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Hello, my name is River aka The Jagged Farrow.

I'm from Dallas (that's Texas y'all. Where everything is bigger. Including our idiots) and go to a liberal arts school in Memphis (Grind 'em Grizz) where I am attempting to graduate with a bachelors in Environmental Studies and Music (double major life) (they're both B of Arts, but two pieces of paper, folks, two totally different degrees my fine friends). Did I mention Liberal Arts? Because that's another 12 foundation credits that I have to squeeze in...enough about my scheduling dilemma. I love to sing and play the viola (alto clef will take over the world, we just need to actually find a time for all the violists to get together, and if it's anything like calling a sectional, I have a feeling that our worldly conquest is going to come later rather than sooner, because...we're violists). I've kinda found a niche in Environmental Theology and Ethics, but not really sure what to do with that. I also like to write...

I love Star Wars (post-RotJ and disavowing Disney. You cannot take my books away), Harry Potter (literally my childhood. My older sister would read HP to me and my younger siblings before we knew how to read ourselves). Firefly (confession: this was a binge watch my freshmen year of college. I need to go back a re-watch, but you can't take the sky from me. And there's a character named River. Awesome name)... and lots of other things I'm sure.

My favorite color is green. A medium olive green with a hint of grass in there. #88ac53. Kinda like that. Maybe like a little more grass color in's hard to find your favorite color, y'all.

I have an eating disorder. SED for y'all who want to educate yourselves, which is kinda ironic considering the next fact I'm going to share with you.

I'm an aspiring vegan. Aspiring because milk. Milk is so hard to give up. Especially if you're a die hard cereal fan and almond milk tastes like sadness. Other than that: I'm think I'm doing all right. My vegan apple pie is yumm and my vegan cinnamon rolls (yes, this is a thing. Message me for the recipe y'all. It will be the most rewarding three hours of your life) are to die for, but not to die for. Because nothing was killed (or stolen from. I'm looking at you: Dairy farm. [I say as I pour milk into my cereal every morning...I'm working on it.]) to make them, which is awesome and the general point of veganism.

My favorite animal is the River Otter. I mean...have you seen one. They are the cutest, more adorable things on the planet. And...I mean... River. I also have this little stuffed animal river otter. Her name is Francesca. She's named that because I got her in San Francisco.

I have curly hair. That's really the only thing awesome about my hair. It's thin, frizzy, and brown. But River got curl.

I'm a night owl. I require 9 hours of sleep, and last semester I somehow planned it so that all my classes (MTWRF) started at 11. And if I can add/drop this one class, I'm set to do it again. What are mornings? This is the joy of college. (back track up to where I was complaining about my scheduling problems. "River, why do you start so late, wouldn't it fit better if you went in the mornings?" No. I start at 11, but go until 5, sometimes 5:30 in the evening. I also don't like large breaks between my classes. I like them to be all back to back to back. This way I don't have an awkward hour to waste doing nothing productive with my life (even though I rarely do that anyway).
Update: add/drop didn't work as planed. 8am is the pits.

I hate flying on planes. Story time: I once took a bus from Washington D.C to Atlanta, then (a week later) from ATL to Memphis, then (the next day) from Memphis to DFW. I hate flying. And because the ticket from DC to ATl was $20. I'm as cheap as all get out. #megabuslife

What else...I'm the second of four children. There's something random. We all have different initials: CRMH. And my parents are J and B. Makes labeling things very easy.

My birthday is in July. I want you to think about July in Texas for a minute. Let that sink in. Okay. Move along, move along.

Allergic to so many things...So. Many. Things. Ex: my cat. Cute from a distance, sneezed upon any closer. (And for those of you thinking "You're not really that allergic if you have one." Y'all. The day I got my allergy test done, my pet sample ran into all the surrounding reactions, was too big for them to calculate properly, and was so bad that they whipped out the of office camera and took a picture of my bare back. I am in fact allergic to cats. I just know how to manage it well. And we vacuum a lot.)

Still on the subject of allergies (because why not, if you've made it this far down my profile, I feel like I can be frank and personal with you). In addition to common allergies like ragweed, peanuts, soy, bananas. I happen to be among the few unlucky winners of some diabolical allergy lottery that are allergic to mint. So strange. Mint. You might say: "Well, okay. Just stay away from peppermints and all that jazz." No. Not that simple. Because 'all that jazz' is toothpaste, gum, breath mints, dental floss, shampoos, lotions, face wash, all-natural anything (I'm looking at you: all-natural bug spray). Not only that, but because of this little mint allergy, I might be sensitive to quite a number of things. Namely lavender (in sooooooooooo many things, you have no idea until you have to avoid it), and all the little herbs that are related to mint. Rosemary is everywhere, lemon balm, basil...behind me satan!

What else should you know about me? Favorite books: A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Alchemist, Memoirs of a Geisha

The answer to life is coconut oil and yoga (unless you got a stain, then you're screwed).

My spirit animal is an iguana because they are kinda scary, awesome, cold blooded, and most of all: lazy af.

Well, that's about it for now.

Thanks for reading! -River

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