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I am exactly who my name says I am. I'm a Twilight author that loves Leah and lemons.

I have decided to write the 'forbidden' lemons of my favorite she-wolf but under a different name because I don't want people thinking that I've fallen hit my head and there is now something ELSE wrong with me. =P

Why Leah? Because Leah has gotten the raw end of the stick and SM completely ruined a perfectly good character. Leah is also the only 'real' character who realized how eff'd up this whole situation was between Bella and Edward, Bella and Jacob, Bella and the vampires, the wolves and the Cullens and just EVERYTHING! Also everyone just brushed her off when she was hurting the most and it was because they were all just too wrapped up into their own bubbles of 'imprinting love' *gags* and personal issues to even care. Which in my eyes makes the wolves of La Push the worst 'family members' EVER! Even worse then my own who are having some personal family feud and I've...nevermind.

But this is just ONE of my ways of letting Leah get some 'love' and I do use that term loosely here. Heheheh.

Why am I doing this you may ask? Why with these characters? Because, seriously, I did slip, bump my head and haven't been able to shake these couples. PRAY FOR ME!!

But...since I'm being a coward about my smut and posting it under my real name...*smiles evilly* take the time and TRY to guess who I am. The winner will receive a piece of smut of as part of their reward. ^_^ That's right, YOU! YOU get to choose the pairing(s), the location, the why and the setup. But you only win if you're bold enough to review. So you closet readers who hit lemon pages up like 100 times and never say a word or fave/alert then you are not eligible.

So I hope you enjoy the smut I will be putting out. ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!! MAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAH!! *throws down smoke bomb* AWAY - AW- UF *smoke clears to reveal SmutPusher lying on her stomach sniffling* -_-; I should've practiced this first...or at least moved my crap out the way.

sighs* Thanks for *sniffles* visiting me.

2011. 01. 10

Brief explanation of my profile pic.

Ryan is sitting in McDonald's when he overhears some girls talking excitedly. His curiosity piqued he leans back to listen in to their conversation, his large Coke in hand and straw in his mouth. His friend, Nick, sitting across from him listening as well.

Girl 1: So I've been thinking that Leah got shafted.

Girl 2: Yea, I mean my boyfriend dumped me and what? Stephanie expects me to happy that he ditched me for that bitch, Mandy? I'm pissed.

Girl 3: Well don't worry we'll kick her ass in the bathroom at Friday's Mixer.

Girl 2: You're my best friend.

Girl 1: Focus! FOCUS! So I've been thinking that Leah and Jacob should've been together instead of Renesmee.

Girl 3: Yea, I mean why he gotta leave and follow whiny Bella?

Girl 2: It sucks that she gets this perfect ending.

Girl 2: I'm glad you all agreed which is why we are going to become 'Blackwater Fans'.

Ryan: (what the hell are they talking about?)

Girl 3: I like the sound of that!

Girl 2: So does this mean that I'm justified in scratching Mandy's face to hell?

Girl 1: Uh...

Girl 3: Hell and back again!

The girls finish eating and leave the booth they were sitting at. Ryan sits confused about what the hell he's just heard.

Ryan: What the fuck was that about?

Nick: Their them Twihards fans.

Ryan: Twi- wha?

Nick: Fans of Twilight.

Nick explains as he cleans up his trash to leave.

Ryan: ...

Nick: My sisters are really into it. They've broken up into little factions of Sam and Emily, Bella and Edward, Alice and Jasper and even Leah and Jacob. It's insane, man!

Ryan: Oh...right, right, right. But isn't that Leah girl a real b -,

Nick: I wouldn't say that if I were you man.

Nick whispers quickly looking around at the patrons in the fast food chain.

Ryan: Psh, man, what are you talking about?

Nick: It's just that you never know who's on what team. They take this shit SERIOUSLY.

Ryan: Pfft, like I'm afraid of a bunch of girls. But I heard that Leah girl is a bitch, hot but a real bitch. She deserves to be alone.

Nick: 0_0

Suddenly a shadow appears behind Ryan and as he turns around the hand of Blackwater vengence SMITES HIM!! Nick stands looking down stunned and scared shitless to say anything as Ronald McDonald simply nods at him and walks away.

Nick: I told you to be careful. You never know who's one of THEM.

So THAT'S the story behind my profile pic. Needless to say, Ryan never spoke shit about Leah Clearwater ever again. Lesson to be learned?

1) If your name is Mandy then you better watch your back.

2) Ronald McDonald is NOT afraid to slap the chicken nuggets outta you so watch your step.

3) RESPECT BLACKWATER LOVE BECAUSE IT IS PURE AND NOT TAINTED WITH THE IDEA OF IMPRINTING AND MANIPULATING SOMEONE JUST SO THAT YOU CAN DIE A HIDEOUS DEATH BY HAVING SOME BRONZE-HAIRED RED-EYED DEMON CHILD EXPLODE FROM YOUR STOMACH LIKE ALIENS! Which when you think about it really cra-zy. I mean...I get that child birth is supposed to be beautiful, magical and junk...but...THAT is just taking it way to far. Gross SM, gross.

2011.01.10 10:16pm

So...I'm bored and just to let you all know I do love Blackwater - mainly the idea of Jacob and Leah. But Leah needs all the love she can get so...if you read my first 2 stories 'Sibling Love' and 'Thunderstorms' you will have an idea of where my stories are going. Not all the time I can admit but I love dabbling in the forbidden. So thank you for taking an interest in my stories.

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