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I'm in my twenties and from Ireland, and I live with my housemate, six ungrateful cats and one overexcitable Rottweiler puppy (named Olivia - after the original fierce bitch, as one of my friends put it.)

Right now I'm at art school studying for my MFA, about to start my final year. I'm also starting a creative writing course this year too, so hopefully you'll all see an improvement in my writing... plus, as of recently I am writing my first actual book, which I plan to publish online in the next few months. As far as my writing on here goes... I think Judgement and Heritage are probably my current favourites, although I'm really enjoying finding out where Blame and Grievance are going as well. Paranoia is coming to an end now, which makes me sad, because I've enjoyed writing it so much and I hate saying goodbye to a story... but hey, I'm always coming up with new ideas! I'm a little annoyed that I've had to edit the shit out of some of them, which has really affected the impact of some chapters (Heritage in particular) but if you want to read the unedited versions, leave a review on the story and let me know, and I can get them sent to you.

If you're a regular reader who's waiting impatiently for me to update things, I am so, so, sorry for the delay. I know it's inexcusable to keep you all waiting for so long, but I'm suffering from a pretty serious depressive episode right now and it has, as one of my regulars put it, stolen my 'mojo' a little. I'll keep on posting as and when I can, and thank you so much for your support... and I promise I will make it up to you as soon as I'm feeling a little better.

I've also recently been diagnosed with ME/CFIDS, so that'll be slowing me down a bit too I'm afraid. However... if any of you have it, or know someone who does, I could really do with some advice on how to deal with it, because right now I feel as if it's kicking my life in the nuts over and over and over again, and I'd rather like to kick it back and show the sonofawhore who's boss.

I watch a lot of Law and Order SVU (obviously), the original Law and Order, Law and Order Criminal Intent, Rookie Blue, Psych, CSI, Twin Peaks, Bones... I'm just a great one for my police procedural dramas and detective shows. My housemate loathes them all and refuses to watch them, although I have started to get her interested in SVU (ish. She still loathes it but now she actually follows the plots and remembers the characters whenever I make her watch it.) I also like the Newsroom, Crossing Jordan, Oz, Raising Hope, Criminal Minds, Bored to Death... a pretty weird selection actually. Oz is a favourite, and if you're into bizarre yet awesome prison-based dramas (and, to be honest, over 18) then I thoroughly recommend it, at the very least for the regular views you get of Chris Meloni's ass. He's also incredible in this - especially if you remember that for the last three seasons he was filming at the same time as SVU, switching back and forth between the Catholic cop who hates rapists and the sociopathic bisexual prisoner who prides himself on never having killed anyone just for sport - only business. If I'm honest, Kathryn Erbe's character Shirley Bellinger is probably my favourite, though - there's something about her quietly deranged, perfectly-mannered-yet-crude Southern housewife that I just love.

At the moment I mostly (well, exclusively) write SVU E/O fic, but that will probably change. I just really enjoy writing it because they have such an interesting dynamic and they're both such interesting characters... plus it makes me feel a little better now that Chris Meloni has left the show for good.

I'm also a bit of a diehard romantic and so I'm a terrible one for shipping (aside from E/O, there are Claire Kincaid/Jack McCoy in original L&O (a particular favourite), Sam Swarek/Andy McNally in Rookie Blue, Grissom/Sara in CSI, Cooper/Audrey in Twin Peaks, Keller/Beecher in Oz, Booth/Brennan in Bones, Lassiter/Juliet in Psych (and oddly enough also Shawn/Lassiter and Shawn/Juliet to some extent, so maybe they could come up with some kind of arrangement or something. Lassiter/Juliet is the favourite one for me, though) as well as many more I cannot think of right now because I am tired.

Please RR, and any other Irish Law and Order fans, PM me NOW! We are a rare breed!

I've recently set up a blog on tumblr covering my own experiences of the issues dealt with on shows such as SVU, and on attempts to maybe change the attitudes of even a few people. Please follow it and comment, and please make suggestions as to what else you think it needs. The blog is titled 'One Irish Girl's Perspective', and it can be found at the usual tumblr site under the url oneirishgirlsperspective.

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A twist on 'Fault' I wrote after I got 'revenge/sacrifice' in a challenge. How far would you go if the most important person in your life needed you to? Can get heavy on angst. Rated M for violence in later chapters. Co-Author: Lissa G.G. McArthur.
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