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Hey all. I'm a crappy writer, and I bow to all of you who are better than I. I do enjoy reading, and though I'm not always good with words, try to review to the best of my ability.
A few things all fanfic writers should remember:
-If the scene is exactly the same as in canon, it's unnessesary to retell it
-If you don't know what a character is like, research it or don't write about it.
-Instead of blindly following what other fanfics say is truth, find out the truth for real.
-'Pairings' listed in the summary take away from the enjoyment of finding out (though it's ok to a point if the pairing happened before the fic started)
-Gratuitous Japanese is bad if a translation is needed
-If you can't write well, GET A PREREADER. Don't post horribly formatted, horribly spelled works. It just makes you look bad and you WILL get flamed eventually.
-Flames happen, ignore them if you don't like them