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July 16, 2008



Summary: It started with a familiar scent and a shadow from Nami's past before it all came snowballing down. Nami will go to great lengths to protect her nakama, or will she just end up being their downfall?

Synopsis: After recruiting their newest member and musician, the Straw-hat pirates find themselves on another island. It's a quiet, peaceful island, but it seems something is troubling Nami. The scent of Lilies is the source of her discomfort and Nami finds herself facing someone she never hoped to meet again. This is just the catalyst for things to come as another character falls into the laps of the Straw-hats and Nami finds she must leave the others in order to protect them. At least, this is what she believes, but rather than protecting them, Nami could very well be the one who ends up hurting them the most. Filled with drama, suspense, humor, action/adventure, old and new characters alike, romance, betrayal and... cross-dressing?! Nami will find herself in the midst of something much larger than she could have ever imagined.

Notes and Warnings (Possible SPOILERS!): It will be Luffy x Nami and may include other pairings (including ones that will interfere with Luffy x Nami) but overall, it will be Luffy x Nami. The rating may go up. Will contain spoilers, so if you aren't up to date, I'm sorry :( I go mostly according to the manga. This story takes place after Thriller Bark, but before Merman island (or actually the Duval arc right now). Romance will be very slow moving for now and it'll be Nami-centric-ish. There will also be at least two OCs that will play an important role.

Prologue: The Scent of... - Nami's been losing sleep, plagued by unexplained nightmares. Perhaps the horrors of the Grand Line are finally catching up to her? No, it seems to be much more than that... While in town, Nami finds herself delving into past memories she never thought would plague her after the liberation of her village and her freedom. What does the scent of Lilium really mean?

Chapter One: The Catalyst - Nami, Chopper and Luffy take a quick look into town, which is still pretty lively even near sunset. During their trip, Nami is once again assaulted by the scent of Lilium and her memories when they encounter a little girl. She's not a native to the island--who is she? Where did she come from?

Chapter Two: Between a Rock and The Grand Line - The little girl finds herself treated more kindly than she was ever treated on the island and, quite possibly in her entire life. Still, little is known about her. There are bigger mysteries when the Straw-hat's try to gather information only to find that their only option is to wait for their log pose to set, losing a chance to get to Merman Island, or venture out onto the Grand Line and hope their luck still runs strong. What will they do?

Chapter Three:
In The Dark - Deciding to try their luck with the village night life, the Straw-Hats find out the benefits of being a traveler to the Island of Lilium. However, this does not get them any closer to Merman Island. Gomi is found in hopes of clearing some of the mysteries of the island. The Straw-Hats find themselves wandering in the dark and stumble upon an amazing sight. What is the festival of Lilium?

Coming up next - The Straw-hat's are in luck and find themselves enjoying the Festival of Purity with the theme of Lilium, the island's flower, but time is running out and they need to gather their information to get to Merman Island! However, soon the true horrors of the festival comes into light and the Straw-Hat's find themselves in the middle of it all--as the special guests?

Major overhaul

Key Original Characters


Not much has been revealed about her, but she is a relatively young girl, possibly six or seven by Nami's guess, who has no ties to anyone or anything within the world of One Piece. It seems she has no home or any family and she steals from time to time to survive and she has a lot of injuries. Apparently she's been traveling the Grand Line as the island that the Straw-hats found her on is not where she was born.


To appear in Chapter 4. Hopefully.

Everything is on Hiatus :/


(If anyone still cares about my past works)

Everything that's not One Piece, basically, is on hiatus. I'm 98 sure it's a permanent hiatus, I'm sorry :( I know, I hate it when authors go on hiatus and abandon their stories, but I just lost interest and even if I wanted to go back I don't even know where I was going with all of these. I lost my data for the story lines so I pretty much have to scape all of them. Not only that, but I wrote these when I was in middle school! Maybe some in elementary... I was horrified when I looked over some of them D: Thanks for all the support on those stories, but I don't think I'll finish them. Sorry :(

Makes you worried if I'll do the same with my One Piece passion, doesn't it? I'm a different person now!


July 16 2008

Okay, I lied. Or maybe it's just old habits die hard? I personally think it's the ol' ADHD acting up. Currently, I'm taking a writing class that is pretty much the same stuff I've been doing on this site, but since that gives me a grade and this site gives me absolutely nothing, I believe I need to get my priorities straight.

Everything will be on hiatus as I'm losing interest. I do want to finish my projects, but honestly, I was only doing this for fun and now it's becoming more of a chore than anything :/ I think it's due to the lack of LuNa moments in the series and my laziness, but I've actually jumped to another series again. That and I need a job that pays so, we'll see how things go this summer :)

Parchment and Ink

I've decided to make this a place for all my drabbles and when you think about it, what could be a more perfect title for it? Let's not got too literal by saying that I'm really just typing on a keyboard-- : x

So this will be the place where my ideas will come but don't have anywhere to go. Or because I'm too lazy to really develop them :D Sometimes making a drabble is what I need to get the creative juices flowing!

Parchment and Ink: Because he knew that it was her dream, she realized that it was really just a bunch of parchment and ink. LuNa

Anchor: He had big feet and she had small ones. LuNa

Fairy Tail

I apologize to all the people who've read my one-shot that I wrote for Fairy Tail. I do not plan to write for this series EVER at this point.

I was even considering deleting that one-shot out of disgust of having written for such a series, but I believe that there is a very, very slight chance that the manga MIGHT redeem itself. I'm sorry for sounding arrogant, but I decided to leave it up since people actually do enjoy it and I did enjoy writing it at the time.

At this time I believe this series is absolute bollocks. The story is weak and there is absolutely no character development. He draws the women with balloon breasts (I swear, they take up the whole panel, if not the whole page) and it's nearly a rip-off of Eiichiro Oda's masterpiece, One Piece. Nakama, nakama, nakama.

At first, I had to admit that I thought it was in the likeness of One Piece which caught my interest but now I'm disgusted and horrified that I had compared such a manga to One Piece when they aren't even at the same level. Ever since the Lucy arc, everything just went down hill. It was so promising and looking back I should have realized this manga would turn out to be a total flop.

I tried to read Rave, believing if this mangaka made something one interesting manga, his former work should surely be just as engaging. I couldn't even get through a single chapter. This should have been a sign, but I ignored it.

I apologize if this offends you but this is just my opinion. Until this artist starts showing some originality and give us a real story, I won't even entertain an idea to write for this category. The Erza arc was the last straw. I just can't stand this manga right now.

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