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Author has written 3 stories for Mass Effect, X-Men: The Movie, and Escaflowne.

HEY! I still see all your Reviews, follows and notifications! I'm just in university and very busy with my art and 3D modelling. I am still writing though. I recently rewrote all existing chapters of Company of Strangers in preparation for the new content I have written!


I'm 26 years old, used to work as a tattoo artist and piercer but now work freelance in games as well as study at university. I draw stuff a lot and I like to string some words together from time to time. I'm kind of an enormous sci-fi nerd, so you can expect reviews from me if you write about Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens, Predators, or Mass Effect. Sometimes I spider around and review other things I like, too. Like X-Men and Escaflowne. Those are a thing for me too.

I'm really not as atrociously boring as this profile snippet would have you believe, so if you'd like, go ahead and drop me a line and we can nerd out together. I'm all up for that.



About 'Tiger By My Side,'

TBMS is a little more serious than my first story I published here, which I deleted. I'm attempting to keep true to certain aspects of the canon universe whilst writing the specifics of what my Shepard thinks and feels, focussing on what happens 'off camera.' I am absolutely paranoid about writing characters 'wrong,' which was a big part of why I started this story and scrapped the other. The crap sandwich that was 'Calm Like a Bomb' had 'wrong' all over it, especially in the direction of Shepard. TBMS is fun to write, challenges my abilities as someone who strings a few sentences together -- I'd never call myself a writer -- and allows me to express things I felt dissatisfied with in the actual games. It's gonna be a journey, for sure, but -- Oh. Oh, I'm doing that thing, where like a director from a movie will sort of blabber on about how awesome his creation is, and then it becomes basically fated to turn out to be a steaming pile of shite, a la Star Wars: Episode I/II/III. Right. Okay, so, in the attempt to save my 'fic from fauxdom, I think you can get what it is I'm trying to say and where it is I'm trying to go with this. The emphasis is on feeling that the universe is 'real,' and doesn't take too much of a departure from the style of canon in getting you to relate to the characters. Yes. That's what I meant to say.

About 'Company of Strangers,'

God damn, I loves me some X-Men. Particularly, I loves me some Wolverine. I wanted to play around in the Marvel universe and do my own thing with it. It's a lot easier to play with than TBMS and I'm having an absolute blast writing it.


Yes and no.

x. Escaflowne fanfic. A few chapters are done but progression is slow.

x. I'm still brainstorming ideas for a fic set in the Aliens/Predators universe. It will not be told from the point of view of humans at any time. (That's been done to death.)

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