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Hello wonderful person who has decided to check out my profile! :D

Name: It's Cass. But you can all just call me Risa! She's my Naruto OC. Or just call me Ninja, shorter than my username :P

Age: I'm 18 as of the 28th February, 2013. So I'm also a Pisces, and in the Chinese Zodiac I was born in the year of the pig.

Anything Else That Might Be Revelant: I live in Victoria, Australia.

Okay, I love anime. Naruto is my favourite. I also love Bleach, Death Note, School Rumble, Rosario Vampire, Wolf's Rain, Ouran Host Club, His And Her Circumstances, and more I can't think of right now.

I'm a huge fan of Supernatural. Castiel is just the coolest ever! I'm really into anything to do with the paranormal, including documentaries like Most Haunted!

Okay, I simply adore Pokemon! I've been into it since I was two (that's when the first game came out) and I've loved it since. I've been drawing Pikachu since I could hold a pencil! Seriously, it's awesome. But the older movies are the best. They were all good until the 11th came out (except the 9th, that totally sucked). The 1st is my favourite movie of all time! It's just the best damn thing ever! And the 3rd and 10th movies kicked all sorts of ass! The games are heaps awesome! I got Black Version too! (My boyfriend bought it for me /////)

I love Sonic The Hedgehog. Only the older ones though. On Brawl, he's a bum. I love Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for Gamecube and I'm looking for it in stores or wherever (Found it!). The movie was sheer epicness, truly a masterpiece of its time. The music is so much better than nowadays (I don't like R&B).

I'm a bit of a gamer. I love Okami (I've clocked it, like, 10 times no joke) and I've clocked Okamiden a couple of times too (Brilliant DS game, I recommend it to everyone). I also love the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series (I have them all) and the Professor Layton games. Legend of Zelda is one of the coolest game series ever! It's just so damn epic and fun and cool and awesome! :D I love Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time so much! I also adore the Mass Effect series. It is my favourite game series as ME3 is my favourite game.


Just two

Naruto: Risa Ukino. She is the same age as me and a kunoichi. Long ink black hair and brilliant blue eyes. She is Fire and Lightning natured, just like Sasuke (I found out afterwards about that). Her personality changes like mine does.

Pokemon: She doesn't have a set name as of yet. Same age as me. Long white hair tied into two loose pony tails. Vivid purple eyes. Her team is Glaceon, Dusknoir, Froslass, Charizard, Houndoom, and Dragonair (the first three are my favourite non legendaries). Made up region (also yet to decide on a name) but has Pokemon from other regions. I'll feature the newest ones once I learn their names. As of recently, she also has a Joltik, because joltik is freaking adorable.

If you're into Naruto Pairings, check out anime kaz's fanfic, 'Ninjas Need Love'. It's a series of one shots around different pairings, and it's totally awesome!

If you love Legend of Zelda, then check out all of anime kaz's fanfics of it! They're funny and romantic and just so great!

If you love Pokemon OC adventure fanfics, then check out xXLiving-FantasyXx's only fanfic. I'm really enjoying this one because it's a well written Pokemon fanfic!

I'm willing to take requests for stories now! Just Naruto to begin with, though. And short stories, preferably one-shots. If you have a request, please send me a message and I'll do my best to get it done! But I do have rules. I don't write lemons, or MPregs. Only mild Yaoi and Yuri, if necessary. Just tell me what to write about and I'll see if I can do it! :D

Story Status:

Which One Is Next To Go: Completed. Thankfully.

I Tell You A Story, You Get Scared: I'm thinking about all of my experiences and sorting which character tells what. Hopefully this won't take much longer.

Naruto: 50 Things To Do When You're Bored: This one takes lesser priority than the others. As soon as I can be funny again, I'll put several chapters up at once!

The Adventures Of Kisame And The Kazekage: Still not sure how this one is going to go.

Of Pigs, Deer, And Butterflies: This one is a lost cause, sadly. But I'm writing a replacement, and I hope to have it up soon! Sorry to everyone who liked this fanfic, but I hope the replacement can make up for that.

I'm working on a Pokemon fanfic involving my OC, which I hope to have the first chapter done soon.

Okay. Thank you to those who have reviewed and/or favourited Letters To Master Raven. I am planning to create another fanfic based around it. Multi chapter. Happier. Maybe fluffier. All around, it may compare to Which One Is Next To Go. Can anyone think of a good title? Please PM me for suggestions, I will mention the creator of the idea in the story too. Also any ideas for events once it's begun are welcomed! Thanks for the support! :D

I'm very grateful to everyone who takes the time to review my fanfics! I might not send a message back all the time, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it. I just don't always have the time to thank everyone so I can't always send messages. But thank you everyone! You are the ones that make this whole fanfic writing thing worthwhile and enjoyable! :D Thank you!

Well, that's about it. Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile! :D

Update - 1st May 2011: First day of updating. This year things are pretty hectic so i may need to explain myself for any shortcomings. That's why I'll begin updating when i have the chance. For the past few weeks my laptop has been dead. It's charger and battery were ruined so i have no way to look back at older chapters to continue writing. As soon as i get a new laptop (which may take a little while), or a new power supply I'll copy everything from my old hard-drive and continue writing. Until then, it will be one shots and that fanfic mentioned above. Updating will be slow because of school though. So much homework... >_> Thank you all for the support. I'm very sorry to those who look forward to new chapters. I'll do my best to make up for it!

6th May 2011: Got a new power supply for my laptop! Yays! That means I can type whenever I want and my update speed will increase. However exams are in a few weeks and there's a lot to get done before that. I have to do several assignments, SACs (tests and essays, important in deciding whether I pass or fail), much studying... I hate year 11! (Screams into pillow). I'll try not to let everyone down though! Look forward to updates! NinjasWillRuleTheWorld peace out! :P

24st December 2012: Wow I haven't done anything here in ages. My biggest apologies guys. Next year I will be flat out in University so I don't know how much time I'll have for writing but I will do my best! Merry Christmas everyone :)

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