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Hello to all. I am AmaterasuShiranui, bringing the sun to banish the dark clouds that have spread over this once-pure site.

Feel free to send messages to me. I enjoy holding conversations with others and I can be quite friendly. But be warned, for the Gods know all. If you have ill-intent in your heart when you message me, you will know divine wrath like no other being has ever known it before.

This is FAN-fiction, not CANON-fiction. ((Copy to your profile if you agree.))

Also, a little bit of a note: If you're gonna leave a review of any work I post, I like constructive crits. I really and truly do. But "constructive crit" does NOT mean you can tell me to write my stories the way YOU want them written. I am not a puppet, and I will not be treated as such.

Constructive Crit does mean:

- Tell me what you liked about the story. Not just a one-liner piece of praise, but tell me what you thought was really good in the form of a small paragraph.
- Tell me what I can work on. If there are grammatical errors, tell me where and what I can do to fix it. If something seems out of place, let me know.
- "Overpraising" is bad. "Raking over the coals" is also bad. Happy Mediums are good. This is the rule to a proper constructive criticism.
- And for the love of gods, if you dislike my story that much: a., you don't have to read it; and b., DON'T tell me to take it down and rewrite the whole thing to your standards. I've said it once and I'll say it a million times more: you wanna see it bad enough, then write it yourself.

Also, life happens. If I say that something is on hold due to time constraints, please don't be a jerk. I wouldn't do the same to you.

I love writing, though I get writer's block easily. I'm a fan of fiction, but am disappointed in the recent accounts that people are considering this site only for CANON characters and stories. It's Fanfiction, unleash your imagination. Authors have the right to write stories how they want.

Those who review should keep in mind, opinions count, but don't think that means you can use it as an excuse to troll/hate on someone. And DON'T tell other authors what to do with their stories or ideas.