
Chapter 2: Bring Back the Goods - Necklace Of Broken Hearts - Ulali - Mahk Jchi
Chapter 3: Organizing Freedom - Wah Jhi Le Yihm - Ulali - Smoke Signals Soundtrack
Chapter 4: To Complete the Mission - Oman - Dead Can Dance - Toward The Within
Chapter 5: I'm Going Hunting - In the City - Operatica - Operatica Vol. 1

Book 4: Pallas Athena: Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix) - Mark Knight & Skin - Nothing Matters (feat. Skin) [Remixes]
Chapter 1: Battle of Arrows - Your Star - Evanescence - The Open Door
Chapter 2: Battle of Shield and Spear - Enter My Mind - Drain STH - Freaks Of Nature
Chapter 3: Battle of Swords - Did My Time - Korn - Did My Time
Chapter 4: Battle of Fighting Sticks - Liberated - Disturbed - Believe
Chapter 5: Battle for Truth - Here To Stay - Korn - Untouchables

Book 5: Demeter: - Endless Reverie (Jef Stott Remix) - Azam Ali Elysium Remixes EP 2
Chapter 1: Daemon - Demons - Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror
Chapter 2: Eudeaemon - Better Days - Solace - Gorgon Days
Chapter 3: Anagenisis - Shadow On The Sun Audioslave - Audioslave
Chapter 4: Katharos - Coma - Buckethead & Azam Ali - Enter the Chicken

Book 6: Aphrodite - Fear - Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Chapter 1: The Prize - Fear and Love - Morcheeba -Who Can You Trust?
Chapter 2: Worth Fighting For - Glory Box - Portishead - Dummy
Chapter 3: Our Future. Our Way -Your Cloud - Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk

Book 7: Home - Fly Away - 4 Strings - Believe
Chapter 1: I Chose to Stay - Live To Tell - Madonna - Something To Remember
Chapter 2: You’re All that Matters to Me - Ritornare- Ludovico Einaudi - Divenire
Chapter 3: Life Before My Eyes - Sacrifice - Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke - Duality
Chapter 4: A Place Called Home - Berlin -The Piano Guys - The Piano Guys 2
Chapter 5: I’m On my Way - Between Earth and Sky - Rhea's Obsession - Between Earth and Sky

Book 8: Second Star on the Right...- Don't Forget to Breathe - Bitter:Sweet - The Mating Game
(Thank you to Chaotic Angel7 for the Bitter:Sweet song recommendation. It was one of the first songs on this playlist!)
Chapter 1: Once Upon a Dream - Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band - Crash
Chapter 2: Celebrating Life - Imagine - John Lennon
Chapter 3: Always be in my Heart - Landfill - Daughter - His Young Heart
Chapter 4: Don’t Forget to Breathe - The Journey Home - Sarah Brightman - Harem

Epilogue: Straight on 'til... - Euphoria (Tears Mix) - Collide - Xetrov (Vortex II)

Song for "Tuesday Morning Breakfast - Epilogue for 'Baila Conmigo'" - 4th in "Interrogation" Series
Coffee, Tea, and Me! - Sister - Venus Hum - Songs for Superheroes

Playlist for "Baila Conmigo" - 3rd in "Interrogation" Series
Click here to listen to the entire playlist on GrooveShark.

Prelude: Friday Night Monitor Duty La Niña - Lila Downs - Real Women Have Curves
Chapter 1: La Magia de Un Beso - Love, Tears, Heartaches & Devotion (Theme from Satie) - B-Tribe - iFiesta Fatal!
Chapter 2: El Espíritu de Gotham - Ixtapa - Rodrigo y Gabriela - Rodrigo y Gabriela
Chapter 3: El Primer Beso Secreto - Misterioso - Incendio featuring Jim Stubblefield - Misterioso
Chapter 4: El Primer Baile - Mi Tierra - Gloria Estefan- Mi Tierra
Chapter 5: Son Las Diez de La Noche en Gotham - Taboo - Don Omar - Meet the Orphans
Chapter 6: La Magia de las Tres - Dile - Don Omar - Da Hit Man Presents... Reggaeton Latino
Chapter 7: Futuro Perfecto - Qué Lío- Marc Anthony - El Cantante (Most difficult chapter to write to date.)
Chapter 8: Suavemente, Con Amor - Tradición - Gloria Estefan - Mi Tierra
Chapter 9: Quédate Conmigo - Mariposa en Havana - Si*Se - Si*Se

Playlist for "Two Days" - 2nd in "Interrogation" Series
Click here to listen to the entire playlist on GrooveShark.

Prelude: Tempest - Inertia Creeps - Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Chapter 1: Text & Talk - He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat) - Jill Scott - Who Is Jill Scott? - Words and Sounds, Vol. 1
Chapter 2: Thrill - Tempted - Collide - Some Kind of Strange (My favorite chapter/song so far!)
Chapter 3: Training Room - The Blind Man - Mono - Formica Blues (Second hardest chapter to write.)
Chapter 4: Trinity - Simple Girl - IAMX - Kiss Swallow
Chapter 5: Traveling - Slip Away - Si*Se - Sisé

Playlist for "Interrogation Tactics"- 1st In Series
Listen to the entire playlist here at Groove Shark.

Chapter 1: Establishing the Crime Scene - Skin- Madonna - Ray Of Light
(This pretty much summarized the entire story. Didn't plan it that way, but it fit!)
Chapter 2: Lining Up the Suspects - Criminal - Fiona Apple - Tidal
Chapter 3: Witness Testimony - Eden - Hooverphonic - Blue Wonder Power Milk
(Though I prefer this version: Eden (Vocal) - V featuring Julienne Taylor - Music Inspired By the Da Vinci Code)
Chapter 4: Offers and Counter-Offers - Come Here Boy - Imogen Heap - I Megaphone
Chapter 5: Taking the Counter-Offer - The First Taste - Fiona Apple - Tidal
Chapter 6: Cross Examination - Pagan Poetry - Björk - Vespertine
Chapter 7: Confessions - Temple - Beverly Klass - La Femme Nikita Soundtrack
Chapter 8: Crime and Punishment - Yesterday To Tomorrow - Audioslave - Out Of Exile
Chapter 9: Undercover Surveillance - Shine - Operatica - Shine
Chapter 10: Debriefing the Case - Secret - Madonna - Bedtime Stories

Thank you to those who PM me with new music inspired by the BMWW relationship and my stories. You just might have your song used in a future story! Here's who sent me recommendations so far:

- Chaotic Angel7 for recommending the band Bitter:Sweet. The tracks Dirty laundry, Heaven, Mating game, and The Bomb, will make you want to sit back with a martini and and feel cool. Angel felt that this reflected Bruce's sexy, jazzy vibe. Oh yeah!

- KenjiMania with "Finally Found You" by Enrique Iglesias featuring Sammy Adams. Kenji felt this song illustrated Diana's feelings towards Bruce very well. (Hmmm...recommending a latin based song for the date story, Ken? Are you catching on to me?)

- Derecho Nox - I'd Die Without You - P.M. Dawn - The Bliss Album...? - I changed Chapter 1 of "Two Days" to a different song, but this was the original inspiration.

- Casualreader111 - Dead Hearts by Stars on the The Five Ghosts & The Seance, a hauntingly beautiful duet. Wistfully captures the BMWW spirit. And Undisclosed Desires by Muse from The Resistance. As Casual says, its like it plucked out Batman's thoughts as he's sitting by Wonder Woman during a a meeting. You caught it dead on, C!

-as19 - Some Unholy War by Amy Whitehouse - She quotes the sexy chapter "Quédate Conmigo" in the story Baila Conmigo - "She would face them, the man in her arms by her side." A bluesy, passionate song. Gracias mi amiga en Colombia!

Batgirl2923 - Danza Kuduro by Don Omar - She enjoyed chapter 7 of Baila Conmigo and was listening to this during one of the Hawkgirl/Green Lantern conversations. I took a listen and couldn't help but start moving. Shayera would definitely approve! (As Batgirl says "Just ignore the random scene at the beginning.")

InvincibleInc - Butterfly by Jason Mraz from the "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things"album. He/she thought it matched my writing style, and right you are my dear InvincibleInc.! Very sexy. It's like it plucked a few scenes from "Baila Conmigo" right out of my head. Picture dancing in the sunset while a young girl stares dreamily. And, then later, ahem, the part with wearing shoes - and nothing else. Mrow! If this was in Spanish, I might have used it. Just might, later, since we haven't seen the last of El Club Cielo...;-)

The Craft - Permanent links on writing advice and inspiration:

"You throw a perfectly straight line at the audience and then, right at the end, you curve it." -Abe Burrows

"I write about what interests me. It's very dangerous when you try to satisfy an audience." -Jonathan Carroll

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” ― Virginia Woolf

Writing advice, guides, and other helpful places:

25 Editing Tips for Tightening Your Copy - Print this out and have it beside you as you write!

First 50 Words – Writing Prompts for Writing Practice - A place to practice writing. Subscribe to her email list. The writing prompts really get you thinking. Lots of fun!

Writer's Digest - I highly recommend subscribing to this site! receive writing advice in your inbox, and peruse the archive for great articles.

Gotham Writer's Workshop - I wish I wish I wish I lived in New York City! (Okay, not really. I like where I live.) I would attend their seminars and free write-ins, but they do have online classes. I haven't attended any due to my busy schedule, but I really want to. I subscribe to their Facebook page for their daily quotes from writers. Very inspirational!

My own writing advice (from my experiences, mistakes, and random musings)

Open a Google Docs account and use that for your writing. It automatically saves as you write and it has all the advantages of a typical word processing program. It is also available anywhere you have an internet connection. If that's not possible, make sure you email yourself what you've written so far. It's a great way of backing up your work.

Free flow your writing. Just let it go! No one is seeing what you write, so no one is judging you. It feels so good to get it out, and you'll see where you're story is going that way.

Develop a critical eye. Your first draft is never a finished product. I've deleted THOUSANDS of words because the story wasn't working. However, save those deleted words somewhere else. They can be used in other stories.

Learn the basics of grammar. Nothing ruins a story more than bad craft. Even if your idea kicks ass, you'll lose your audience if it's written badly.

Read more outside of your comfort zone. If you're into sci-fi and fantasy, read a few articles on human interactions. It might be dry, but it will work its way into your writing. Try not to fall into genre patterns that are too familiar to those readers. I found that's the best way to surprise them!

Be brave! Push that button. I got the nervous pee every time I published a chapter. What if it sucks? What will others say? Shit...does it even make sense? Listen to those voices - then tell them to stuff it. And if anyone does say nasty things about your writing, remember...even JK Rowling has her critics. Yet she sat in a coffee shop, wrote what was in her heart, and let it go. You can do it, too!

I cannot emphasis this enough...when you're writing an emotional scene, do NOT do it at a coffee shop. You'll look like a complete nutcase crying at your computer with a Mocha beside you. Experience is telling you this. You've been warned.

Soapbox: My opinions about...things.

It's not always about more more more...more sex, more violence, more ugliness. While in context, those elements do make for a great story (and we all know I like "sexy"!), but it seems that "darker" is all some want to write. I'm disturbed by what comics are putting out, seeing that they think that plotting heroes against each other makes a more interesting story. Sometimes, it's best to pull back...look inward. These are HEROES! They care about the world enough to try and save it. Don't make them petty and fight against each other. Yes, they have their differences - they're only human (or Kryptonian, or Thanagarian...or Martian. You know what I mean.) Personalities clash, but in the end, they are heroic figures. It's what separates them from the villains. By fighting against each other, they're doing evil's dirty work for them. Lift them out of that quagmire, and make them shining lights of hope again.

About me:

I'm an aspiring writer that uses Fan Fiction to hone my craft. Some might go "huh? Why don't you write your own stories?" I will, and I have many outlines and ideas in mind, but this is a labor of love. I've become very invested in this series, and I've come to care about these characters. Diana and Bruce belong to other creators, but I wanted to give them a chance to grow in this world that I'm building for them. And I wanted to expand their personalities to be more approachable, believable, and possibly... attainable.

Other things about me - I have a background in art, music, design, and technology. I have experiences in the military that, when I share them with other veterans, they look at me and go "WTF?" and I tell them "I know, right!" I'm a web manager by trade, for a cool-ass nonprofit and for an anime convention. I get to wear jeans to the office. Effen-A!

I'm also a photographer, and it finds its way into my prose. Much of what I write is viewed through a fixed focal-length, wide aperture lens, natural lighting only, no flash, and with varying shutter speeds so I can capture movement, expressions, and mood.

Did I mention I have an interest in poetry?

I was deeply influenced by a college course, "Women in Science Fiction Literature". The idea was to see how women wrote the future different than the established 'babes and spaceships" pulp fiction was popular then and now. Assignments included reading the works of Ursula LeGuin, Mary Shelley, Severna Park, Connie Willis, and Rebecca Ore. I wondered "this is college credit? This is way too much fun to be work!" But then I was introduced to Octavia Butler's books, and I never thought the same again.

Include Dan Brown, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Steven King, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allen Poe, Carrie Vaughn, J.K. Rowling, Homer, and many others as my influences, favorites, and aspiring models.

Okay, and I read Stephanie Meyer's series. I was caught up in the hype, too. I was weak!

And I am a student of all religions, modern and ancient. I don't subscribe to one, though I lean closer to Buddhism and Zen philosophies. Be like keeps you hydrated.

Of course, I also like comics, science fiction and fantasy, and movies. And I love a good documentary! Science, history, space exploration, and human interaction gets me stuck on the Netflix documentary section for hours. National Geographic rocks!

I'm not one for team sports, thought I did play softball once. Friend talked me into it. She also talked me into joining the Marines. I was impressionable then. My family history is steeped in martial arts. I dance socially, but am I good at it? Eh...with about the same amount of skill that I have in cooking. I haven't poisoned or injured anyone yet.

(Old bio)
I write purely for enjoyment and practice. As I've written the past umteen chapters, I realize...writing cannon sucks sometime! Okay, it's a good framework when it comes to keeping continuity, and there is history that has to be honored. But sometimes, I'm going to take cannon ideas, put them in a blender, add some lime, and drink it in a sugar-lined glass. I'll even throw in some references from comics, gaming, and other sources. Idea is to have some fun!

I'm a huge fan of the Batman/Wonder Woman relationship from the animated Justice League series. It just makes sense to me. You could say my stories are a little AU since I want to push them out of their comfort zones, let their personalities expand a little bit. I'm going for the full range of emotions here; I'll be pulling out qualities that the characters might not otherwise be know to show. Batman is allowed to smile (within reason, and only if he feels like it), Wonder Woman is allowed to be sassy.

I WILL NEVER EVER WRITE SMWW!!! (Yes, I did shout at DC. They suck.)

I tend to write fluffy, sexy fics, but I will be trying adventure, angst, and sadness later. But I won't wallow in it. I prefer happy endings, or at least endings with a glimmer of hope. And full of laughter...that's what's really sexy, I think! I don't like being depressed after reading a story. I won't do the same to you! I write the type of stories I would like to read, so if you're enjoying them, I am, too!

Add me to your favorite author's list so you'll know when a new story has been published. I won't start posting anything until the story is totally or almost finished, that way I can guarantee a full story. Some may wonder why I don't post the chapters as they are completed as other FF authors do. I tend to write in a nonlinear way, jumping from chapter to chapter as the inspiration comes. So I could be on chapter one, hop to the epilogue, start chapter four, see a detail in chapter one that needs more clarification for chapter four, so on and so forth. I feel I can give a better story if I complete the story first, then post each chapter one day at a time. TMI, maybe, but just thought I'd get that out there.

D.Nox xoxo

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