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Name: Becky D

Location: New Zealand.

Nickname: Bec.

Age: 27.

Gender: Female.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, watching movies, craft and baking.

Occupation: Mother

Memberships:,, TradeMe, Etzy and

Children: Shea Lillian.

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End Note: A thought or two.

If you want more information on any of my illustrations or writings, there is more information in each of their folders in my gallery. Also, don't forget you can always ask as well :)

I hope you enjoy both my visual and written work, take care of yourself and those you love.

Don't forget that you are not alone in this world no matter how alone you feel at the time. Take time to see the beauty in the natural world and the people that live in it. You would be surprised to see how engaging a butterflies flight path, the conversation between local dogs, the sway of a dandelion in the breeze, the symphony of a rain storm, the smile of a neighbour or the loving gaze of one that loves you is... take the time to smell the roses and live in the moment, you will find that the world is not as bleak as the daily media shows us.

Till next time

Becky D

'Life is...' saga

Disclaimer: I am an artist, writer, gamer and a single mother. I DO NOT create or produce games. I AM NOT BIOWARE. All Characters but Melyanna, Narinn and Alisse'lina

I am working on a very long project atm for Neverwinter Nights. This project consists of Neverwinter 1 and its 2 expansions and Neverwinter Nights 2 and MotB. Not only am I writing this 'Saga' but I'll be doing artwork for it too which you can see at my Deviant Art Page.

If you have played either or both games but my lore doesn't seems to contradict or it just seems wrong then do not worry. I take all my lore from playing through the games AGAIN -Life is tough :P -but most from here. Since the Games were made there has been revision on the lore and it is continually being updated with new lore.

There will be a few chapters in a few arcs in a few stories in 2 separate series following 2 Main Character which have a common link. Each arc will be considered their own little story here on FFN.

Saga: Life is…

Series 1: Life is Always Changing. Malyanna's Journey.

Story 1: Life is Scaled.

Arc 1: Life is Nurturing.

Arc 2: Life is Persevering.

Chapter 2: Life is Precautionary. IS UP!


Disclaimer: I am an artist, writer, Gamer and a single Mother. I DO NOT create or produce games. I AM NOT BIOWARE. All Characters but Hope and her kids are not mine.

'Misunderstood' follows Hope, a chaotic good drow monk/fighter through the events of NWN 2 and MotB as told by her family, friends and various companions over the years.

She had been missing for a little over 25 years but with no body found her friends and Lord Nasher refused to believe anything without evidence one way or the other. It was tasked to Sir Navelle, her childhood friend Bevil and occasionally her foster father Daeghan to find that evidence. That was till a couple of months ago when it became urgent that they find some sign of her dead or alive.

It was discovered that Lord Nasher was being poisoned and is not thought to live for much longer if the clerics are unable to cure him. If this happens the Lordship of Neverwinter falls to the highest decorated of the Neverwinter Nine, which just happens to be Hope. There is one other problem, Hope's children have no idea about her past and if Hope is to be able to make a real decision about this, then they need to know and understand... but how do you do that? How do you explain to your children that the humble monk of Lathander they have always believed their mother to be is not what she always was? Easy, gather all your family, friends and companions in one place and have them help tell your story!

If you have played either or both games but think that my lore seems to contradict or it just seems wrong then do not worry. I take all my lore from playing through the games AGAIN -Life is tough :P -but most from here. Since the Games were made, there has been revisions on the lore and it is continually being updated with new lore.

Chapter 2 IS UP!

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