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I love reading, writing FF's, and playing video games. Legend of Dragoon Portal Black ops Skyrim 100's more

I am the 2011 Bremerton raceway highschool dragracing track champion

I'm am also a brony. (Octavia is best pony)

Playstation 3 gamers tag: Ripred94

World of tanks, User: Ripred94, Clan: WOONA (Lunar Rebellion)

Diviant art user name: ripred94

Additional info: i have ADHD and Aspurger's Syndrome

I am probably not going to be on for... years. lol fimfiction is where I am at atm.

The following two dragons are my OC's for my stories. If you want to use them ask me first.

Name: Ripred

Age: 17

Hatch-day: Oct. 20th

Race: shadow dragon

Sex: male

Characteristics: black with green under belly and dark purple wings, dark gold eyes, numerous scars from growing up on the street, including a diagonal scar on his face. His tail blade is in the shape of a sickle sword. 2, one foot long, slightly curved back horns on top of head that are silver with gold tint and are serrated / hooked at the tips.

Personality: He tends to sit back and observe, but he knows when a situation calls for seriousness and action, and is a great leader (if you can keep up). He is blunt, stern, and cold, not afraid to be brutally honest. Certain things will set him off. Very untrusting of everything/everyone because he grew up on the street, fending for himself. Extreme intelligence, and battle calculation. Also, prefers to be alone (so much so as to get slightly violent) He has trust issues, and feels like he needs to prove something both to himself and others. He also likes to show off thus making the effectiveness of his actions suffer slightly. He uses his shadow travel power EXCESSIVLY for showing off, intimidating, attacking, convenience, and any other reason he can come up with. His favorite food is shrimp in cream sauce.

skills: master of physical fighting, can detect where anyone is due to super hearing and feeling air disturbances. Has experience fighting. Intelligent, sneaky, and quick.

Likes: shrimp in cream sauce, being alone, watching, being prepared, helping those in need, learning, reading, not being noticed, Showing off.

Hates: bullies, getting his stuff messed with, getting lied to, not being listened to, interruptions, attention, large crowds, pity

Elements: shadow, fear, poison, fire, air.

Family: unknown

Quote: “Get upset if you want, but life doesn’t care about your feelings, it doesn’t have a sense of fairness. It will kick you while you’re down and laugh in your face… I would know.”

Name: Icealene

Pronounced: Ice-A-lean

Age: 17

Hatch-day: Aug, 14th

Race: Ice dragon

Sex: Female

Characteristics: Average sized female, sky blue with white underbelly and wing membranes, lime green joy-filled eyes, multiple purple zigzag stripes that go across her back, two 10 inch long silver horns on the top of her head and 2 pairs of 5 inch long silver horns on the top-side of her head, thin snowflake-like Morningstar tail blade. Intelligent, agile, logical.

Personality: Trusting, good natured, curious, has no trouble expressing whatever she is feeling, usually. Very social, happy, enthusiastic, not easily upset, unless being yelled at, but can be disappointed, likes a challenge

Skills: High agility, excellent flier, very fast in air, great at dodging attacks then getting in close for a quick strike or blow. Silent when trying, good at fishing.

Likes: being social, learning about others, chatting with friends, protecting others, playing tricks on bullies, early mornings, and shark meat with a little lemon.

Hates: bullies, those who take advantage of others, eavesdroppers, backstabbers, and cockiness.

Elements: Ice, water, air

Family: Mother – Crystal (Ice dragon) Father – Arnos (Wind dragon)

Quote: “There are something’s you can’t do alone, that’s where I come in.”

The following charectors belongs to Dardarax, who kindly let me use them in my stories. please read Dardarax's story " Dark Legacy "


Age: 17

Race: Albino dragon.

Sex: Male.

Element: None.

Bio: White scales, red eyes, eight horns six of which swoop backwards (middle pair is the largest) and two that thrust forward like tusks. Horns and claws are silvery grey, tail tip ends in silver spear blade. Many scars cover his body. Lyrith is small for his age, and resembles a female dragon.

Likes: fighting, sweet foods, learning, exercising, seeing new things, Jam.

Dislikes: nobles, being judged, bullies.

Family: None

Personality Traits: Calculating, compassionate, confident, crude, determined, intimidating, loyal, perceptive, quick tempered.

Lyrith's harsh past have left him somewhat cynical and cold, but deep down he is compassionate, and caring, he will not tolerate anyone suffering as he had. He is loyal and protective of anyone who earns his trust and would not forsake them for the world. Lyrith puts on a cold and intimidating air to force away all those who would get close to him, but he wants more than anything, a friend among his own race. He just does not possess the patients, nor tolerance to breach the walls his white scales create.

Quotes: "Now here's the deal Ashe. You put everything you found back were you found it, and then you will drag your friends back to their rooms. If you do this you will leave this room intact. Understood?”


Age: 16 (Closing on 17) Race: Lightning dragon Sex: Female Element: Lightning

Bio: Topaz scales, more thickly built than most females. She has the curves that make an attractive dragoness, but not the slim build. Her two horns arch above her head and their tips curl towards each other. Her eyes are deep, ocean blue. Her muzzle ends in a beak.

Likes: To paint, being alone, helping those less fortunate, music and dancing.

Dislikes: Being in crowded areas, being the center of attention, Torch.

Family: Mother: Dyama.

Personality traits: Anti-social, artistic, distant, determined, funloving, passionate, reclusive.

Voltlyn was born as the daughter of a small buisness drake working in Warfang. They always managed to get by, selling trinkets and produce. Voltlyn often worked with her father, helping with the sales. Because of her busy life she rarely got to make any friends. Her family troubles started when her mother started gambling. She racked up a massive debt to the wrong kind of people before her husband got her help. She recovered from her addiction, but the damage had been done. The debt collectors came for their money, and when unable to get the money killed Voltlyn's father. The two were devastated, with little to no income they were forced to find hard, low paying jobs. After nearly two years of breaking their backs to survive, Voltlyn managed to get a job for her and her mother as servants to a great noble house. The house of the noble named Charah. Voltlyn was assigned to be the hand maid of a dragon named Torch, who was a young drake of her age. With the high pay and relative ease of the job she was given, Voltlyn finally thought her life could slow down for a while. Her charge however, did not take lightly to having just any servant, and took control of her life, making her do demeening tasks and work overly hard for her keep. This continued even after Inferna, the Guardian of Flame arrived at the Charah house hold for a tea party and recruited the two as her students. Voltlyn is a shy and well meaning dragoness, who has lived hard and knows sadness. Because of her busy and reclusive life, she did not develop any friend making skills and is unbearably shy in groups. She belongs to Torch's gang, she no longer works as his servant, yet he still has a strong hold over her for reasons none have yet determined...

Quote: "I... I'm sorry, I have to go."

The following dragon dose NOT belong to me, but Alec the Dark Angel kindly let me use him in me story's. Alec is a great writer with many stories. check them out. Also check out "Warfang High" when Alec re-uploads the story. trust me it will be worth the wait.

Name: Alec

Species: Dragon

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: Alec is a silver dragon with a purple underbelly and wing membranes and brown eyes. He has a serrated spade-like tail blade. He has 6 horns. 4 of his horns frame his face and resemble Cynder's horns. The other two horns stick out from his forehead. They curve up at the tips.

Other Forms:
Dark/Corrupted form: This form looks allot like his normal form. But the difference is that he's jet black with a blood red underbelly and wings. His eyes, horns, and tail blade are dark red. He also has a serrated scythe-like tail blade.
Human form: He has short brown hair and eyes. He's 6' 3", and 205lbs. He's a little bulky, but overall average size.

Personality: (personalities may vary)
Dragon Form: Alec is a wise dragon. He is the descendent of an ancient (and said to be extinct) species of dragon. This makes him very mysterious. Other details of his personality will vary. (1st Appearance: Spyro, Truth or Dare: Double Dare Challenge. 1st Main Character Appearance: Warfang High)
Human Form: Alec is very wise for his age (That's a fact in real life). He has a dark mind, but uses it for good, earning him the title 'The Dark Angel'. If you got into his mind, you would most likely become very confused (I wouldn't be surprised if that's true).

Theme Song(s): 'Evil Angel' by Breaking Benjamin, 'Open Up Your Heart' by Crush 40, 'Live and Learn' by Crush 40, 'What I'm Made Of' by Crush 40, 'His World' by Crush 40, 'His World - Blue World Prelude Remix' by Bentley Jones, 'I Am (All of Me)' by crush 40, 'All Hail Shadow' by Crush 40, 'Never Turn Back' by Crush 40, (More may be added)

Relationships: Information not available at this time.

Enemies: Duo Maxwell, Anyone who dares to harm younglings.

Powers: All elements, including the Life element, which only a silver dragon can learn. (Details may vary from story to story.)

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Catchphrase/Quote: Light and darkness does not define good and evil. It's what you do with your power that makes you who you are.

Crazy? I was crazy once. My parents locked me in a round room and told me to sit in the corner. Corner? I couldn't find a corner! That bugged me. Bugs? I hate bugs. They drive me crazy! Crazy? I was crazy once...

Loneliness is a tiny acorn planted in a field of wheat. - Dardarax

Anger is a crackling flame; it only burns brighter when fed more fuel. - Dardarax

Truth and honor are gold nuggets, they are valued and upheld by society, but are rare finds indeed.- Dardarax

The actions of one man do not show the opinion of an entire culture, merely his own stupidity. Steven C. Gossette (ripred94)

How something looks is second hand to the physical job it performs. Steven C. Gossette (ripred94)

A good worker never makes mistakes; a great worker realizes his/her mistakes and takes the appropriate steps to fix them. Steven C. Gossette (ripred94)

1. "I know that I am god, for when I pray, I feel that I am talking to myself." Unknown

2. Spyro: (about Cynder) "But if we come from the same place, why is she so, so..."
Sparx: "Evil? Monstrous? Big? Sexy? Oops, did I just say that?" The Legend of Spyro, A New Beginning

3. "You'll never know how much you miss someone until their gone."Unknown

4. "Happiness is doing it rotten your own way." Issac Asimov

5. "Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do." Issac Asimov

6. "Parents, you'll never understand one until you become one." Viperwatcher

7. "Life is pleasant, death is peaceful, it's the transition that is troublesome." Issac Asimov

8. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.* Albert Einstein

9. "Better to fight for something than live for nothing." Gen. Patton

10. "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." Gen. Patton

11. "In a man-to-man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine." Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

12. "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed." Adolf Hitler

13. "Life is fair because its unfair to everyone." Viperwatcher

14. "It's quite ironic in life that the one that makes you the strongest is your weakness." A friend of Viperwatcher

15. "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Unknown

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