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Hi People! This is HikariKudo24! How you guys doin'? Hope you guys love my stories and how you review! And I hope we become friends! BTW I'm Vietnamese...and yea so I'm Asian like most people...and I LOVE HIROTO KIYAMA from Inazuma Eleven!

Favorite Animes

Inazuma Eleven



Detective Conan


Shugo Chara

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

Fruits Basket


Favorite T.V Shows




Suite Life on Deck

Big Time Rush

Good Luck Charlie

Wizards on Waverly Place


Animes that I'm going to make fanfics of...

Inazuma Eleven



Shugo Chara


Incoming Crossover/Regular Fanfics

C-ute on Deck! - Suite Life on Deck/C-ute

Inazuma Eleven - Soccer Clash! - Naruto/Inazuma Eleven

CSI: NY *Clash with Japan* - Inazuma Eleven/CSI: NY

Shugo Chara Couples





Inazuma Couples (Yaoi and Straight)











Naruto Couples






Pokemon Couples






Couples I Hate or Dislike

Amuto - AmuxIkuto Reason: STUPID THEIVING CAT!

EndouxAki Reason: Ok but...ICHINOSE RULEZ! IchinosexAki Fans: YEA!

BurnxHiroto Reason: Ugh...bad pairing!

TsunamixFuyuppe Reason: NO WAY! TSUNAMIXTOUKO! TsunamixTouko Fans: YEA!


NarutoxSakura Reason: Bleh!

SasukexIno Reason: BLEH AS WELL!

PaulxZoey Reason: What?

AshxDawn Reason: Ok but...Ikarichipping and Pokeshipping! Fans: Yea!

AshxMay Reason: Ikarishipping and Contestshipping! Fans: Yea!

Fav Songs from Anime

My Boy! by Buono - Shugo Chara

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! by Buono - Shugo Chara

Rottara Rottara by Buono - Shugo Chara

Party Time! by Guardians 4 - Shugo Chara

Seishun Bus Guide by Berryz Koubou - Inazuma Eleven

Ryuusei Boy by Berryz Koubou - Inazuma Eleven

Otakebi Boy WAO! by Berryz Koubou - Inazuma Eleven

Maji Bomber! by Berryz Koubou - Inazuma Eleven

Shining Power by Berryz Koubou - Inazuma Eleven


Hitomi no Screen - Hey! Say! JUMP

Onegai Dakara - Mano Erina

Rock no Kamisama - Buono!

Vanishing Point - Buono!

Jiriri Kiteru - Berryz Koubou

Special Generation - Berrys Koubou

Massara Blue Jeans - C-ute

Tokkaiko Junjou - C-ute

Moon Power - Berryz Koubou

Zutto Suki De Ii Desu Ka - Aya Matsuura

Koi no Jubaku - Berryz Koubou

Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba - Berryz Koubou

Info on OC!

Name: Hikari Kudou

Age: Any (mostly 13 or 14)

Personality: Tomboy, Cool, Athletic, Understanding, Nice, Calm, Loner...sometimes


Looks: Blue hair, Light Blue Eyes (My profile pic!)

Hobbies: Playing Soccer, Skateboarding, Listening to Music, Singing , Dancing, Solving Mysteries, Reading


Orochimaru fell in love with her mom, but she hated him and married her dad. Orochimaru killed her parents because pf rage and jealousy, leaving her with her older brother Shinichi. She wants Orochimaru to die in the most painful way. She becomes a ninja but catches the attention of Sasuke Uchiha. Although, she hates him so much and calls him a player. She's mostly friends with Hinata Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka, and Tenten. Her chakra type is mostly wind, water, and lightning. She creates a two new styles Moon and Dark. When Sasuke left, she didn't care like all the others. A year later, she was assigned to go undercover at Orochimaru's base. Sasuke recognized right away but played her game. She killed Orochimaru before Sasuke could. Sasuke eventually confesses to Hikari but she said she hated him and left.


Hikari wants to be a champion trainer. But not that much like Satoshi. Her first pokemon was Pikachu. Like Ash's, it didn't like going into a pokeball. She traveled with Satoshi but then has to travel with Shinji because Satoshi lost the battle. Hikari hated Shinji but as she travels with him, understands why Shinji acts like that. Her other five pokemon are Milotic, Lucario, Dragonite, Espeon, and Leafeon.


Hikari was Ventus Brawler and her partner was Ventus Ingram. She's friends with Shun Kazami but they didn't have much contact. Dan usually would ask Hikari to help him save the world and she always accepts because she'll do anyway to save the bakugan. As time pass, she notices Alice taking a liking to Shun so she tries every way to hook them up and she succeeded! Although...whenever she tries to hook Runo and Dan up...they ended up fighting which gives Hikari a major headache.

Shugo Chara

Hikari's shugo chara is Miki. Miki was different from Amu's Miki. She's artistic and loves art but she's really hyper and loves to be around everyone. She's Tadase's cousin. She despises Ikuto Tsukiyomi because he tries to break Tadase and Amu up. But Ikuto always took a liking toward Hikari, trying to get her to join Easter, but she always refuse. She always stay devoted to the Guardians!

Inazuma Eleven

Hikari encountered The Raimon Team when they came to Osaka. They were impressed with her skills until Genesis came. It was one on one between Genesis and Hikari's team. Because of one of their shoots, one of her friends Rin was hit and fell into a coma. Hiroto never intended his team to get Rin into a coma, but Hikari was still furious. She wanted revenge on Genesis so she joined the Raimon Team. When they were in Kyoto, she was taking a walk. She encountered Hiroto, and asked him to leave her alone. All Hiroto wanted was to apologize to her about what happen to Rin but she still didn't listen. After the match between Raimon and Genesis, Hiroto before he left, told Hikari he wanted to see her again.

Shippings that Hikari is involved in

RyuuseiShipping - HirotoxHikari - MAJOR!

LightShipping - FidioxHikari - MAJOR/MINER

VentusShipping - ShunxHikari - MINER

VanishingShipping - ShinjixHikari - MINER

LonerShipping - SasukexHikari - NEVER

Upcoming Anime Stories!

Romantic Princess - HirotoxHikari

Summary: Hikari lived in the the Hakkaido lavender orpahnage all her life but what happens when she found out that she's the daughter of Japan's richest trillionaire? Her world get turned upside-down!

Summer Memories - HirotoxHikari

Summary: Hiroto, Hikari and the gang head for Liocott Island for vacation! But what happen when they enncounter Fidio? And what happens when Fidio and Hiroto are fighting for Hikari's love?

Snow Angel - ShirouxFuyuka

Summary: The FFI championship is over and everyone heads home. Fuyuka moves to Hokkaido and what happens when she meets Shirou once again?

They Kiss Again (Squeal to It All Started With A Kiss) - HirotoxHikari

Summary: Hiroto and Hikari are finally together and everyone is heading off to the FFI! But what happens when they meet Fidio Ardena? And what happens when Hikari is stuck in a love triangle?


Pick any 10 characters in Inazuma eleven.

1. Fuusuke (Gazelle)

2. Haruya (Burn)

3. Hiroto

4. Kazemaru

5. Sakuma

6. Fidio

7. Ichinose

8. Gouenji

9. Shirou

10. Genda

5 shows up with flowers

Sakuma: Here Hikari! *gives her flowers*

Hikari: Arigatou Jirou-kun!

3 and 9 are eating ice-cream while 1 and 4 are spying. Role play this.

Shirou: I love ice cream

Hiroto: Me too!

behind a bush*

Gazelle: They're eating ice cream without us!

Kazemaru: That's just mean!

10 called you

Genda: *waits for Hikari to pick up*

6 picks up

Fidio: *picks up* Hello?

Genda: What are you doing here Fidio?

Fidio: Don't know

4,7 and 8 are going out. Role play this.

Kazemaru: So where do you wanna go?

Ichinose: I wanna go to the movies!

Gouenji: I rather go to a soccer game!

Kazemaru: We'll go to both!

2, what should I do with you?

Hikari: DO the pocky game with Gazelle!

Burn: No!

Eat watermelons for me please 2!

Hikari: Eat it!

Burn: Fine! *starts eating watermelons*

9's sad. You should comfort him.

Hikari: Shirou-kun? YOu ok? *pats his back*

Shirou: Yea I'm ok...

10 lost his phone.

Genda: Crap!Where did I put it?

Hikari: IDK

You caught 2 and 6 having *.

Hikari: NO! Burn! You're suppose to be with Gazelle!

In 7's room!

Ichinose: Oh seriously? My room!?

You accidently kiss 3.

Hikari, Hiroto: *blush*

6 and 10 are keeping away from you. Why?

Hikari: What's wrong guys?

Genda, Fidio: No Idea...

6 is reading and suddenly heard the word "darling "

Fidio: Did someone say darling?

Hikari: Not me!

9 is celebrating his/her bithday. What will you give to him/her?

Hikari: Here's a teddy bear plushie Shirou!

Shirou: Thank you!

4 went on internet and saw something which made him blush.

Hikari: Eh? Kazemaru you're blushing!

Kazemaru: N-No I'm not!

Are there any 5 x 7 fic?

Hikari: Not really

Do you want to date 2?

Hikari: I prefer Burn dating Gazelle

Burn: Ok hurtful...

Type a summary for 3 x 4.

Hikari: Uhh...Kazemaru and Hiroto has been friends for a long time but as they got to know each other more...feelings start surfacing.

Is 7 a gay/lesbian? What made you say that?

Hikari: You're not gay...

Fidio: Thank you!

10 accidently hits you.

Hikari: Genda...that hurts! You big meanie!

1 is pregnant. Who's the father?

Hikari: So who's teh father Gazelle?

Gazelle: B-Burn

Burn: *blush*

Hikari: Yay! Congrats!

8 and 9 are getting married.

Hikari: Yay! You guys are getting married!

Gouenji, Shirou: Uh-huh...

3 suddenly confessed about his love for you!

Hiroto: Hikari! I love you! *blush*

Hikari: *blush*

But 5 is your boyfriend!

Sakuma: Sorry Hiroto but she's mine!

Hiroto: No way! She's gonna be mine!

1's not appearing anymore.

Hikari: Gazelle! Come back!

1, tell 5 that you love him/her!

Hikari: Yay! You're back!

Gazelle: Uh...Sakuma I love you?

Sakuma: Okaa~y

1 x 8 or 7 x 8?

Hikari: I think Ichinose and Gouenji is better

4 tell us who do you love!

Kazemaru: I love Endou!

Hikari: Sweet~! I love EndouxKazemaru!

What title should a 2 x 6 story be?

Hikari: No clue...

Well, that's about it! Give yourself and 10 a BIG hug.

Hikari: Yay! It's done! *hugs Genda*

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