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Author has written 12 stories for Naruto, Final Fantasy VII, Rosario + Vampire, Teen Titans, Bleach, Soul Eater, Kingdom Hearts, To Love-Ru, Haruhi Suzumiya series, Senran Kagura/閃乱カグラ, and Sacred Blacksmith/聖剣の刀鍛冶.


1: -Norse Naruto-

Blond hair, blue eyes, loves to fight? Maybe Naruto got more from his father's side than his looks. A bloodline dangerously thin from generations of breeding out. Still, even the smallest amount of Viking blood allowed for more than just a straight pass to fading away into the next world. The gods have watched their lone mortal and his life in Midgard and have plans for the unpredictable blond. Ragnarök will soon come to pass and warriors are needed. So how hard could it be?


2: -Megaman/Naruto-

Based off of the Megaman ZX series. You all know the story; Naruto steals the Forbidden Scroll and learns to make shadow clones. But what if instead of learning to make copies of himself he found an odd little metal object that oddly looked like a face? And it could talk in an shifty metallic voice? And it explained that it was in need of a host to find and collect its brothers? Forget about being the Hokage, it looks like Uzumaki Naruto was just drafted for a much greater purpose.


3: -Megaman/Naruto-

Based off of the Megaman Zero series with some addition of the Megaman X series. A month before the academy graduation, Uzumaki Naruto disappears. Labeled as missing, most simply try to forget about the 'annoying demon brat' and move on with their lives. That is, until an undiscovered cave/chamber is found in Konoha. Inside, the invaders find a strange-looking human clad in red/blue-black armor. Hooked up to a bunch of machinery and systems, the team is dumbstruck by the level of technology used to keep the person in apparent stasis. All is quiet until the silent person stirs, lifting their head with a deliberate slowness. It wasn't the yellow hair or sharp blue eyes that reminded them of someone they thought was long gone, oh no, it was the familiar looking whisker marks etched upon his cheeks...


4: -Harry Potter-

Just an idea I formed after reading Harry Potter fanfiction. There are always stories of something altering canon and Harry learning new types of magic or occupations. Goblins, for example, and him being raised and learning their ways. However, I have never really seen a story or heard about one where Harry is taught or understands much of the intricate details of wandlore. Plus there is not much known about the wand-making process, meaning there is a lot of potential in its fiction. That is why this challenge is about creating a wand-maker Harry Potter in the same vein as Ollivander.


5: -Naruto/Bleach-

An idea I thought up near the beginning of my writing career here on Fanfiction that involved an OC with Bleach elements that essentially did one of the Naruto shortcomings where the OC was in Konoha as a part of Naruto's life, etc. Except this one wasn't actually a ninja and stuck in Godmode. Anyways, the OC came from a clan tentatively named 'Shinigami' as a whole, whose spiritual chakra control was as great as any Uchiha and their eyes to the point spirits were their allies. Essentially, members of this clan could enter a pact with a spirit and, using a ritual, seal the soul into an object (usually a sword) which would become their personal partner and weapon...their guardian against the eviler spirits of the world, etc. I may actually return to this idea sometime in the future, but for now, onto the challenge.

What if the Uzumaki clan, with their longevity and sealing techniques, were also known by a much lesser few to be the wielders of an odd family practice of making and using zanpakuto? They were wiped out not only because of canonical reasons, but because the other villages wanted to get their hands upon these destructive weapons? Too bad only those of Uzumaki blood could manufacture and use them...

(Now that I think about it, has this been challenged before? If so, whoops. Well here's my version then. Let me know any of the other stories with this premise.)


6: -Naruto/Harry Potter-

I don't actually remember how I thought up this one but here it is. We all know about James' side of the family. How the Potters were rich and his grandparents were influential people that I guess died sometime before the start of the series. But what about Lily's half? Even the wiki just claims them as 'Lily and Petunia's mother and father'. So it got me thinking...what if Harry Potter was Naruto's grandson from Lily's side of the family? A halfblood wizard with Uzumaki blood flowing through his veins...the Boy-Who-Lived has one hell of an ancestry.


7: -Naruto-

I've seen a bunch of those time-traveling fics where Naruto winds up back in his youth, or when the Sannin were young, or even when Naruto is thrust back to the age of the Senju brothers. Well this one goes back a little bit farther than that; young Naruto in the thick of the Uchiha/Senju feud. Not actual time-travel, just using it as an example. The most recent chapters of the manga (at the time) sprouted this idea.

The Uzumaki are distant relatives to the Senju, and yet all we ever hear about is how the Senju and Uchiha hated and fought each other. So, what if the Uzumaki were more involved than what has been shown, with mild animosity towards both clans simply due to the fact they were in the age of the warring families? A story where Uzumaki Naruto was originally born in the past, and happened to meet both the young Hashirama and Madara that fateful day at the river? These three children set the stage for the birth of both Konohagakure and Uzushiogakure, setting waves throughout history that shook the Elemental Nations. Especially when a certain snake summoner decided to use the forbidden reanimation technique during the siege of his former village...


8: -Naruto/Lord of the Rings-

Uzumaki Naruto went missing after his botched graduation attempt 'authorized' by the traitorous Mizuki. Despite the search parties sent out to find him, Konoha could not find hide nor hair of the rambunctious blond jinchuriki. But who is this odd man that appeared at the village gates early one morning dressed in the strangest of outfits never before seen in the Elemental Nations? Heavy-looking robes, a wide-brimmed hat, and a hand-carved staff used like a walking stick. But there was something maddeningly familiar about the grinning man who looked far more wizened than what his physical age belied...especially with those blindingly orange fabrics, glowing blue eyes, and sunny yellow hair...


9: -Naruto-

The laws of Nadeshiko state that any man that defeats one of their warriors is to brought back to the village and married to the loser, as said male is considered strong enough to enter those walls where women reign supreme and help them give birth to strong children. In the anime filler, Naruto and Shizuka's fight is interrupted and he uses that interval to convince the leader-in-training to change the unfair laws of her home once she is in charge. But what if Shizuka ignored Naruto's advice and continued on with the fight where she eventually lost? How would this change in history alter the ensuing storyline now that the blond jinchuriki was bound, gagged, and dragged back to Nadeshiko and forced to wed Shizuka?


10: -Naruto/To Love-Ru-

Uzumaki Naruto always knew he was different. The revelation of the Kyuubi was one such event. However, what if there was more? After all, he has been considered a mini-Yondaime clone off his looks alone. But what if that was actually true? Based off the genetic structure of Namikaze Minato and a few superior chromosomes from his 'mother' Kushina. The surprise that he was truly a copy of the Fourth Hokage created by an otherworldly organization was an eye-opener. More so when he accidentally discovers he could transform any part of his body into something else and it catches the attention of another certain blonde-haired extraterrestrial assassin...


11: -Naruto/Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou-

Things were really weird outside of the Elemental Nations. They had real monsters walking the streets, living in human homes in what was called the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill. No longer did creatures thought of in folk tales and myths have to hide away from the world as they once did; the governmental act allowed interaction between all species to integrate them into society and hopefully bring about understanding and peace. Naruto didn't really care though, seeing as neither him nor Jiraiya ever signed up to watch over one of these monsters. They were there to train, and occasionally relax, and even take in the different sights most shinobi had never before witnessed. But mostly train. After all this was supposed to be Uzumaki Naruto's training trip. So why was there a smartly-dressed woman outside their door explaining that their newest guest was ready to move in? And just his luck...she was half snake...


12: -Naruto/RosarioVampire-

The mission in the Land of Snow was a success; the princess was back in power and the environment no longer remained a perpetual winter. However Uzumaki Naruto, hero of the day, was stuck laid up in the hospital for injuries sustained in the final battle. And yet...not everyone was ecstatic at the idea of changing seasons. In the dead of night as the blond jinchuriki slept, a woman as pale as freshly fallen snow appeared in his room. Shirayuki Tsurara had bared witness to the climactic battle which took place in her lands, seeing it all play out with her emotionless, neutral eyes as reflective as ice. This was the boy that helped mess with the sanctity of her home with those damn generators...who vanquished the cold that kept her people alive and forced them to relocate further north towards the main sanctuary of all yuki-onna. For all intents and purposes she should have killed this Naruto child right on the spot...but a powerful lad such as him would make such a perfect gift for her sweet little Mizore...


13: -Harry Potter/Naruto-

Another idea based upon the HP storyline I see a lot in fanfiction where Harry gains the Sharingan. It's either through familial vaults, or hereditary, or even saved by an Uchiha (usually Itachi) and given the blood-red eyes as a power boost. From there he learns high-level skills and suddenly kicks ass through genjutsu and other godly plot devices. But what if he came across them entirely by accident? Say...near the start of his second year where a floo trip gone wrong causes young Harry Potter to drop into Knockturn Alley's Borgin and Burkes? After witnessing the departure of the Malfoys, the young Potter makes to sneak out but something catches his interest before leaving. In a jar on a shelf rests a pair of human eyes, coal-black irises floating in a sea of preservatives that simply radiated power, even to his preteen senses. Curiosity far outweighing common sense Harry covers his face with his hood and puts on his best 'asshole' impression. Soon after he leaves with a magically shrunken set of eyeballs in his pocket and a coin-purse nearly devoid of money after an intense bout of haggling. Looks like he'd have to make another quick trip to Gringott's for a, goblins knew all sorts of things about magic for the right price. Maybe they'd have an idea on what these unattached eyes could really do? Harry really had no idea why he bought such a useless item from a place known for dark magics, but one didn't learn any better if they never originally made any mistakes...


14: -Harry Potter/Soul Eater-

There are many stories where Harry is wrongfully sent to Azkaban, denounced by his friends and the British community for some crime. Then, years later, he's released because new evidence comes to light or someone finds a detail that proves Harry Potter is in fact innocent. Then he either goes incredibly dark, leaves magic behind, or sticks around and berates everyone (I remember one story I found some time ago where the whole premise was Harry simply bashing every single person he could find). But while Harry is dirty, ragged, and suffering from years of constant Dementor influence, he always shows up completely sane thanks to him clinging to an idea that helps keep him sane. Even with the demons' odd ability to bring about negative memories.

But what if his mental state started to decline as soon as he was thrown in his cell? Forced to view the atrocities done by Death Eaters and Voldemort simply because he no longer had a way to properly shield his mind from seeing everything the snake man did? A young man who slowly learns to embrace the Madness in his soul instead of fighting against it, coming to realize that magic does not, in fact, equate to power. Dementors draw strength from the souls they what if...Harry Potter wanted to gain that same type of power? People might call him crazy. They might call him insane. But honestly, it's all just a bit of good old fashioned Madness.


Chakra Natures:

Anyone else get bored sometimes and try to figure out what elements mix together to form a special nature? Like explosion or scorch? Or am I the only one who wonders about these types of things? Anyways, I'm putting this up so I don't have to continuously go back to the wiki to check things.

Basic Natures:

Fuuton: Wind Release

Katon: Fire Release

Suiton: Water Release

Doton: Earth Release

Raiton: Lightning Release

Inton: Yin Release (only spiritual energy?) - genjutsu fall under this category

Yoton: Yang Release (only physical energy?) - taijutsu possibly

Onmyoton: Yin-Yang release (physical/spiritual energy) - any non-elemental technique such as clones

Advanced Natures/Kekkei Genkai: Those with the same chakra possible natures could actually have a different ratio of one nature to another when mixed, which allowed for the different advanced nature to be used. Then again, most are kekkei genkai and therefore I guess it doesn't really matter in that aspect. But...for those such as lava release that have different users who are unrelated to each other, the style creates different corrosive substances. So perhaps the ratio idea I have isn't so far-fetched after all.

Hyoton: Ice Release (Water/Wind)

Mokuton: Wood Release (Water/Earth)

Ranton: Storm Release (Lightning/Water)

Jinton: Swift Release (Unknown - Lightning/? Unless there can be a double lightning nature, I'm really unsure)

Enton: Blaze Release (Unknown - Fire/? Double Fire, maybe?)

Jinton (Same romanization): Dust Release (Fire/Wind/Earth)

Bakuton: Explosion Release (Unknown - Lightning/Earth is what I believe)

Yoton: Lava Release (Earth/Fire)

Shakuton: Scorch Release (Unknown - Fire/Wind or Fire/Wind/Water is what I believe)

Jiton: Magnet Release (Unknown - Lightning/Earth possibly)

Meiton: Darkness Release (Unknown - Yin?)

Koton: Steel Release (Unknown - Earth/Fire?)

Shoton: Crystal Release (Unknown - Earth/?)

Futton: Boil Release (Fire/Water)


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