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Elyce Faron-Warden(job 1st)/Shepherd

Age : 19

Appearance :

- Eyes : Silver Brownish

- Skin : Pale

- Hair : Black Raven and long, tied in one and then two ponytails(not pigtails!!)

- Height : 178 -180cm

- Weight : secret.. Elyce will kill me if I tell about that

Skill :

Attack :

Warning !!! : Elyce often uses her skills, she just use a normal fighting because she can heal fast or using nerve point technique)

Another warning : All of Elyce’s skill is an Area type

-1st skill : Double cross : Elyce will send two waves in cross shape inside a circle from her weapon and will explode if it touch something(horizontally)>>>

-2nd skill : Eternal Punishment : Elyce will put her palm on the ground, sending a rain of needles and spiky one from the ground to her opponent(she can control where and when it will appear. (The attack is continues until Elyce gets attacked or her hand is not connected to the ground, drains quite a big amount of Mana)

-3rd skill : Point Breaker : Elyce will slice her opponent in cross shape and will bring her opponent in the air. And then will use Rene's Animea to cast a destroyer magic. And kaboom.. Pretty high damage. (unfortunately, can't use it many times,.. don't know why)

Support :

-1st skill : Freeze Breath : making the surrounding temperature into 0- celcius and will freeze everything(can't move body or maybe fainted because of cold air)-no damage

-2nd skill : Weapon's Soul : Summoning a puppet that will turn into a weapon to help fighting who it's following(not really good at attacking but can block attack and make small cut)small damage and blocking attacks can multiply(around 30 minutes

-3rd skill : Animea's Unseal lv 1 : creating a puppet that will turn into a shield to defend who it's following(really high defend) (You have to know the name of the Animeano damage, defense and agility increases.

Other :

-have the same personality like Fai D. Flowright(Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)(People always gets the wrong idea about her personality) and a bit from Spain's carefree attitude(hetalia)

-Like sweet things (food), cute things (not girly stuff)

-Definitely like to do a tea time

-Dislike drinking blood from someone

-afraid of ghost (if appear suddenly, just froze for a minute and then run/finish it off without mercy) and insect (really hate and the same reaction as ghost),

-A gentleman type or gentle-woman?

-like to lie down on the roof with Zero and Sieghart(according to Solica's story) or any high spots.

-poor at magic, expert at combats (any weapon),

-Has a curse that she will not feel any pain

-Don't like spicy things

-Can't defeat Rene...(Rene is combat and magic user)

-easily get depressed and worried (she didn’t show it on her face, just watch her attitude: she wants to be alone, always says sorry, or ask “Do you hate me?”

Ability :

-freeze breath(solo)same a freeze breath(area) Elyce can make humans faint by blowing their ears.

-air walk-Elyce can walk silently without anyone to notice, usually for doing freeze breath(solo)

-dash-very useful to avoid trap, dodge, escape.

-nails that can grow and become sharp and pretty hard(yeah..)

-clown illusions-don't make an eye contact with Elyce if you don't want to ended up to be fooled. her eyes will switch to purple when she using it.

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