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My intrests are the things I love and if I chose to post any of my stories, they are they subjects that I write about. First and for most, TWILIGHT! I am obsessed with Twilight, and if you want to judge me on that, be my guest because I really don't care. I also love The O.C., One Tree Hill, Beverly Hills 90210, 90210 [yes, it's different]. My favorite bands/music intrests are ...to many to count. I mainly listen to A Rocket To The Moon, Simple Plan, Paramore, and Eminem. However it is possible that I'll write about all of those topics, I will mainly be writing about the Twilight characters and cast. Also, my stories are usually focused on 1 or 2 couples, those couples are almost ALWAYS Jasper/Alice, Rosalie/Emmett, Jackson/Ashley, or Nikki/Kellan. Oh...and I am in love with Jackson Rathbone [although I believe he belongs with Ashley, Kellan Lutz [although I believe that he belongs with Nikki, and Taylor Lautner [hands off, he's mine ;D]


I'm Tabitha Blackmon. I'm 13 years old and a student suffering through the hell of 8th grade :). I have many talents/ambitions. I consider myself a good artist and photographer, and okay singer, and an alright video/photo editor. But above all, the only thing I actually consider myself, that I feel confident in categorizing myself as is this; I am Tabitha Blackmon, and I am a writer.


I'm not about to tell you my life story or read you pages of the diary that I don't keep, but I'll reveal the basics. Dad, let's not get into it. I saw him last on a chance encounter when I was 6 and visiting my other grandparents [that is my last memory of them as well] and that's all I'll say on the matter. I am very close with my mother. She is 33 years old, we'reonly 20 years apart [as is she and my grandmother] and we tend to act more like sisters. She lives 5to15 minutes away in the next town over, however I still see her daily. I live one town over with my maternal grandparents [poppop-56 and grandma-53] and my Uncle George [32]. I live here fore two reasons: I have lived here my entire life and couldn't bare leaving, and living here gives me the ability to continue at my same school withall of my friends. My Uncle Greg [29] and his girlfriend live in the same area as my mother with their two kids [my cousins Alexis-7 and Gregory-4] the 3 of us tend to act more as me being their mother when they stay at my house on the weekends [which we all look forward to]. I am possibley the only girl in the world who has no siblings and only one parent, and yet i have a dad, 2 moms, 3 brothers, and a sister [dad-poppop, moms-grandma and mom, brothers-my uncles and Gregory, sister-Alexis].


Ellie Battler-Known since kindergarden. Best friends since 2nd grade. Not my friend, my sister.

Lindsey Wiedmont-Known since...1st grade? Yeah, lol. Crazy as hell! Love her like my sister. Love you C-BEAR!

Amy Bottemly-So much to say...pshyco...that sums it up :).

So many more and I love all of them to death so here it goes:

Jess, Laira, Cortney, Jordan, Cathrine, Andrea, Nicole, Heather, Natalie, Sam S., Sam D., Isabell, Steph, Smidget, Cristina, if I missed anyone I'm sorry I still love you!!


I never want any bad blood with anybody, but if you choose to hate on me and show it, have fun. I'm working on rising above fighting back and I've done well so far but I am far from perfect and my pride isn't easy to overcome. Also, I have posted a profile resembling this one before and gotten comments orbiting around the basic of 'who cares'. Well I would just like to ask you one question: If you don't care, why did you just read my entire profile?

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