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Author has written 10 stories for Wolf's Rain, Mega Man, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Secret/Legend of Mana, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, and Aion.


Wolferrath - Fanfiction

Treemaiden - Deviantart

Officially done with college :3

My religion is Christianity so please no negative comments about me.

I'm the master of Creativity. Kneel before me.

I love anime all the way especially Wolf's Rain, Megaman, Black Butler, Samurai Champloo (So hilarious XD), and since my friend got me interested, I now love Hetalia.

Here are some things that I DO NOT and WILL NOT allow for my fanfics ...

1. Yaoi ( I can't stand it)

2. Rated M.

3. Yuri (...*twitch*)

ahem ahem* Here are some of the stories so far.

Wolf's Rain

Toboe's Paradise (COMPLETED)- Toboe's expresses with his point of view from his travels with the pack to Paradise. In poetry form.

Rockman.exe (Megaman NT Warrior)

A NetNavi's Purpose (Writing)-Based on the manga, game, and the anime of Megaman (which I do not own at all). A Netnavi named Wolfrio created by none other than Forte, has no memory of what she was, why she was here, and most importantly, her purpose in the Cybernet.

Final War (Writing ... on Hiatus!)- The G8 members (and whoever was also in the game) has finally escaped from Kiku's game program, but Dark Japan (Error) has returned and kidnapped the G8 members once again and this time, his plan is to kill ALL the G8 members including Japan. His weapon is a dark creature that will destroy humanity and all he needs is a country as a sacrifice in order to awaken the creature. Four set of OCC characters will be in this fanfic. (Note:This fanfic will involve with the help of the anime show script :3 call "Legendz Tale of the Dragon Kings" and I don't own the characters or the script from that show. )

*I'm not sure if I'm going to complete the Hetalia fanfiction*

Seiken Densetsu

At World's End (Writing)- Dark Prince has been revived. He also revived Dragon Emperor and Dark Lich. His goal, to kill the mana tree, become God, and make people suffer. Hawkeye, Lise, Duran, Angela, Kevin, and Carlie must join together and stop Dark Prince and save the world from darkness and complete destruction.

Kingdom Hearts

Sacrifices Must Be Made (*This fanfic takes place during Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep)-This is before "Time is Irrelevant". Ventus and the gang are once again off to another adventure. However, Master Xehanort is searching for the X-blade.

Time is Irrelevant (*This fanfic takes place right after Kingdom Hearts 2* Writing)-Xehanort is back and is now planning to start the Keyblade War. Sora, Riku, Kairi, and all their friends are going on another adventure to save all the worlds and prevent Keyblade War from happening. But how would they do it if unknown OC characters have the ability to change time? And to make things worse, when time changes, every event repeat themselves.


Complete Destruction (Writing) - Takes place from the Hoenn Region to Unova Region. *heck, I'll just borrow all the Pokemon Regions* Ghetsis teams up with Cyrus *oooo. bad combo* to achieve the ultimate goal ... control Arceus and take its power. A priestess or a maiden chosen by Arceus himself is set off to find an object to restore the artifacts of every legendary Pokemon and save the Pokemon universe. However, it requires a sacrifice.

Final Fantasy VII

Live(Writing) - During Zack's time (Part of Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core). Cloud's dream of becoming SOLDIER shatters under the care of Professor Hojo.

Legend of Zelda

Goddess's Chosen Traitor (Writing! Chapter 3 Updated!)- After his final battle against Demise, Link and Zelda has decided to visit Skyloft. However, little did they know that Ghirahim is alive and he has come for revenge against every Hylian being. However, in order to make his devious plan a success, he traveled through the gate of time to find assistance- Ganondorf. In addition, the duo also needed Link to betray not only Skyloft, but the goddess as well.


Second Millennium Daevas Unite- *Chapters 5-7 are deleted, but will be published back after editing*

OC characters from A Netnavi's Purpose

1. Phoenixman: phoenix type netnavi. He's known as the legendary phoenix that brings deleted netnavis to life. His default attack is known as "Phoenix Flare". He can also do double-soul with Megaman and cross-fusion with any human he chooses.

2. Canineman: wolf type netnavi. He can be four-legged in net-battling or two-legged (human stand position).Care to help with anyone, but usually stubborn. His default attack is known as"Fang Blast". He also has a secret-attack whenever he's in berserk can also double-soul with Megaman, but unsure if he can do cross-fusion.

3. Dracoman: dragon/lizard type netnavi. Dracoman is known to transform to any element (fire, water, grass, electric) in order to win at certain net-battles. His default attack is known as "Element Chaos". Legend said that he often materialize to the real world and uses his element forms to bring life to nature. Dracoman doesn't do double-soul with Megaman, neither can cross-fuse.

4. Wolfrio: female tanned skin netnavi with feature designs of a wolf (it's like a neko girl version, except a wolf girl XD). Without a memory, she wonders why she is created or her purpose in life. Wolfrio holds a virus beast, powerful than Gregar or Falzar that not only can destroy everything, but it can erase the minds of other netnavis and make them fight humanity against their will. Loves to make friends and willingly to help someone in need. Her default attack is known as "Howling Blade" and her virus beast's default attack is known as "Final Catastrophe". Data unknown if she can double-soul or even cross-fuse.

*Note more characters will appear soon*

OC characters for Final War

1. Raven-Italy's guardian. Master of magic and even more powerful than England. Unsure of who she is, why she was awakened, or her goal in Japan's game, Raven is on a search for her lost memories. Kind and usually stubborn, Raven is always looking for a fight.

2. Aadan- Germany's guardian. Aadan is known as the "Protector of Fervency" or "The Blazing Dragon". Like Germany, he know what it takes to train real hard and to become the best there is.

3. Alexander- America's guardian. Like Raven, Alexander is known to be the most powerful guardian. Like America, Alexanderis known to have the most terrifying weakness; memories. Because of his weakness, Alexander was originally the first warrior to start The Final War.

4. Mew-Prussia's guardian. Mew always claim to be the most awesome and powerful being like Prussia. She's also Raven's sister, but Raven doesn't remember mew at all. Mew has a special ability to control monsters at her will and destroy any dark soul or ERROR.

OC characters for Second Millenium Daevas Unite

Seraphim Lords

Serenity (Lady of Light)

Mathias (Lord of Justice)

Arthur (Lord of Freedom)

Theodore (Lord of Life)

Maya (Lady of Illusion)

Shedim Lords

Julian (Lord of Shadow)

Annevira (Lady of Death)

Bramm (Lord of Destruction)

Nathaniel (Lord of Fate)

Luna (Lady of Wisdom)

And Finally :)

Chetana (Supreme Empress of the Dragon Lords)

Chosen Elyos/Asmodian Toons

Matemeo (Asmodian)

Sethos (Asmodian)

Isibel (Asmodian)

Sirshadow (Asmodian)

Triska (Asmodian)

Cerlia (Asmodian)

Sharky (Asmodian)
Mayinne (Asmodian)

Redtrinity (Elyos)
Celphi (Elyos)

Lichty (Elyos)

Cloudest (Elyos)
Oumashoe (Elyos)
Istariel (Elyos)
NightTech (Elyos)
Lyrailia (Elyos)
Siarya (Elyos)
Celestinia (Elyos)

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