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OK! hi! my real name is summer but i go by Sam! uh I'm emo! i have 2 sisters, kinda. in in 8th grade and in 14 years old! uhm i LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate an I'm a tomboy tht goes cheer! if you think cheer is not a sport, thinks its for sluts, or hate it then SkReW yOu! lol! uhmm lets c? i LOVE SCREAMO! i luv emo people! i rlly want to have the emo hair but i cant till I'm 18 and outta tha house. uhm I'm active! iv played 17 sports in my life since i was 3 uhm i hate labels! i no i no! i labeled myself but im just saying tht this one gurl calls me tht so people are all being butt wholes about it! whtver hope she dies ALONE AND MISERABLE! i hope u have noticed but i am VERY violent! lol