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Hiiiii , I've realized that my profile is pretty empty . . . obviously xD Well about me , My names Kairi ^_^ nice to meet you all . I joined fanfiction because I really like to just express myself towards writing , because in reality it's just too hard for me heh . I hope that everyone enjoys my writing .

So about me . . . hmm

Looks : I'm asian , first of all ^_^ I have black hair , brown eyes (like all typical asians) and well . . . tall ?

Personality : I wouldn't call myself a happy-go-lucky person, but close to that ^_^ I really don't care about your race , sexuality , etc. If you're nice to me , I'll be nice to you . I really love my friends , though sometimes it's hard for me to show personally . . . which is something I need to work on . I love my family , even though I may have some disputes with my parents . . heh . Well , I've been taught to accept people for who they are , but I will get upset once in a while . I've been known to see right through someone and read them like an open book ; maybe it's because I'm not a very hating person . People may hate me , but thats okay with me ^_^ heh . I aceept whoever comes and say bye to whoever goes :3 Because I just do . I don't really cry much , but when I do , I try to stop , because I know that if I continue , then it'll just get worse , because I'm not much of a dramatic person . To my friends , it may not seem like it , but I can fake laugh a lot :D simply because its fun to , hehe .

Likes and Dislikes : I LIKE EVERYTHING XD but I also like people with passion , because it shows that they care and love at least something in this world that most od us hate , and well the only thing I dislike are people who give up easily , but thats just me . Gambatte ! I really like writing, as you can obviously tell :3 It makes me a new character thats move alive than my real one xD I seem more like a human when I write , seeing as its difficult for me to express myself in real life . I like to sing , but only alone , because I can be a little shy about that >//

Favorite Food : I tend to like bitter and sweet food . The sweetness to wash away the bitterness and the bitterness to remind me that life can kinda be harsh to us . >//

Daily Life : I don't have a daily routine , but I walk my dog Cadence :DD I love him very much ! He's a Papillon that sits by me while I write and sing . I really don't do much , heh . My friends and I don't talk much now , and no boyfriend haha . Such an interesting life little Kairi has :DD hehe .

Age: I am currently 15 now :D

Favorite quotes :

"It doesn't matter if you're talking good or bad about me. You're still talking about me, so it shows I did something right."

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind"

Heh , I hope you enjoy my story(or stories) ^_^ thank you



So , I've been thinking of also starting another story , because I've been so inspired . I've decided to call it 14 Days of Counseling with Mr.Stern .

Summary : For 2 weeks, an arranged married couple will take marriage counseling. For 2 week, they will spend all the time they can with each other. For 2 weeks, they will gradually fall in love, and love for eternity :3

Here's a little preview ^_^ :

14 Days of Counseling with Mr.Stern PREVIEW

“What do you guys talk about during dinner?”

Hinata looked up slightly at her sister-in-law.

“A-ano…trai-training s-skills… a-an-and str-strate-strategies,” Hinata said meekly.

“And,” Temari pursued.

“T-The food,” Hinata squeaked.

Temari rolled her eyes as she shook her head.

“And,” she concluded, “this is why you two need help. Come here for two weeks. I’m going to make you two have Sabaku-babies.”

“H…Hah?” Hinata’s head shot up, eyes alarmed.

This is part of it , and I'm not sure when I'll upload because I want to finish Hear My Voice , but that has a few long chapters there xD

But I'll let you guys know when ^_^

"Dare to be wild"



I've been having writers block , and so I've decided to just upload 14 Days Of Counseling with Mr. Stern so you guys can read the beginning part of it . It isn't much of a chapter , but I hope you guys enjoy ! :D

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