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Author has written 12 stories for X-overs, State of Decay, RWBY, DayZ, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey, Web Shows, Marvel, and For Honor.

CUnt forum for those curious how a hive of retarded bees conduct themselves:

I feel every FF user's profile should tell a story itself, to close any gaps in the stories and divulge information the plot needs. So, without further wait or divulging too much information, here's DeadAliveManiac:

Name: Zach

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Country: United States of Murica

State: Wisconsin

City: Easy there chief

Activities: 2x Forensics state gold champion(Hannibal & Cannae and William the Conqueror & Hastings), 1x state bronze (Gustavus Adolphus & Breitenfeld). Trying to acquire ancient weaponry.

Occupations: IGA Employee, UW Platteville attendee, History Club PR, Researcher of Historic European and American Non-Gunpowder Weapons at the Milwaukee Public Museum-Summer of 2016.

Religious Views (flame war, anyone?): Christian but I believe if you are a well-meaning, kind-hearted person, Heaven is waiting for your arrival.

Political Views: None, I know nothing of politics and do not intend to.

How I Came Across FanFiction: I was a huge Left 4 Dead nerd and loved the idea of Ellis and Zoey, so I watched some funny Gmod stuff and one day I used Google instead of YouTube and came across one of the search results titled "ellis and zoey fanfiction". Me, never hearing the term "fanfiction" before in my life, clicked on it and read a few good stories and decided I must join this site since I've had a ton of shipping ideas forever. Waited the period after I signed up (for spam reasons?) and began uploading Left 4 Dead: The New Beginning, Second Chance, and the one that ended the whole shitty trilogy, though was unfinished itself, The Last Stand.

Ruby and Sonic: Masters of Speed Collaboration: This story takes loose inspiration from Volume 4 of RWBY as well as Sonic's world. The stories are split in two parts: The Blue Wind (Sonic in Remnant) and The Silver Rose (Ruby in Sonic's World). Sonic destroys a machine of Eggman's powered by the Chaos Emeralds while Ruby messes with an unstable device in an abandoned factory of Mistral. The event hurtles both into each other's worlds, their arrival have repercussions for the other's acquaintances and the enemies who have their own plans to use them. Will they get home? Will they aid the allies literal worlds apart that need them in the fight for good? What is it about them that makes them so special to the villains? All this and much more we will answer. Hope you guys can support this story, I've had a hand here and there but Levi Xavier and his other collaborators have really outdone themselves with the early script we have. Hope it brings the enjoyment and entertainment I strive for all to enjoy on this site.

Hobbies: Reading about military history, obviously. I catch snakes and turtles and, before Deadliest Warrior came along, I planned on pursuing a career in herpetology. Video games, classic rock music, reading and writing FanFiction, the internet, laughing, cussing, and voice impersonations (I can do Morgan Freeman, Emperor Palpatine, Batman (with or without a lisp), Mickey Mouse, the Joker, and Yoshi).

My 5 favorite games:

5. Bayonetta/Devil May Cry

4. Left 4 Dead series

3. Batman: Arkham Series

2. State of Decay

1. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Top 5 Video Game Protagonists:

5. Raiden from Metal Gear Rising

4. Batman

3. Marcus Campbell from State of Decay

2. Master Chief

1. Trevor Philips

Top 5 Video Game Antagonists:

5. Nightmare

4. General Raam

3. The Hidden

2. Shao Kahn

1. The Joker

Top 5 Female Characters in Gaming:

5. Cortana (No reason needed.)

4. Maya Torres from SoD (Yoga pants and military training, 'nough said.)

3. Rebecca Chang (She was the full package...DAMN YOU ZIVON!)

2. Miranda Lawson (Even if you haven't played Mass Effect she's on the list.)

1. Zoey from L4D (She was my first "nerd crush"...guilty.)

Top 5 Enemies:

5. Covenant and Flood from Halo series

4. Zombies in L4D series

3. Criminals in Batman: Arkham Series

2. Zombies in SoD

1. The Special Zombies in L4D and SoD.

Top 5 Deaths in Gaming:

5. Any of the one's in State of Decay

4. Cortana in Halo 4

3. Sgt. Johnson in Halo 3

2. Lee Everret from The Walking Dead

1. The Joker in Arkham City

My Top 5 Comedic Inspirations:

5. Lisa Lampanelli

4. Anthony Jeselnik

3. Daniel Tosh

2. Joan Rivers

1. Stephen Colbert

Top 5 Fight Scenes:

5. Neo vs. Agent Smith-The Matrix

4. Raiden vs. Wolverine-Death Battle

3. The Bride vs. The Crazy 88-Kill Bill

2. Jen Yu vs. Yu Shu Lien-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

1. Dead Fantasy-All of Them

Top 10 Generals of All-Time:

10. Gaius Marius

9. Subutai

8. Genghis Khan

7. George S. Patton

6. Timur

5. Gustavus Adolphus

4. Julius Caesar

3. Robert E. Lee

2. Hannibal

1. Napoleon Bonaparte

Characters in State of Decay Trilogy:

Zach Kadmon: DeadAliveManiac-Based on Bruce Wayne and The Triptych characters.

Nathaniel Gordon: Zivon96- Based on Commissioner Gordon.

Alex Riddick: Scarecrow'sMainFan-Based on Alfred Pennyworth and Alpha from The Triptych.

Bryan Fox: MetalHarbinger-Based on Lucius Fox.

RWBY Characters: (Since Zivon is doing theme songs to his characters, I'd thought I'd rip off...I mean, follow his idea.)

The General:

Erwin Frundsberg:

Based On: Erwin Rommel and Georg von Frundsberg

Age: 17

Wardrobe: Civil War kepi, glasses, blue and red flannel, grey jeans, military boots.

Insignia: Four-star rank

Background: Born into a military family, Erwin was raised to lead and come up with battle plans ever since he could talk. He would become the famed general, after proving his worth by graduating Beacon at 14 and enrolling in the military for a general role, of the Faunus and Secret War, earning several decisive battles, most notably a double-ambush victory over two armies at Lake Aibert, a massive double-envelopment at Eannac, and cutting an army in half at Ztilretsua during the Faunus War at age 16. An ambush by displaced Faunus of the island left him the only survivor during the only campaign of the Secret War, his army of over 1,000 slaughtered when he turned 17. Since, he has abandoned his five-star rank and military affairs for retirement to the island. He is currently MIA.

Weapon: Hydra, a kukri that doubles as a Magnum-like revolver, which hardens with each hit. The Hydra also has a button that, once clicked, can cut off useless limbs and harness the dust in it to regenerate the limb, provided it is not too much of the body and the person isn't dead.

Semblance: Brilliant tactical and strategic foresight, Erwin can survey an army, warrior, or Grimm and figure out the quickest way to take it down.

Theme Song: No Quarter-Led Zeppelin

The Soldier:

Ben Aparte:

Based On: Napoleon Bonaparte

Age: 17

Wardrobe: Napoleonic French infantry uniform and Iron Crosses forming the buttons.

Insignia: Iron Cross for acts of valor in battle

Background: Soldier from birth, Ben studied madly in the arts of warfare, slaying every type of Grimm by the age of 13. He even served under Frundsberg at 16, slaying hundreds out of the 85,000 rebelling Faunus at Eannac single-handedly. He also led the charge at Ztilretsua that broke the Faunus lines in two and routing them. He also supported Frundsberg's use of artillery on the ice the enemy fled across to further secure a decisive victory that cold day, but it did not prevent a treaty months later. He has been accepted to Beacon after a stunning test display.

Weapon: Halifax Gibbet, a zweihander that burns white hot and converts to a BAR that fires rounds of varying rapid expansion.

Semblance: Superhuman strength, Ben is capable of lifting over 2,000 lbs. of weight over his head with ease.

Theme Song:In the House-In a Heartbeat-John Murphy

The Deserter:

Vlad Paler:

Based On: Vlad the Impaler

Age: 17

Wardrobe: Red silk robe with gold borders, a steel helm covered in the same silk, black pants, plate-and-mail armor and boots.

Insignia: Rusted Star of David

Background: Prized soldier of Frundsberg, but his anger issues drove a wedge further and further between them. He was the mastermind behind the double-ambush at Lake Aibert, encircling one Faunus army and pushing another into a lake, killing nearly 45,000 by steel or drowning. Finally, after Erwin's upset at Eannac, where he led the cavalry to the Faunus rear, and refusal to attack the Faunus stronghold, the humiliating defeat of General Lagune at Fort Castle occured, spelling the end of the war. Even the decisive Ztilretsua could not end a peace treaty. Furious, Paler abandoned Frundsberg in the middle of campaign, believing he parished at the Night Ambush. He hunted down and killed all Faunus who were involved, and several innocent, in response. He is currently MIA.

Weapon: Zepesh, a halberd-shotgun combo.

Semblance: Invulnerable when angered, Vlad has a short fuse, so his semblance is used rather often. Along with this, he also immediately heals from any wound.

Theme Song: Man That You Fear-Marilyn Manson

Special Inferi:

The Lurker: Description: A mostly pale infected in tattered jeans, the lurker has large, glowing red eyes that poke through the night since they are mostly nocturnal. They have a very built appearance, being able to rip chunks out of trees as they climb up to ambush prey. Another adaptation is that they "drool" a thick, viscous saliva constantly, marking their trail.

Abilities: Perfect night vision, blinding fast to the point where it appears they can teleport, climb on nearly any surface, often stick in packs.

Weaponry: Razor-sharp teeth, talons on hands and feet, incredibly strong and fast.

The Chameleon: Description: A severely rotten inferi with only the most basilar of flesh left over its muscle. It appears normal on first sight, but once it spots a target, it immediately camoflauges itself. It has two ways of attacking, either biting and clawing or using a very long tongue, which it holds in a large tumor-like pouch in its throat, to entangle prey and drag it away, often strangling it to death.

Abilities: Perfect camoflauge, a tounge that can shoot at such velocity it can pierce flesh.

Weaponry: Standard inferi bite and claw, camoflauge, tongue attacks.

The Predator: Description: A highly aggressive, dark green, eyeless inferi with spikes radiating from its arms and back. The predator can be found chasing aimlessly for prey, using acute senses of smell, hearing and touch, it can even feel the vibrations of a fearfully beating heart. Once it locates prey, the predator goes invisible, thanks to parasitic tendrils that grow from its skull due to infection, and attempts to kill prey in either a standard attack, unhinging its jaw to bite of limbs or even through the victims midsection, or elongate the spikes on its wrists to impale victims. When wounded, the spikes on the predator's back and arms grow to massive proportions, turning the predator into an untouchable porcupine.

Abilities: Invisibility, spiked defenses, extraordinary smell, hearing, and touch.

Weapons: Steel-like spikes that grow from the wrist to impale victims, a jaw that unhinges like a snake, capable of biting a man in two.

The Behemoth: Description: A marauding, massive inferi that is so bound in muscle from the waist up it must walk like a gorilla to move. It is so full of testosterone that it attacks anything in sight, constantly bellowing in anger. The creature has near bullet-proof hide, able to endure burns, electricity, and blunt force trauma with out any ill-effects. The behemoth can uproot trees and toss them at distanced opponents like frisbees, a hit from its massive fists can send one flying several yards, sometimes even breaking bones, severing limbs, or bisecting victims. There are only a few ways to kill it, the best method being any of several tactics used to destroy the brain and remove the head.

Abilities: Superhuman strength, capabilities of using tools and ranged attacks, bullet-proof body, immune to damage from fire (though it can be charred), electricity, and blunt force trauma.

Weapons: Incredibly strong punches and swings, throwing heavy objects, brutalizing and mauling victims.

The Nightmare: Description: An alien-like inferi that only has yellow eyes, a strong build, and gray, shiny body. Due to its lack of pigment, it is incredibly vulnerable to the sun, burning in seconds and reducing to bone and ashes in a matter of minutes of direct sun exposure. They infest areas where little sun shows through like cockroaches, often alongside lurkers. It resembles its former part in no way, it has no mouth (the rotting has joined its skin over its jaws), ears, or nose. However, the nightmare is a master of mimicry, it can look at one object, whether it be a tree or a deer, and shapeshift into that being. It can also instantly act like the being, perfectly imititating its movements, actions, dialogue, and behavior. The only difference between the nightmare and the person or animal it is imitating is its bright yellow eyes and hates sunlight, but otherwise it knows everything the former knows. It is also only dangerous in this form, spreading the infection in the bites it couldn't deliver in regular form. Once killed, it returns back to its original form.

Abilities: Mimicry, shapeshifting, impersenation, deceipt, incredibly sensitive to light and strong sources of heat.

Weapons: Near-flawless ability to take the form and personality of those it observes, attacks while others are sleeping.

Faunus War:

The Faunus war is a conflict that has just ended in the beginning of the RWBY series. While some Faunus, like Blake, peacefully protested in Remnant's kingdoms, many fought in a war to gain themselves independence. It started with a small assault on Fort Sumter, with no casualties but human propaganda led to a large amount of enlisting in the army. Several battles went in favor of the Faunus in the early stages, most notably at Taurus Run and Apili. The Faunus then went on an undefeated streak for a year, getting more supplies, manpower, and leverage in the war. Fed up with several incompetent generals and long periods without decisive victories for the humans, the kingdom of Vale put up its most promising general and its most brutal, Generals Frundsberg and Lagune. Frundsberg immediately began changing the tide of the war, winning three key battles back to back to back while Lagune began to plunder and massacre thousands of Faunus, mostly civilians. But after Eannac, Lagune made the ill-advised attempt on another Faunus army at Fort Castle, leading to his capture and a change of heart in the war. Frundsberg could have easily besieged and taken the Faunus stronghold of Roma, even free his incompetent ally, but he was informed that the terms of surrender for the Faunus were so harsh that they would be even worse off and a second war would follow. He ignored the commands of his superiors until they agreed to his more just peace terms, sealing the deal with a victory in the winter at Ztilretsua. However, the expenses of getting Lagune out of captivity, the mounting death toll, and a loss of manpower proved too much to overcome, the humans sued for peace, though they heavily skewed the terms and made themselves seem the winners of the war.

Secret War:

With the Faunus threat in check, the kingdoms of Remnant turned their attention to a more dire matter: the inferi. For centuries, they had been confined to the island called The Abyss, many thinking the threat would be contained. However, several groups of inferi had walked along the seabed and made their way to important cities. The incidents were quickly covered up and new plans were made to wipe out one of Remnant's most ancient and dangerous threats once and for all. Frundsberg and newly upgraded Lieutenant Generals Aparte and Paler were called to raise an army, at the expense of the government, with complete secrecy to wipe out the threat. Aparte immediately declined, citing an unwillingness to kill more people and his desire to go to school as his parents had intended as his reasons for discharge. Paler and Frundsberg, along with an army of 1,000 men, went to the island, quickly cutting the population of inferi down by 35%. However, Faunus refugees who had once lived on the island began to harass the men, Frundsberg even arranging a top secret deal with them in order to continue the mission. Paler became furious at Frundsberg's compliance with the Faunus who he had no problem killing before. While moving the army to a more strategic holdout during nightfall, Paler abandoned the army's rear, taking shelter in a cave to nap, just as the Faunus attacked Frundsberg's army, supposedly killing every man, including the General, in the only named battle of the war, The Night Attack. Furious, Paler went on a killing spree of nearly every Faunus stronghold he came across, though one in particular, The Lost, is so incredibly well-armed and defended that he made an uneasy truce with them. There have also been rumors that Frundsberg had somehow survived, though he nor Paler have been heard from or spotted for months.

Decisive Battles:

Taurus Run: Many expected the battle to be a lopsided fight, but sluggish Human advance was met with stern resistance by Faunus lines. Soon, though, Human numbers began to push the Faunus back, mounting casualties. One Faunus division in particular, under the command of Lt. Gen. "Bullhead" Jackson, stood their ground and turned the tide of the battle. A countercharge by Faunus forces overwhelmed and routed the Human lines.

Apili: The Humans had pooled as many experienced troops as they could into the battle, concentrating them in the center to break through the center of the Faunus lines. The Faunus received notice of this and made their lines into a crescent shape, the bend facing away from the center of the Human lines. With their most experienced troops out of the fight, the Human flanks were attacked simultaneously and rolled up, eventually leading to the double-envelopment of a large portion of the Human's greatest soldiers. The victory nearly spelled a tragic end to the Faunus War, but Vale in particular had no intentions of ending the war there.

Lake Aibert: The first of two turning points in the war, Aibert was masterminded by Apili survivor and newly promoted Vlad Paler in the dead of winter. One Faunus army, caught by Frundsberg, was camped on one side of a moderate river. His skirmishers harassed the army into crossing the freezing waters before they were ready to do so. While this happened, Paler lured another Faunus army through a defile by Lake Aibert, the source of the river Frundsberg engaged at, and used a small contingent of his heavy infantry as bait at the end of a long bottleneck. The Faunus, still in a long line and not fully in battle order, charged them, but Paler sent the rest of his troops streaming from a wooded hillside into the Faunus left, catching many off-guard and pushing the rear of the army into the lake. The rest of the army was slaughtered and survivors were impaled along the forest without Frundsberg's notice. Frundsberg met the Faunus head on, quickly overwhelming the Faunus flanks with his trained war Ursa and rolled up their flanks. The final nail in the coffin was a cavalry contingent hidden far behind enemy lines rolling up on the Faunus rear and sealing the trap.

Eannac: Frundsberg's masterpiece, the Faunus army reached deep into the population and brought forth nearly 90,000 troops to Frundsberg's 50,000 fresh off training, including later artillery specialist Ben Aparte, who commanded the infantry's center with Frundsberg while Paler took over the cavalry on the left. Frundsberg reversed the plan at Apili bated the massive Faunus infantry block into the crescent that slowly bent backward under his command. Meanwhile, Paler's cavalry easily routed the less experienced Faunus and rode around the Faunus rear to help the other cavalry engage and rout the other half of the Faunus cavalry. The final stages of the battle saw Frundsberg's hidden lines snap on the Faunus flanks and Paler's cavalry slam into the Faunus rear, trapping the Faunus in a giant box. Aparte earned notoriety at the battle for stepping forward and slaughtering every Faunus he could get near without orders from Frundsberg to do so.

Fort Castle: Also referred to as the battle of Teutoberg Wald, Frundsberg's co-general, Lagune, ended a cycle of pillage and destruction on several Faunus villages after hearing word that a large Faunus army was heading for winter quarters. Lagune was a football field away from the Faunus camp, but waited until nightfall to take full advantage of his army's size. However, most Faunus have near perfect night vision and his army was methodically picked off, Lagune being captured personally before he could commit suicide for torture and ransoming him off for a massive fortune. The battle is most known for changing opinion of human etiquette in the war and the worth of the lives lost.

Ztilretsua: Frundsberg once again harassed a Faunus army into battle near the Pratzen Heights, a steep hill perfect for a defensive approach. Frundsberg abandoned the hill to make himself seem weaker to the Faunus army and hid most of his army at the bottom of the hill, led by Ben Aparte while Paler was answering for supposed war crimes committed through impalement, and ordered them to march up only on his command. His main forces lethargically engaged the Faunus, who focused the majority of their army on their left to overpower Frundsberg's right, which he had intentionally weakened. Frundsberg fired the first Dust Howitzer of the battle, signaling the rest of his army up the hill and shocking the Faunus army. Soon, Aparte punched through the Faunus center and flanked the Faunus left while Frundsberg battered the right. The left quickly gave way and Aparte turned his attention and the Howitzers to the fleeing right, which was streaming across a series of frozen bodies of water and punched massive holes in them, sending hundreds into the water to drown or freeze. While overwhelming as it nearly destroyed the remnants of the Faunus army, the human views on the war turned sour and the human government was forced to sue for peace as no more battle could be attained to force the Faunus to do so.

DayZ Characters:

Sergeant "Metal Harbinger": Leader of the FUQ (Federally Unsanctioned Quarantine) squad, proven to be a competent leader with a passion for two things, heavy metal and firing the first (and last)bullet into battle. Prior to the Namalsk Project, Harbinger was deployed to Jordan for a mission of blending in with the natives, ditching his weapons for their clothing and moving between cities each day for a year. Finally, he tracked down the Taliban HQ, earned their trust, and eventually destroyed it with a world record amount of C4, resulting in the casualties of 85% of the Taliban's worldwide members (along with an undocumented 168 civilian casualties). Haringer feels a close bond with all those who serve under him, though Private DAM's lack of cooperation and cowardice push him to the breaking point. His current objective is leading his men to a base high in the mountains and fly his unit out of Namalsk safely.

Equipment: IPod filled with over 500 heavy metal songs, M16, Browning Hi-Power, and Mark I Trench Knife.

Private "Zivon": The second in command, takes his roll seriously, though very arrogantly, and has a limited sense of humor. He takes especial joy in taunting and tormenting Private DAM, who is the only one, along with anyone else who makes fun of his Jewish heritage, who can truly make him lose his cool. Prior to his enrollment in the Namalsk Project, Zivon was a brilliant college student with a lack of social skills, though he is recorded by Cobra Kai as being on a Shag List of nearly every female collegiate. As his first act after enrolling in the military, he was ambushed as part of a hazing rite by everyone in his bunk house...their mangled, wounded bodies wouldn't be found until the next morning. His current objective is to make sure "Sarge"'s orders are carried out precisely and with great effect.

Equipment: Picture of an old flame, Lee-Enfield No. 4, M1911, and Ka-Bar Knife.

Private "Scarecrow": Far more competent than Zivon but more laid back than him and fun-loving. He is often paired with Private DAM to teach him some responsibility and skill in the battlefield, hoping his leadership qualities would rub off. Prior to the Namalsk Project, Scarecrow was a Grade A member of a story-based website, landing in the websites Top 10. After being drafted to the military, he showed his prowess in battle and close-combat. He also has shown great will power, setting a training camp record of 7 straight nights of guard duty for his men, though he made headlines with his Dan Daley Incident, where his gun was accidentally given live ammo on the 6th night and he seriously wounded over 200 of his "enemies" in the dark. He is also the squad's Hand-to-Hand combat specialist, being a master of Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Aikido, etc, etc, etc. His current objective is keeping his comrades safe and being the main man of disposing of enemies.

Equipment: Several manga comics, double-barrel shotgun, Glock-17, and Machete.

Private "DAM": By far the most incompetent, cocky, underqualified, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and profane soldier of the entire United States Army. Tired of being bullied for his height, DAM took to using his words against others until he caused the US to start an entire Anti-Bullying Campaign. Upon his arrival to college, he showed some signs of maturing and buckling down, until the Napoleon jokes grew to be too much and his role in causing an inadvertant race war at the University of Arizona followed. He was then deployed to the military as punishment. Prior to his (forced) enrollment at the Namalsk Project, DAM would constantly undermine the authority of his superiors and cleverly manipulate others to help him slack off without being caught. More helpfully yet equally annoying, he would unveil random historical facts at any given time that has no to some relevance to what is going on. His current objective...don't get the whole unit killed?

Equipment: Several military history books, M1 Garand, Colt Python, and a Gerber kukri.

GTA: Vale Characters:


Ruby Rose:

Age: 24

Semblance: Speed. Ruby can not only run very quicky, but has heightened reflexes as well, being able to dodge automatic fire and pull her gun, fire, and kill 20 men in the fraction of a second. When in this state, everything appears to move in slow motion, while her movements are unrestricted.

Background: A former huntress-in-training, Ruby turned to crime after her mother was killed by the government of Atlas on the pretext she was staging a rebellion against their corrupt government. She did whatever she could to avenge her mother, whether it be smuggling arms into local gangs who opposed the Atlas government or robbing major shipments of dust, gems, and money. Along with her sister and a mutual accomplice, Velvet, planned one last heist before ditching Atlas in one of its worst winters. However, the job went horribly awry, Velvet and Ruby being shot by sniper Sgt. Ozpin while Yang escaped into a blizzard. However, she struck a deal with the FIB and was moved, along with her newly wed husband, to the kingdom of Vale. They would both revert to Ruby's maiden name as she never identified with it and the FIB adopted them two children to further secure stability and anonymity. Her life became anonymous once more, being bored to lethargy when no more heists or jobs could be pulled off. The only excitement she got most days was fighting with her husband, her adopted children, or when a classic movie came on the TV.

Blake Belladona:

Age: 17

Semblance: Reflexes: Blake is the only person who comes close to Ruby's reflexes, but is unable to slow down time, except when moving fast enough, like in a vehicle. When making turns so hard and sharp that it would flip a normal vehicle, she can right and straighten it out in the fraction of a second, as if nothing ever happened.

Background: A strong supporter of faunus rights, Blake and her mother would often protest when she was younger. However, her mother got involved with the White Fang, getting wrapped up in their arms ring, being arrested, and sentenced to 25 years in prison in the Grand Senora Desert. Blake makes infrequent visits, as her controlling Aunt, Glynda Goodwitch, keeps a close eye on her now that she is out of school. Blake joined The Herd when she turned 13, believing it to be another rights group. It turned out to be one of the largest faunus gangs in Vale, constantly at war with their anti-faunus foes, The Cull. Now, too wrapped up in the business to escape, Blake found a job with her friend Sun Wukong at a car dealership run by Cinder Fall, a crooked, manipulative woman who made insurance and interest rates ridiculously high on her cars so no one could make the payment. Blake and Sun were sent out at these events to repossess the car and bring them back to be sailed again. Tired of her life leading nowhere but working for Cinder, being loyal to her gang, and under the thumb of her aunt, she assumed this was all life had to offer. But one last job would sever her ties with the dealership, distance her from The Herd, and lead her to make money beyond what she dreamt.

Yang Xiao Long:

Age: 26

Semblance: Invulnerability: Whenever Yang is angered or her hair is damaged, Yang goes into an uncontrollable fit of rage. This rage makes her immune to gunfire, explosions, even falls from incredible heights. This also makes her attacks much more vicious and lethal.

Background: Ruby's stepsister, Yang's mother left her when she was very young, giving her raging abandonment issues and insecurity. She grew up a violent child, infamously burning down a shopping mall on Mother's Day for its commercialism of the holiday, and involved in crimes from larceny to grand theft. Once Ruby's mother was executed, the two became close as Ruby made plans to join Yang in a series of major robberies. The fateful last robbery they had sent Yang on the run, stealing a crop duster and set course for Vale. Her piloting and landing skills attracted all on that fateful stoplight, even the army who desired her in their ranks for her...special skills. Yang excepted, but was kicked out within a week for appalling results from her mental screenings. More frustrated and angry than ever, Yang was forced to live in a rundown trailer an area of little more than desert and lake. With little means to earn a living the good way, Yang found a profit after meeting with a man known simply as Chef and began to produce artificial dust, called crystal, a substance useless in all other functions of dust except that it was an incredibly addictive drug. Yang quickly rose to elite of the drug and arms trade, labeling her company, "Yang Xiao Long Enterprises/Industries". Her growth of power also forced her into an uneasy truce with several larger, more well-armed gangs like the White Fang and the Beacon Motorcycle Club, stifling her ability to grow and expand YXLE to its full potential. She always planned to take over one day, but her hand was forced upon the realization that a ghost from her past came back to life.

Supporting Characters:

Weiss Schnee:

Age: 26

Background: Weiss grew up to believe she would be the heiress to her father's titanic dust company, The Schnee Family Dust Company. However, at around the age of 15, Weiss became rebellious towards her father, though nothing is known about how she did this. His other daughter, Winter, began to become his favorite daughter, earning his love and respect so much that he completely omitted Weiss from his will and left Winter the new heiress. Infuriated, Weiss abandoned her father and drifted between kingdoms aimlessly, never holding a job or home for long. Finally, she became acquainted with Ruby and Yang after tracking them through their paper trail. She agreed to wipe it clean if they included her in the heists and would exclusively begin to rob banks and dust shops affiliated with her father. Things went well for the first few months, but the supposed death of Ruby and incarceration of Velvet forcing her to flee Atlas for Vale, which was her father's hub of control and last place he'd suspect her of any wrongdoing. After years of funneling a small fortune through using Wilderness labor at her garment shop, Weiss continued to track for Ruby, finding her a year to the day on the anniversary of her death. She bided her time, knowing that someday, Little Red would need to either avoid crippling boredom of the big city or need to pay something off.

Neptune Rose:

Age: 26

Background: A native of Atlas, Neptune drifted throughout his life between juvie, half-way homes, foster homes, and towns before finally settling back in Atlas in his deceased parents' decrepit home. Unable to support himself and with a harsh winter approaching, Neptune employed several means to support himself. He simply started off as a pickpocket, then a home invader, and then tried his hand producing Crystal, but a disastrous explosion cost him his home. With no relatives or anywhere left to go, Neptune was forced to support himself by becoming a male stripper. However, a year after starting, he had saved up five figures by the time he met his future wife, Ruby Rose. The relationship was rocky at first, with Ruby having to take Neptune in and having to cope with her being a robber. Plus, his presence created hostility between Ruby and Yang, more than once had they come so close to blows. One such incident forced Ruby to propose and elope with Neptune all in the same night to spite her sister. A year later, the harshest winter in Remnant's history settled in, the last heist for Ruby went south and she and Neptune were flown to Vale, forced to take her maiden name to further protect themselves. The luxury Neptune now enjoyed went straight to his head, as he began a trend of screwing his tennis instructor, yoga instructor, mail woman, dog walker... and also frivolously spending his wife's money, as well as their Olympic-magnitude fights.

Nora Rose:

Age: 17

Background: Nora was abandoned by her parents at birth, leaving her to hop from orphanages her whole life. Very energetic and excitable, Nora was often at the center of brawls every orphanage she lived in. She was obsessed with violence and fighting, her specialty being breaking her enemies legs for no apparent reason. Her sadism and unnaturally happy demeanor made her impossible to adopt. So, for years, she was passed like a virus from orphanage to orphanage, always causing fights wherever she went. One infamous incident is when a young boy insulted her for being left alone by her parents because, "They didn't love her." Nora would not only cut his legs off with a rusty hacksaw, but she fed them to a wolf before him. She also burned down half of an orphanage because the caretaker, a rabbit faunus named Mr. Harrington, had insanely ridiculous rules that were almost impossible to follow correctly. With her sharp temper and questionable sanity, it seemed Nora was doomed to a life on the streets in just one more year, where legal rights for orphans were stripped at 18 and they could be kicked out. However, the FIB picked her as she seemed normal enough, on the surface, and she was finally welcomed into a home with people who couldn't hit and she didn't feel like hitting, though she holds a special disdain for Penny, whom she views as a coward who needs toughening up.

Penny Rose:

Age: 17

Background: Penny was designed by a scientist as the ultimate weapon against the Grimm and, more importantly, the criminals of Vale. However, after it was found she could produce an semblance, she was classified as a living being and taken from her father at a young age. Her emotions very mechanical and socially awkward, Penny found it impossible to fit into her orphanage home. She was teased for how she acted, picked on for the way she talked, and mentally abused for a multitude of real or imaginary problems of hers. By 17, thirteen years after being taken away, Penny was left with the same fate as Nora, either be adopted or get kicked out. She had contemplated and even attempted suicide in human methods, merely breaking the ropes of nooses in some of her few attempts. However, the FIB took pity upon this girl and took her as well to further secure the idea of a normal, upper class family. Her experiences have made her introverted, she only talks to people through online video games or to anybody on the street, whom she holds more trust in since she doesn't know them yet. She is fearful of her sister, Nora, but is manipulative enough to get her into a few compromising situations.

Future Plans: I honestly can't see myself ever leaving this site, I've loved all the things it's brought me and I've met a lot of great people. I am currently going for a majors in history, then a master's in military history, and eventually my doctrine or Ph.D. I hope to get in some military service and maybe, who knows, try to become a soldier, that will be done either after my master's program or before it if I don't get accepted my first go.

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