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Greetings, all, and welcome to my profile! Prepare to read the long paragraph of boring stuff about me and my passions! Mwahahaha~!

Oh yeah, and look at this. XDDDDD Feel the love!

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Yo, Sierra Rose the Hedgehog here. I have many names; you may call me Mouse. Though truthfully, I have been called Sierra (or Rose) before, so that works too, heh. So, here are a few random things about me that you may... or may not... know.

Name: Mouse

Gender: Female

Age: Don't you know it's rude to ask a lady her age? (Maybe if you're close I'll tell you... =P)

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox

Favourite colour: Blue! =D

Favourite animal: Um, cats. No, penguins. Okay, both. Oh yeah, and wolves! Foxes have always been a personal favourite as well... XD Well, I love all animals.

Favourite movies: Aladdin (top favourite!!), Night at the Museum, Bedtime Stories, Inkheart, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Beauty and the Beast, National Treasure, Toy Story 3... Disney in general.

Favourite books: "Warriors" by Erin Hunter, "Inkheart" and "Inkspell" by Cornelia Funke

Favourite bands / singers: Superchick, Newsboys, Skillet, Journey, Josh Groban, Crush 40, Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant

Favourite songs: "Anthem" by Superchick, "It's On" by Superchick, "We Live" by Superchick, "Stand in the Rain" by Superchick, "Girl Can't Help It" by Journey, "Worlds Apart" by Journey, "Lights" by Journey, "Send Her My Love" by Journey, "Wheels in the Sky" by Journey, and lots more.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, gaming, drawing, Youtube

Interests: Sonic the Hedgehog, Darkwing Duck (childhood favourite), Mario (sorta), Disney, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, Warriors, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts

Favourite video game: Sonic Unleashed. Most definitely. Secondary favourites are Animal Crossing: Wild World, Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness, Sonic and the Black Knight, and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

As for a personality description... Well, it's hard to describe. Some people say I'm quiet or shy, maybe even antisocial. I know I'm not very chatty but I don't know about being as quiet as people seem to think I am. I just don't always feel comfortable talking to people, especially if I don't know that person very well. Meh, must be my claustrophobia, I hate crowds. It takes a while, but if I feel like I can trust you and you won't think I'm weird for the way I act sometimes, I'll warm up to you.

Otherwise I consider myself to be rather hyper. XD And I know I'm random... Just ask my mom, she's the one who has to put up with my outbursts of epic randomness. =P In all honesty, I love to laugh. It makes me feel so good when I can make other people laugh, too. I might have a bit of a twisted sense of humour, but I have fun. xP

I'm also kinda stubborn... You tell me not to do something, I'll go ahead and do it anyway. Another weak point of mine is my impatience. If something takes too long to get through, I'll lose interest and find something else to do. And, as I mentioned before about not feeling comfortable around lots of people, I'm pretty independent. I hate it when people try to invade my personal space. Besides, don't need many friends to depend on as it is, seein' as how there's few people you can even count on. I prefer being alone with my thoughts. I'm a bit of a dreamer, heh...

... But if you want the truth, I'm a pretty darn loyal person. Even though most of my friends ended up ditching me for someone else, I do my best never to let someone down. It may come off as annoying, but I stand up for my friends. I don't think it's right when other people criticise other people because they have different interests or tastes, or simply because they seem weird when contrasted to themselves. I put up with enough of that crap when I was a preteen, and I'm not gonna stand for it anymore. I don't take lip from anyone, and I won't let my friends take lip from such jerk either.

I usually try not to give a flying flip about what someone else thinks of me as long as I know who I am and what I stand for. I'm a little short-tempered, and sometimes I'll come off as weird because I'm so random, but I promise, if you're a friend, I'll stick by you until the end. You can count on me. =)

At any rate, I'm blathering on and on about myself... Time to move on.

So, as you probably already know, most Sonic the Hedgehog fanatics have fan characters. I am not without, so allow me to provide the bios for my main seven fan characters. Meh, enjoy.

Name: Lightning the Hedgehog

Also known as: Light (common nickname), Sis (by Sonic, Manic, and Sonia only), Mellow Yellow (by Rouge only), Miss Lightning (by Cream only), Princess Lightning (by Aleena and members of the royal cabinet only)

Species: African Pygmy Hedgehog

Gender: Female

Height: 3' 4''

Weight: 70 lbs.

Birthplace: Christmas Island, where she was one of the royal quadruplet born to Queen Aleena

Age: 15 (the eldest of the twins, making her slightly older than her other siblings)

Fur: Yellow

Skin: Light peach, with a slight tan

Eyes: Pure, fiery orange. They were once bright, pale blue.

Appearance: She is a female hedgehog with Sonic-style straight-back quills. Her fur is bright yellow, and the very tips of her quills are singed orange. She has two loose quills arranged echidna-style on either side of her head. Her nose is long and black, her ears are typical large and triangular, and her eyes are fiery orange. Her arms are tan-skinned, as is with most hedgehogs.

Attire: She wears a white, linen, jacket-like sleeveless shirt with carpenter pockets in the front. The shirt has a slight V-neck to expose a little of the tan skin on her front. Around her neck she wears a small orange ascot. Her skirt is an orange pleated short skirt, which seems to have a shiny texture but no glitter or sparkles. The skirt is accessorized with a brown western-style belt with a circular buckle. The buckle is circular, bronze, and has an image of a lightning bolt engraved on it (in actuality, the buckle is her medallion, which she received at birth as a royal gift and magically enhances her speed, strength, and ability). She also wears brown, high-heeled cowboy boots that have small zig-zag lines on their sides (to represent a lightning bolt), and the boots come to a little below her knees. She wears stereotypical white gloves, but the cuffs are sock-like and orange.

Interesting facts / Backstory: She is the eldest of Queen Aleena Hedgehog's quadruplet; being so she naturally has a rather sharp sense of leadership, in order to properly guide and direct her younger twins. When Queen Aleena found out she must separate her children, her original intention was to keep Lightning and Sonic together and put them in the care of their uncle Chuck (which was how Lightning developed a sort of motherly intuition, because since Uncle Chuck usually couldn't spend much time with the two due to his occupation, Lightning took Sonic under her wing and helped them learn the ways of the world together). Eventually, though, Lightning and Sonic were separated, when Lightning made the decision to stall a robot attack from Eggman (then known as Robotnik) while Sonic escaped. Sonic never saw Lightning again and she was presumed dead, but years later, after a clash over Chaos Emeralds, they met up again and were reunited. When Lightning and Sonic were young children, Lightning was caught up in a severe thunderstorm and was struck by a lightning bolt. She was protected from being killed instantly by the power of her amulet, which she wore as a belt buckle, but the magic of the amulet combined with the intense energy of the lightning bolt caused a mysterious effect on her. Her once bright, pale-blue eyes turned fiery orange and her quills were singed, thusly ruining them permanently. However, it also thrust a unique ability upon Lightning-- the power to summon the raw energy of lightning and use it in attacks, which made up her loss in sharpness of quills.

Favorite food: Chilidogs (naturally), chocolate (overdoses make her hyper), tacos (favourite random food)

Hobbies: Reading, running, sports, breakdancing, rodeos

Likes: Reading a good book, running, exploring, freedom, justice, adventure, thrill, danger, chocolate, chilidogs, Shadow (secretly), Shadow's mysterious behaviour (sometimes; secretly), rock music, blues music, and country music. When she is not exploring the world for herself, she'll curl up in any available tree branch and take a nap (much like her brother would -_-).

Dislikes: Injustice, being held back, anything that's not fast enough for her pace (she is very impatient), Shadow's attitude, Sonic's inability to stay still for long, Sonia's constant desire for luxury, Manic's inbreakable habit of stealing, Eggman's arrogance

Friends: Amy and Cream (most times she's considered part of their circle), Rouge (to a degree), Shadow (she tries), Knuckles, Tails, Silver, Blaze, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Omega (acquaintance), Marine, Shade, Tikal, Chip, Sally, Rotor, Bunnie, Antoine, NICOLE, Cosmo, Chris, Mighty, Ran, Bean, Bark, Honey, Mina, Tiara, Jet, Wave, Storm (all of the previous three are allies to a degree), Scarlett (my OC-- their relationship is similar to Sonic and Tails's), Hawk (my OC-- their relationship is similar to Sonic and Knuckles's), Mirage (my OC), Sierra (my OC), Chase (my OC), Ariana (my OC), Martin (my OC)

Rivals: Shadow (she dislikes his stubbornness and he likewise), Hawk (friendly rivalry), Rouge (for unknown reasons), Sally (sometimes, if their opinions differ)

Enemies: Eggman (naturally), Scourge, Electra (her anti), Fiona, Rosy, Mephiles, Eggman NEGA, Metal Sonic, Metal Lightning (her mecha-anti); anyone else who is injust or evil

Crush: Shadow the Hedgehog

Crush on her: Shadow, Knuckles (possibly), Espio (possibly), Thunder (my OC), Jet (possibly), Sleet (possibly)

Team: Team Rush (she is the team leader)

Teammates: Hawk the Echidna, Scarlett the Fox

Musical instrument: She usually plays an electric guitar when performing with her Team Rush band, but she can also play the acoustic guitar and the trumpet fairly well.

Skills: Can control lightning, also can run at fairly speedy rates; Lightning Strike, Bolt Spin (a lightning-enhanced variation of the regular hedgehog Spin Attack), Storm Kick, Chaos Storm (requires Shadow), Wind Storm (requires Sonic). She can transform into her super form (Flashing Lightning), into a Dark Form (Dark Lightning-- not at will), a werehog form (only once), and a merhog form (only once). She has a human form, as well, but that form is a dark secret which even she does not know and cannot be summoned at will. She is also pretty flexible and acrobatic.

Weaknesses: Fear of heights, impulsiveness, short temper, stubborn will, slight gullibility

Ability type: Speed

Personality: Lightning is generally very laid-back and carefree, energetic and hardworking, reserved and silent (though unafraid to speak her mind). She is not afraid to take a challenge and is always on the lookout for new adventures or thrill, exploring the world every chance she gets; thus she has a severe dislike of boredom. She is also unafraid to allow her short temper to show whenever it appears injustice has been done, and will race off to the rescue immediately if one of her friends is in danger. Her strict, determined character comes from the way she was raised, having to spend several years fending for herself after being separated from her brother, but beneath her rough exgterior she is actually quite gentle and soft-hearted. She developed a sense of leadership and responsibility as being the eldest of her three other twin siblings. She is usually tomboyish and independent in nature, disliking things she would consider girly and having little or no interest in heavy romance. However, it is a tad obvious in the way she likes to look out for Shadow the Hedgehog that she may harbour certain romantic feelings for him. If so she is too proud to admit it openly.

Theme Song: "Anthem" by Superchick

Super Form Theme Song: "It's On" by Superchick

Dark Form Theme Song: "Beauty from Pain" by Superchick

Werehog Form Theme Song: "Me Against the World" by Superchick

Team Rush Theme Song: "Stand in the Rain" by Superchick

Theme Song with Shadow: "In Her Eyes" by Josh Groban

Voice Actor: Amy Birnbaum (voice of Adult Helen from Sonic X Season 3)

Alignment: Good

Name: Hawk the Echidna

Also known as: Hawk, Princess Hawk, Guardian of the Eighth Chaos Emerald, Keeper of the Eighth Chaos

Species: Echidna

Gender: Female

Height: 3’ 2’’

Weight: 75 lb.

Birthplace: The Floating Island (AKA Angel Island)

Birthday: September 13
Family: Knuckles (long-lost half-brother), Vapor (ShadicControl64’s FC—long-lost half-sister), Princess Alakita (deceased mother), Talon the Warrior (deceased father), Lock (deceased half-father), Basta (deceased evil brother). Her half-mother is unknown.

Age: 17

Fur: Purple

Skin: Light peach

Eyes: Periwinkle blue with flecks of lavender

Appearance: She looks like a regular echidna, with the same shiny black nose, zig-zag crooked echinda tail, and straight-down echidna quills. However, she bears a striking resemblance to Tikal the Echidna (possibly her mother reincarnated???), with the same hairstyle but a different headdress. Her headdress is brown and tan, bears the ancient hieroglyphics of her echidna clan marked all over it, and has a round gem the same color of her eyes in the centre of it.

Attire:A light lavender-purple top like Tikal’s (but without the golden necklace) that comes down from her chest and stops just before her stomach. She wears maroon-purple leggings and black open-toed sandals. She has gloves like Tikal’s but with purple bracelets to adorn her wrists. Wears a headdress in her hair that is somewhat like Tikal’s.

Interesting facts: She is the long-lost half-sister of Knuckles the Echidna. They shared the same mother, Princess Alakita of the Knuckles Clan, but had different fathers. Knuckles and Hawk were both born on Angel Island, but since their parents were from opposing clans, for protection their parents separated them. Knuckles stayed in the Knuckles Clan where he grew up training to guard the Master Emerald until his clan eventually died out. Hawk grew up separate on her own, since invading Nocturnus echidna warriors wiped out the rest of her Falcon Clan, and remained in solitude guarding the eighth Chaos Emerald, which had been the core of life support for the Falcon echidna clan, until Knuckles and his friends appear seeking out the Emerald which she protected.

Favorite food: Dates (from a palm tree)

Hobbies: Stamp-collecting (her darkest secret)
Likes: Fighting, winning, challenges, being better at something than Lightning (my FC), making fun of Lightning, making fun of Knuckles, teasing Knuckles about Rouge, Espio, stamp-collecting, rock music, Middle Eastern style music, the eighth Chaos Emerald, solitude, peace and quiet

Dislikes: Losing, losing to Knuckles or Lightning, being made fun of, being embarrassed, being humiliated in front of Espio, being annoyed

Friends: Knuckles, Rouge (to a degree), Sonic (to a degree), Espio, Vector, Charmy, Shade the Echidna, Lightning (my FC—inevitably best friends), Scarlett (my FC), Razor (my FC), Mirage (my FC)

Rivals: Lightning the Hedgehog (friendly rivalry), Knuckles the Echidna (brother-sister rivalry)
Enemies: Eggman, Imperator Ix the Echidna, Shadow (to an extent)

Crush: Espio

Crush on her: Espio (but he is uncertain)

Team: Team Rush

Teammates: Lightning the Hedgehog, Scarlett the Fox

Musical instruments: Drums

Skills: Strength (from her Knuckles Clan heritage), mind-reading ability (attained from the energy flow of the eighth Chaos Emerald), wit and trickery, Mind Control, Chaos Anomaly, Pyramid Punch, Chaos Control. She can go into Super Form with just the eighth Chaos Emerald, if necessary.

Weaknesses: Pride; an easily bruised ego. Her mind is somehow connected with the energy flow of the eighth Chaos Emerald, thus is anything were to happen to the eighth Emerald, she would be greatly weakened.

Ability type: Power

Personality: Hawk is very shrewd and clever, thanks to her Falcon Clan heritage, as the Falcon Clan echidnas were known for their skill in trickery and shrewdness. She is very clever and very cunning, sometimes almost manipulative, and has the ability to think up smart plans on the spot. Her sharp wit is almost fox-like, as Scarlett states it. She is proud and has an easily bruised ego, like Knuckles, but is not half as gullible as her half-brother. This is thanks to her keen ability to read minds, achieved from the bizarre mind connection she has with the eighth Chaos Emerald she guards. She is mischievous and crafty, almost to the point of acting childish with her pranks, were it not for her self-ordained law to never act immature. She has a bit of a sharp attitude and prefers to work alone, like the way Shadow likes to do things solo, but although she may act mysterious and withdrawn, she is good-hearted and can be relied upon to do the right thing if the time comes to defend justice. She also harbours secret romantic feelings for Espio the Chameleon, but when questioned about such she will immediately deny it and cover it up.

Theme Song: “Suddenly” by Superchick

Voice Actor: Bella Hudson (Molly, from Sonic X Season Three)

Alignment: Good

Name: Scarlett Samantha McIntire the Fox

Also known as: Scarlett, Red (common nickname), Scar (occasionally), Foxy (mean name)

Species: Vixen Fox

Gender: Female

Height: 2’ 9’’

Weight: 49 lb.

Birthplace: South Island

Age: 14

Family: Unknown
Fur: Strawberry pink/red

Muzzle/chest fur: White

Eyes: Rose pink

Appearance: She is a young vixen fox with two white-tipped tails like Tails. She is about as tall as Amy and as wiry as Blaze. She has a tuft of hair protruding from her forehead like Tails’s, but her hair is thicker and is swept to the side for a showy look. She also wears the lower part of her hair back tied in a red ribbon in a ponytail on the back of her head.

Attire: A loose, baggy red tank-top accessorized with a loose black belt and baggy sandy-brown carpenter pants. She wears thick black hiking boots and gloves like Tails’s.

Interesting facts: Scarlett grew up on South Island along with her good friend, Miles “Tails” Prower, who was her childhood best friend. The other children on the island made fun of Tails and Scarlett due to their unusual love of machinery and tinkering, and would often hold the two foxes back and then destroy their beloved machines. Tails and Scarlett were inseparable friends, but when Sonic arrived on the island, Tails decided to leave with the blue hedgehog and Scarlett never saw Tails after that. Until Lightning the Hedgehog (my FC), arrived accidentally in a crash landing on South Island. Scarlett rescued and nursed Lightning back to health, begging the yellow hedgehog to let her accompany her. Lightning was grateful for Scarlett’s help and agreed to allow Scarlett to come along on adventures, and from then on Scarlett and Lightning became best friends, establishing a sisterly relationship resembling the brotherly relationship Sonic and Tails shared. When Scarlett met Tails again a few years after that, she realized she had developed an irrepressible crush on the orange fox. She has set her heart on impressing Tails, much in the way Amy wants to impress Sonic, but Scarlett is not aware that a young red fox, Martin (my FC) just might also be in love with her.

Other: Scarlett is good friends with Lightning and Hawk (my FC), and they have formed a powerful team called Team Rush, which Lightning leads.

Favorite foods: Licorice

Hobbies: Flying, tinkering, engineering

Likes: Machines, tinkering, airplanes, flying, Tails, Martin (possibly), engineering, adventure, fun, being with her friends, peace, music

Dislikes: Mean people, when Tails ignores her advances, losing, messing up, failure, looking dumb, looking dumb in front of Tails, boredom, being left alone

Best friend: Lightning the Hedgehog

Friends: Lightning, Hawk (both are her best friends), Tails, Martin, Amy, Cream (to a degree), Shadow, Knuckles, Rouge, Mirage (my FC), most anyone else

Rivals: Cream the Rabbit (competiton for Tails), Cosmo the Seedrain (competition for Tails)

Enemies: Eggman, of course; Cosmo, anyone injust or mean

In love with: Tails

Loves her: Martin

Crush on her: Tails (possibly)

Team: Team Rush
Teammates: Lightning the Hedgehog, Hawk the Echidna

Musical instrument: Keyboard/piano (she’s very skilled at it)

Skills: Tails Flight (with her two tails), Tail Swipe, Underhand Flight, Deploy, Wrench, Tornado Deploy (requires Tails), Double Twister (requires Martin)

Weaknesses: She is somewhat self-conscious, always wanting to look her best, especially in front of Tails; thus, most often you will catch her playing with her hair fretfully or glancing at a mirror every so often. She means well, though.

Ability type: Flight

Personality: Scarlett is very caring, considerate, and thoughtful. She is gentle, optimistic, and carefree, bright-eyed and smart. She has the sharp wit of a fox, naturally, and has a innate skill when it comes to mechanics. She is a whiz at engineering and folks will often come to her if they need help repairing a machine. Scarlett loves adventure and freedom, and is always willing to help out her friends whenever injustice needs thwarting. However, her main weakness is her unrequited love for Tails, which she does not mean to sound obsessive but she does care for him. Tails may possibly have a small crush on her, but other than that he usually disregards her advances, which annoys Scarlett to no end. She is somewhat aware that Martin the Fox harbors certain affections for her, but she will not give up on Tails just yet.

Theme Song(s): “Paper Tigers” by Jaci Velasquez

Theme Song with Tails: “Wishes” by Superchick

Theme Song with Martin: “Never Knew I Needed” by Ne-Yo from Disney’s “Frog Princess”

Voice Actor: Kerry Williams (Adult Francis, from Sonic X Season Three)

Alignment: Good

Name: Mirage the Chameleon

Also known as: Mirage, Master Mirage (only by her inferior ninja teammates), Keeper of the Dragon Spirit

Species: Chameleon

Gender: Female

Height: 3’ 5’’

Weight: 56.7 lb.

Birthplace: Rainbow Valley

Age: 16

Family: Espio (cousin). She has a mother who is the leader of her ninja clan and is to this day known simply as “Master”.
Skin: Light wisteria-purple

Muzzle/chest skin: Light tan

Eyes: Silver

Appearance: She looks like your average chameleon—horn on the forehead, though hers is unusually golden, spiraled tail, and straight-back spikes. She is taller than Sonic but does not appear so because of her thin body frame.

Attire: She wears a tight, form-fitting black ninja outfit which looks more like Shade the Echidna’s outfit (but without the glowing pink/purple Nocturnus symbols), which she sometimes accompanies with a mask, and thick black shoes. Her gloves are like Espio’s, but with golden studs on the cuffs of them.

Interesting facts: Mirage is descended from a powerful, mystic ninja clan which dwelled in the Rainbow Valley. Her cousin is Espio the Chameleon, who lived in an ally clan nearby Mirage’s clan. Mirage’s mother is the leading ninja in her secret clan, but Mirage never knew her personally; everyone simply referred to Mirage’s mother as “Master”. It is uncertain whether or not Mirage is aware of the fact that the “master” is her own mother. Mirage left the valley and her clan in search of greater purpose, as ordered by the Master. She encountered some attacking robots, from which she was defended and saved by a spry yellow hedgehog who introduced herself as Lightning (my FC). Mirage was offered to join up with Lightning and her team to defend justice from the grasp of the wicked Dr. Eggman, but Mirage refused and went her own way. She later met up with Eclipse the Wolf and Will the Wolf (my FCs), and formed her own team with them, creating Team Wave. Mirage occasionally helps out Lightning’s team, Team Rush, but mostly prefers to do things her way and thus does not often get involved with the others. Mirage was named so because of her innate chameleon ability to turn invisible, and also due to her unique ghosting powers, which was only attributed from her distinct clan heritage.

Favorite foods: Sushi

Hobbies: Karate, kung fu, tai chi, yoga, zen, ying-and-yang (she embraces Chinese heritage along with her Japanese heritage)

Likes: Karate, sushi, ninja-related things, her ninja heritage, adventure, defending justice, kicking butt in battle, winning, beating Espio in battle, teasing Espio

Dislikes: Losing, losing to Espio, looking weak, losing face, injustice, Eggman (she dislikes him even more than most would; it is unsaid as to why)

Friends: Lightning, Hawk, Scarlett (my FCs), Espio, Sonic, Knuckles, Vector, Charmy, Cream, Amy, Shade, Rouge (to a degree), Blaze, Silver, Shadow

Rivals: Rouge the Bat (don’t ask me why :rolleyes:), Espio the Chameleon (though he’s her cousin, she finds him annoying)

Enemies: Eggman, anyone injust

Crush: Unknown

Crush on her: Unknown

Team: Team Wave (she’s the team leader)
Teammates: Eclipse the Wolf, Will the Wolf

Musical instrument: Electric guitar

Skills: Invisibility, Ghosting Powers, speed, trickery, Karate Chop, Swipe Kick

Weaknesses: Easily bruised ego

Ability type: Speed

Personality: Mirage is sometimes very proud and standoffish, but she has a good heart and will defend justice to the end. She is inevitably close friends with her Team Wave teammates Eclipse and Will, but is sometimes unwilling to get to know anyone else as she finds giving loyalties to too many people risky. She has a bit of rivalry with her cousin, Espio, mostly because he is slightly younger than her and she tends to view him as an annoying little brother. She dislikes Eggman severely, as does Espio, and no one really understands why. Mirage keeps most of her feelings bottled up, but if she feels close to you and that she can trust you, she will open up to you. She once revealed to her teammates that Eggman was the reason she was alone in the world, but when they questioned further, Mirage would not respond. Mirage is very mysterious and reserved, but has a strong sense of justice all the same and would fight evil to the end if necessary.

Theme Song(s): “Machine” by Josh Groban

Voice Actor: Judy Kuhn (Pocahontas, from the Disney movie of the same name)

Alignment: Good

Name: Sierra Rose the Hedgehog

Also known as: Sierra, Daughter of Speed, Si-Si (affectionate term only used occasionally by family members), Annoying Brat (by Eggman only), Princess Sierra (used by Queen Aleena and members of the royal cabinet only), The Young Rose, That-Meddling-Hedgehog-Just-Like-Her-Father (by Eggman only-- XD)

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Female

Height: 2' 11''

Weight: 44 lb.

Birthplace: Christmas Island

Family: Sonic (father), Amy (mother), Queen Aleena (grandmother), Jules "Yuji" the First (deceased grandfather), Emerl (foster "brother", at one point), Dash (younger brother in an alternate future), Sonia (younger sister in an alternate future), Sally (younger sister in an alternate future), Andy (younger brother in an alternate future), Shadow (uncle), Lightning (aunt), Bolt (cousin), Maria (cousin), Molly (cousin in an alternate future), Manic (uncle), Sally (aunt), Panic (cousin), Eloise (cousin), Ricky (cousin in an alternate future), Jam (cousin in an alternate future), Sonia (aunt), Espio (uncle in an alternate future)

Age: She is 14 canonically, and is 9 and 17 in alternate futures.

Fur: Lavender / blue-and-pink

Skin: Light peach

Eyes: Emerald-green

Appearance: She is a lean, wiry lavender-purple hedgehog. Her eyes are emerald-green and her nose is black and long like her father, but her quills are arranged like Amy's. Instead of having bangs like Amy, though, she has magenta hair on the top of her head like Sonia's. The tips of her quills are streaked with blue and pink, while the quills themselves are ultimately longer than Amy's, being around echidna-quill length.

Attire: She wears a dark magenta sleeveless, fitting top somewhat like Sonia's, with a slight V-neck, but she has denim-blue jeans. She wears violet-purple running sneakers with golden buckles and high heels, and has stereotypical white gloves with sock-like cuffs.

Interesting facts / Backstory: She comes from a future about 20 years ahead of Mobius present time, where most of the Sonic Team has settled down and started families. Although being present in several alternate futures similar, Sierra's canon future lands her as the sole daughter and only child thus far of Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose. When she was seven years old, a huge disaster befell her home; a raid by Eggman, who had joined forces with a mysterious antagonist. Sonic and Amy, along with the other members of the Sonic Team, were killed trying to stop the chaos, and Sierra was left alone. Thankfully, though, she was not alone; the other team members' children had been orphaned as well. Thusly, Sierra and her friends teamed up to create a time machine which would transport them into the past (Sonic's present time). When she arrived with her friends in Sonic's time seeking the Chaos Emeralds to save her devastated world, she was just a shy 14-year-old who only wanted her parents but was unable to reveal the truth of her identity to residents of her time's past. She later was able to bond with her father in his 15-year-old self, and their friendship began to mold Sierra back into the headstrong, adventurous young girl she had been before her parents died. Two of the other separate futures has her in different situations; in one she is a curious 9-year-old dreaming to follow in her father's footsteps, and in the other she is a 17-year-old struggling to make her mark on the world, with her younger brother Dash and her two younger sisters Sonia and Sally, who are not present in the other two futures. Her main love interest would be Ash the Cat, the son of Silver and Blaze, who has a crush on Sierra similar to Amy's crush on Sonic.

Favorite food: Chilidogs (naturally); fried chicken (favourite random food)

Hobbies: Running, skateboarding, surfing, sports

Likes: Adventure, a challenge, Ash (secretly), fun, a good joke, being with the ones she loves, peace, happiness, freedom

Dislikes: Being abandoned or feeling abandoned, the thought of her parents being lost forever, losing, Mitchell, Dexter, injustice, chaos, unending grief and sorrow, frustration

Friends: Bolt and Maria (Shadow and Lightning's future children), Vain and Opal (Knuckles and Rouge's future children), Seamus and Darla (Tails and Cream's future children), Ash and Ember (Silver and Blaze's future children), Blizzard and Melody (Jet and Wave's future children), Panic and Eloise (Manic and Sally's future children), Coral (Charmy and Marine's future children), Misty and Jacob (Espio's future children in an alternate future), Jan and Ashley (Martin and Scarlett's future children), Akira, The Wise Old Owl

Rivals: Opal; Eloise (both of which are friendly rivalries)

Enemies: Dexter, Mitchell, Eggman; any injust person

Crush: Ash (secretly)

Crush on her: Ash; Blizzard (possibly?)

Team: Team Sprint

Teammates: Opal the Bat, Maria Serenity Hedgehog

Skills: Spin Dash, Spin Attack, Homing Attack, Piko-Piko Hammer, super speed, Super Transformation

Weaknesses: Hydrophobia (to a degree)

Personality: Because of the grief she endured in childhood, Sierra will seem shy and quiet at first glance. However, once she warms up to someone, her true personality will shine through. She is friendly and humourous, loving to joke around and sometimes trying good-natured pranks on someone. She is creative and energetic, loves colorful, bright things, and harbours an intense love for speed and freedom, which she received from spending many hours together with her father, with whom she is very close. She hates anything injust or wrong and does her best to emulate her father's courage to snuff out all forms of evil. When provoked she becomes very irate, receiving her short temper from her mother AND her father, and often will summon the hammer her mother gave her if someone decides to challenge her. Otherwise, she is caring, gentle, and usually very understanding. She is close with all her friends and is unable to leave anyone, whether it be a friend or foe, in danger.

Theme Song: "We Live" by Superchick, "When Love Takes You In" by Steven Curtis Chapman

Theme Song with Sonic: "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman

Voice Actor: Jessica DiCicco (the voice of Malina, from Disney's "The Emperor's New School")


"I'm Sierra. Sierra Rose the Hedgehog!"

"What, you kidding me?!"

"I can't help you decide your future, Sonic. Only you are in control of that."

Alignment: Good

And now, since I have yet to provide Chase's bio and Ariana's bio (I'm still working on their design), I'll just provide a list of all of my OCs.

1.) Lightning the Hedgehog (female)

2.) Hawk the Echidna (female)

3.) Scarlett Samantha McIntire the Fox (female)

4.) Mirage the Chameleon (female)

5.) Sierra Rose the Hedgehog (female)

6.) Chase Rose Hedgehog (female)

7.) Martin the Fox (male)
8.) Dexter Tiberius Hedgehog the Third (male)

9.) Thunder the Hedgehog (male)

10.) Twilight the Wolf (female)

11.) Will the Wolf (male)

12.) Ephemeral the Chameleon (female)

13.) Kobalt the Hedgehog (male)

14.) Razor the Echidna (male)

15.) Tigerlily the Echidna (female)

16.) Meriweather the Echidna (female)

17.) Hank the Hedgehog (male)

18.) Metal Lightning (female robot)

19.) Metal Hawk (female robot)

20.) Metal Scarlett (female robot)

21.) Metal Mirage (female robot)

22.) Jasmine the Cat (female)

23.) Andre Rose (male)

24.) Talitha Rose (female)

25.) Electra the Hedgehog (female anti)

26.) Kestrel the Echidna (female anti)

27.) Ruby the Fox (female anti)

28.) Vapor the Chameleon (female anti)

29.) Linda the Hedgehog (female anti)

30.) Winifred Hedgehog (female anti)

31.) Kimberly Marina Thorndyke (female)

32.) Bolt the Hedgehog (male)

33.) Maria Serenity Hedgehog (female)

34.) Seamus the Fox (male)

35.) Darla the Rabbit (female)

36.) Vain the Echidna (male)

37.) Opal the Bat (female)
38.) Ash the Cat (male)

39.) Ember the Hedgehog (female)

40.) Blizzard the Hawk (male)

41.) Melody the Swallow (female)

42.) Panic the Hedgehog (male)

43.) Eloise the Chipmunk (female)

44.) Jan McIntire the Fox (female)
45.) Ashley McIntire the Fox (female)
46.) Mitchell Acorn Tiberius Hedgehog the Second (male)

47.) Niko (female robot)

48.) Coco (female robot)

49.) Dash the Hedgehog (male)
50.) Sonia Rose the Hedgehog (female)
51.) Sally Rose the Hedgehog (female)
52.) Talitha Rose the Hedgehog (female)

53.) Andre the Hedgehog (male)

54.) Marina Tyler (female)

55.) Akira Shogukakan Chihiro Hedgehog (female)

56.) Misty the Echidna (female)

57.) Jacob the Chameleon (male)

58.) Coral the Raccoon (female)

59.) Liam the Cat (male)

60.) Henna the Raccoon (female)

61.) Terry the Platypus (male)

62.) Doli the Badger (male)
63.) Setter the Hedgebat (female)
64.) Heather the Fox (female)

65.) Holly the Cat (female)

66.) Hazel the Raccoon (female)

67.) Ariana the Hedgehog (female)

68.) Milady Fox (female)

69.) Light the Hedgehog (medieval/fantasy version of Lightning)

70.) Ciaran Rose the Hedgehog (medieval/fantasy version of Sierra)

71.) The Wise Old Owl (male)

72.) Stuckey (male)

73.) Zenith the Hedgehog (female)

74.) Nadir the Echidna (male)

75.) Meridian the Fox (male)

76.) Equinox the Rabbit (male)

77.) Quasar the Chameleon (male)

78.) Solstice the Bat (female)

79.) Mir the Cat (female)

80.) Kevin the Ferret (male)

81.) Redd Fox (male)

82.) Dark the Hedgehog (female)

83.) Andrew R. Hedgehog (male)

84.) Hope Serenity Hedgehog (female)

85.) Ken Acorn (male)

86.) Ferrell the Hedgehog (male)

87.) Ricky the Hedgehog (female)

88.) Silvia the Cat (female)

89.) Enya O'Toole (female)

90.) Mercedes McBride the Fox (female)

As you can see, I have more than enough OCs... Heh.

And now, on to every Sonic fanatic's favourite topic-- well, Sonic himself. xP

Favourite Sonic Game ~

Sonic Unleashed. Definitely. It wasn't the first Sonic game I ever played (because I'd been playing the classic SEGA Genesis games ever since I was a little kid), but it was the one that started my obsession. I mean, at first it was kinda scary because I was like, "WTF? Sonic just turned into some abnormal hairy beast... O.o", but I started getting the hang of it after a while of playing. Chip was so cute. And so good for comic relief. I have the Wii version, but I heard that in the PlayStation version of the game you can feed Chip chocolate and he'll tell you all sorts of random things... Including teasing Sonic about having a certain crush. *cough*

Speaking of which, did you know that the game was also the one to have gotten me interested in the pairing of Sonic and Amy? Because before the game, I had hated Amy. For one thing, she came off as annoying and controlling, and for another, she seemed like a threat for Sonic (back then I had a crush on Sonic... *headdesk*). But when I saw the part where she showed up out of nowhere in Spagonia, glomped Sonic, and then ran off because she didn't recognise him, and Sonic was visibly depressed, the thought entered my mind that he may have liked her after all. To this day I am unsure of whether or not he was just afraid of having scared her off with his ghastly appearance or he was actually upset because she didn't recognise him, but my first impression was that he was upset because she ran off. Even Chip could see that Sonic wasn't too happy... And then later, there was the part that showed Sonic rescuing Amy and the other townspeople. I saw him helping her especially, lifting her to her feet, but before she could turn and actually acknowledge him, he ran off. I'm still finding the unknown reason he ran off baffling and somewhat amusing... Oh yeah, and I also saw a playthrough of the PS2 version that Amy asked him if he would finally take her out on a date, and that the player is given the choice to say yes or no. Although the "yes" is optional (and the reaction from Amy is just so hilarious XD), it can be assumed that he probably did say yes, because the following game, Sonic and the Black Knight, showed that he and Amy had mutually agreed to go on a date. Too bad he had to save Camelot and miss it.

Getting back to the point, the rest of Sonic Unleashed was freakin' awesome. The day levels were a bit more difficult, because if you ran by too swiftly you might miss certain items lying around the level setup, but the night levels were righteous. Playing as Were-Sonic was so much fun; you got to beat up on the baddies... XD What also helped, uniquely, during the werehog levels, is that you could get stronger. For real. I mean, you swing the remote here and there and you exercise your muscles thusly. Weird, right?

Favourite Sonic Characters (Top Five) ~

Shadow the Hedgehog:

He's just so cool. He's dark and mysterious. He's also kind of annoying, with his little attitude about not wanting to talk to anyone, but aside from that, he's just one righteous character. Plus he's had a sad past. I can relate to that myself, so yeah. Shadow just seems like one of the most misunderstood of all the Sonic characters. It's hard not to feel sorry for him, especially if you know what it's like to lose your best friend. And besides... he's cute. xP

Knuckles the Echidna:

He is awesome! =D He's tough, strong, and doesn't take lip from nobody. Sure, he's a bit short-tempered (uh... a BIT? XD), but his heart is in the right place and he knows when to place duty before pleasure. He's always been one of the ones that impresses me anyway, because of his amazing ability to withstand outer forces. Of course, he could just be hardheaded, but he just seems to repel all forces coming against him and pushes on no matter what. I admire that.

Espio the Chameleon:

He's mysterious. And so smart. I admire his courage and cunning. Yeah, he's a bit full of himself, but he's pretty dang clever. Actually, I kinda feel sorry for the dude sometimes, with him always having to put up with Vector's antics and Charmy's wild ideas, but it never ceases to amaze me how he manages to keep sanity between the both of them. Espio has always been a character that stood out to me. Wonder why few people tend to think of him...?

Chip / Light Gaia:

All right, this little guy is just too cute. And he is HILARIOUS. I just love his trademark quote: "Want some chocolate?" He says it with such a tempting tone. (Almost makes me want some chocolate. XD) He's kinda shy and maybe a tad on the goofy side, but so am I. IDK, maybe it's the goofy characters I fall for, 'cause they're similar to me... XD

Sir Charles Hedgehog / Uncle Chuck:

I have no idea. Don't ask why, but I just love him. He's just... so awesome! =D He's smart, caring, and hey, he's Sonic's uncle. It really disappointed me when Robotnik had him roboticised, but at least he came back later on! Usually I don't like most of the comic or SatAM characters, but I don't know. Uncle Chuck is just so cool. He makes me wish he was my uncle~...

Favourite Sonic Couples~

Top Favourites~~~

Sonic and Amy (SonAmy):

Well, it kinda just makes sense to me. Amy was the first female character ever in the games. And also, she's pink while Sonic's blue. Some people try to use that as an excuse why Amy DOESN'T match with Sonic, but haven't you ever noticed? Pink is usually designated for the female gender, while blue goes for the males. Pink and blue... girl and boy... Amy and Sonic. That makes sense to me. And besides, lately we've been seeing a lot of hinting from SEGA that Sonic may be developing certain feelings for Amy in the game continuity, although it's not enough proof that definitely say that Sonic likes her. I know Amy's a bit obsessive, but she's proven to him before that she DOES care about him, not just in an obsessive way but in... well, you know, a loving way. The way that says, "hey, I care about you, I don't want anything bad to happen to you, even if you may not like me". I've also heard rumours that in America SEGA is planning to make SonAmy canon... but that's just a rumour. There's also another catch about this couple, though... even if Sonic does care about Amy, he's probably not going to work up any courage to ask her to be his girl anytime soon. That's just not like Sonic, he's too carefree to want to give up his freedom to settle down with a girl. (That's what ruined the comics, the way they were constantly pushing Sonic to have a girl.) It would also kinda ruin the games if there was too romance... But I guess it might be a tad too late for that. It's heavily hinted that Sonic may indeed care about her, although we'll never know if he likes Amy and especially not in the way she loves him.

Knuckles and Rouge (Knuxouge):

Lately, this has become my second favourite couple. It is also another couple that makes sense to me. Knuckles is a serious guardian, and Rouge is a flirty thief. Match made in heaven. XD All right, I'm joking here, but seriously. I believe on an official SEGA website it said that Rouge does like Knuckles. We can see it in the way she flirts with him (I know you say she flirts with any available guy... but clearly not as much as she likes to flirt with Knuckles). And even though she may be just trying to manipulate her way into stealing the Master Emerald, I'm thinking Knuckles is falling for her too. As much as he tries to deny it, calling her "that bat" and "that thief", we can still see him sweating or blushing when she flirts with him. (It's more obvious in Sonic X but you can see in the games too if you pay close attention). There was also that brief moment in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (I think that's what it was called), when Knuckles saved Rouge from falling into the lava and they shared an intimate moment gazing into each other's eyes. Now, I thought it was kinda funny the way Rouge jerked her hand back and tried to growl that he just wanted to hold her hand, but she lookedd so flustered. And Knuckles... well, poor guy. All he could mumble was, "I'm sorry if I hurt you", and run off with his Emerald. But, unbeknownst to the echidna, as he ran off, Rouge casts that knowing smile over her shoulder... XD Yeah. She enjoys playing with his head sometimes, but there's this quiet relationship they have that neither are overly willing to explore. I can definitely see this couple happening, explaining why it's my second favourite.

Tails and Cream (Tailsream):

A lot of people say this couple only exists in fanfiction. That's probably true, because canonically, no one has ever seen proof that they share romantic feelings, and likely never will see proof. Cream is 6 and Tails is 9. They are kind of too young to be getting into deep romance at the moment. But somehow... I get this feeling that they a romance may develop between them in a near future, when they are older. It could be assumed, as Tails is like Sonic's little brother and Cream is like Amy's little sister, and if Sonic and Amy begin to like each other, Tails and Cream might follow likewise. Their personalities also match up nicely. Tails is docile and clever, and Cream is innocent and sweet. I used to be a bit more firm in this couple but it's slid down to about third place in my favourites.

Shadow and Maria (Shadria):

Hmm. It's sort of on the median between brother-sister relationship and romantic interest. Since Maria was human, I would say it was a brother-sister relationship. However, had it been that Shadow and Maria spent more time together on the ARK, their relationship COULD have developed a bit further, possibly deepening to romantic feelings. Maria seemed to be the only light in Shadow's life at the time. She was his only friend and confident. Shadow looked to her as a source of comfort and companionship. He may have considered being more than friends with her. However, we'll likely never know, since she was only twelve at that time and she ended up dying...

Jet and Wave (Jetave):

Definitely a favourite. I could see it happening. Wave's older and a tad more mature than Jet is, but it kind of reminds me of the relationship between Knuckles and Rouge. Jet likes to think he's the leader, when Wave's actually the smartest one there. Since we don't see Jet or Wave in very many games, it can't be directly assumed that they have mutual affection. But I would think the couple could work out, just considerin'. That may just be me, though. I'm not entirely sure, as I haven't exactly played the Sonic Riders games (yet...) ^^;

Silver and Blaze (Silvaze):

Absolutely. I mean, they were obviously placed together for a reason. Silver is a time-traveling hedgehog, and Blaze is a princess from another dimension. Although the events of Sonic '06 were erased and Blaze was sent to another dimension and they don't seem to remember each other as of now, I could still see the couple working out. Even though their closely-knitted relationship was displaced to the mists of time, you can still see them teaming up. He's from the future; she's from another dimension. Psychokinesis and pyrokinesis... Well, to me, it just matches up. Silver's a bit naive, but Blaze's strict personality can play off that. She can teach him to be a bit more mature, and he can teach her to let up and have a bit more fun.

Manic and Sally (ManSal):

Well... I don't know. I mean, it's a favourite, even though it's not a couple implied in the games. (Because neither are in the games.) But since I don't really support Sonic and Sally, and if Sonic goes with Amy, then who will Sally go with? And Manic doesn't seem to have anyone. Sooooo... Why not? After all, their personalites seem to match up. Both are really good at tech know-how. They could help each other work out their problems, too. Somehow it appeals to me, don't ask why.

Sonic and Blaze (Sonaze):

This wasn't a definite favourite before, but recently I've developed an interest in the pairing. There seemed to be minor implications in the two games Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure. In Sonic Rush they held hands and shared an intimate moment staring into each others eyes before Blaze had to leave. And in both games they seemed to be a sort of team. Although initially I'm thinking Blaze is more of an alternate dimension female counterpart for Sonic, and I still prefer SonAmy and Silvaze, I could really see this couple happening. Were it not for the former two couples. I don't know, I just really have begun to love it...

Silver and Amy (SilvAmy):

Heh, don't know. But since I've recently gotten interested in Sonic and Blaze, I was trying to think of who else Amy would fit with. It's kinda impossible to think of who else BESIDES Sonic she'd go with, seein' as how Sonic's the only guy she's ever loved, but I was thinking maybe Silver could fit. Their personalities are similar to certain degrees-- they're both slightly naive and impulsive. And they made a decent team in Sonic '06, before Amy found out Silver was attempting to kill her love, that is. Aside from that I could POSSIBLY see the couple happening. It just depends...

Okay Couples~~~

Charmy and Marine (Charmarine):

Makes sense to me. Both are two of the most hyper Sonic kids ever, and both tend to annoy their teammates. I haven't seen hardly ANY interaction between them in the games... Do they even know each other? But aside from that, it does make sense to me. Their personalites match up beautifully. IDK. Simply appeals to me.

Shadow and Sonia (Shadonia):

Ehm... So-so. I like it because they look cute together, but do their personalites match well? Shadow is a lonely drifter, and Sonia is a pampered princess. Hmm... It could work. Maybe. I like the idea because they both have motorcycles and because Sonia is Sonic's sister, maybe that's another reason for opposites to attract, because Shadow and Sonic are rivals. But anyways, maybe those are lame reasons. Don't know. As I've said before, this couple simply appeals to me.

Shadow and Tikal (Shadikal):

There's probably little chance this couple could work out. It's not likely Shadow could be able to agree to Tikal's pacifist philosophy. For example, the Shadow the Hedgehog game... had lots of violence. Tikal was a peacemaker. She probably would dislike Shadow's sharp view on how to tackle things in life. However, this could be a reason why they might match up... Opposites attract. And anyways, the several pictures I've seen of the two together were cute, thusly getting me interested in this couple, whether or not it's a sensible match.

Vector and Vanilla (Vectnilla):

Well, it would seem Vector has a certain interest in her. It's not as evident in the games (as far as I've seen, there's nothing...), but you can clearly see him blushing upon talking to her in Sonic X. And why else would she keep calling on him to solve her mysteries or look for Cream?...

Knuckles and Shade (Knuxade):

I'm not as overly interested in this couple, considering I'm more of a Knuxouge fan, but I can see it happening. They both seemed to respect each other during the gameplay of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Although respect and affection are two different things entirely. Rouge seemed jealous of Shade. Of course, that does not imply that Knuckles had feelings for Shade. If I didn't prefer Knuxouge I would definitely say this couple could happen. However, Shade has only been featured in one game thus far, a game that was not even done by Sonic Team... so it might not be considered canon.

Shadow and Rouge (Shadouge):

Rouge did seem to show affection for him slightly. She did mention that she would never leave his side in... Sonic '06, was it? And besides that they are close friends and good teammates. Who's to say their friendship wouldn't develop into more? I think in a official SEGA manual/website it was stated that Rouge liked both Knuckles AND Shadow. Shadow might not return her feelings, but as far as I can see, he does care for her-- as a friend, that is. Maybe it could go further. Who knows.

Tails and Cosmo (Tailsmo):

I actually used to hate this one because I preferred Tailsream, but, meh, I've gotten used to it. There was some pretty deep romantic scenes during Sonic X. And didn't it mention somewhere in the Japanese version of the anime that Tails DID love her? Sadly, Cosmo is gone... Maybe she'll return. Maybe not. If I only knew.

Tails and Marine (Tairine):

Recently, as I developed interests in Sonaze and SilvAmy, this has come along as well. Tails would be a decent match for Tails. It would indeed take someone very laid back to deal with Marine's randomness (either that or someone as random as herself), and Tails seems to fit the bill. Also, Marine seems to be Blaze's sidekick while Tails is Sonic's sidekick. Might be a minor implication, but who knows? It appeals to me.

Couples I'm Getting Used To... ~~~

Sonic and Sally (SonSal):

... Meh, I still don't like it as much as I prefer Sonic and Amy, but I don't hate it either. I used to be a real anti-SonSal person, but I've grown to respect it a bit more. I certainly won't try to argue with you or flame you simply because you like that couple, either. I just don't like it as much as some people seem to do. SonSal was pretty much canon in the SatAM American tv show, but that show is now long gone and forgotten. As for the comics, they were intended to continue what had been left off in the SatAM, and Archie has ever said that Sonic and Sally may possibly marry in an alternate future. That's just ONE possible future, though. And the way things have been going lately... Well, they keep breaking up, getting back together, breaking up, getting back to-- well, that's just not fun at all. It's like, will you please make up your mind? And then Archie wants to kill Sally off because "Sonic was getting too romantic with her"?... Meh. The couple just confuses me. But I'll deal with it, if I must, I guess...

Couples I Dislike ~~~

Don't really care for any yaoi or yuri couples, like SonicxShadow or KnucklesxShadow or AmyxRouge or VanillaxCream or junk like that... And I do not support fanfics that have stuff like that, like lemons or homosexuality or anything disgusting of the sort. That's not the way it should be. If you don't agree with me, then I'm sorry for you...

FCxOC Couples of Mine ~~~

Sonic and Chase (Sonase)

Shadow and Lightning (ShadLight)

Silver and Ariana (SilvAri)

Espio and Hawk (Espiawk/Hawspio)

My Stories ~


Most of my stories are either on hiatus or I've probably decided to cancel them. The ones that are on hiatus are marked in italics. Other stories that have been neglected but are not marked as on hiatus are probably indeed on hiatus. I have Writer's Block right now, so... T^T (Also some summaries are weak. If so then I'll probably rewrite 'em when I post them here on FF.Net.) Also (XD) some stories have blanks for titles. Means I have yet to think of one. -_-'' Same for the summaries, I still think of those as well.

I'll Never Forget You
Shadow's Light (being rewritten and retitled as "In Her Eyes")

I Won't Say I'm In Love

Holding On To Fire


Worlds Apart

Upcoming Stories

Strangers Like Me ~

Loosely based on Disney's "Tarzan". A plane crash on Angel Island finds Sonic being brought up among a tribe of echidnas. As the sole hedgehog on the island, he must find a way to prove himself to the others. But what happens when strangers from beyond the sea enter the scene, and they all happen to be hedgehogs as he is?

Paths of the Mist ~

Sierra Rose is the headstrong young daughter of Sonic the Hedgehog who dreams of one day following in her father's footsteps. But when dark secrets of the past begin to arise, Sierra alone can choose her own fate.

Endless Possibility ~

Sonic thought his days as a werehog was over when Chip resealed himself and Dark Gaia back inside the planet. Boy, was he wrong! Contains a little SonAmy and ShadLight (ShadowxOC).

Sonic Clash ~

As usual, Eggman is up to no good, and it's up to Sonic to stop him. But when a fierce female yellow hedgehog set on revenge enters the scene, it turns into a giant clash only Sonic the Hedgehog could fix! Stars Sonic and an OC.

The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk ~

The last echidna... or so he thought. Myths of a legendary Chaos Emerald are proved true, and a furious female purple echidna reveals herself as its guardian. The two must team up to prevent pure chaos, and in the end, a message from the past will reveal ALL.

Can't Help Falling in Love With You ~

Hawk, the guardian of the eighth Chaos Emerald, has fallen in love with a certain chameleon and is struggling to hold her feelings back. Meanwhile, Espio suffers confusion of his own... EspioxOC.

Sonic Clash 2 ~

A few months have passed, and Lightning has learned to befriend the other Freedom Fighters. At the same time, mysterious appearances of a green hedgehog and a magenta hedgehog have been rumoured. Sonic and his sister set out on another adventure.

Sonic Clash 3 ~

Now that Sonic and his other twins have been found, all seems content again. But there is a final member of their family still missing... Will the prophecy of the Council of Five ever be fulfilled?

Bella Notte ~

Set in the storyline of the M&L RPGs. While fending off an attack by Bowser on Peach Castle, Luigi and his brother meet a feisty young lady named Bella. She is only concerned in fulfilling her goals, but will bonds strengthen between Green 'Stache and the blue lady? Fawful seems to have plans of his own... LuigixOC.

(Unnamed) ~

On a stormy night while trying to plot ways to destroy Darkwing, Bushroot meets and falls in love with a young lady named Mira. Mira agrees to team up with her newfound lover to get revenge, but they underestimate the cunning of the daring Darkwing Duck!

Sonic the Hedgehog Meets Darkwing Duck ~

An electrical glitch and Chaos Control warp Darkwing and Sonic's two worlds together. Can our two heroes learn to put aside their differences and work together to stop the Fearsome Five and Eggman combined? Two OCs will be involved in this story.

(Unnamed) ~

Thirteen years after the events of the movie, Lisa, the adventurous daughter of Tarzan and Jane, lives life in the jungle with her parents and pals. But when her mother is kidnapped and Tarzan sets out with orders to lay low, it's up to Lisa to save the fate of her mother and the entire jungle itself.

(Unnamed) ~

Blue - black. Green-- red. Smile-- scowl. Such is the relationship of Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog; everything opposes. But what happens when the two hedgehogs must switch places for a week? Will one finally learn to accept the other? And what happens when Eggman gets involved? Only our heroes can decide for themselves!

The Secret Heart ~ (Sonic fanfic)

Burning Love ~ (Silvaze fanfic)

Fatal Decisions ~ (ShadowxLightning fanfic, co-author with flora222.)

A Sonic Christmas Carol ~ (Sonic fanfic, obviously =P)

Beauty from Pain ~ (ShadLight fanfic)

Wishes ~ (ShadLight fanfic)

Dark Before the Morning ~ (Shadria fanfic)

Even Roses Have Thorns ~ (SonAmy fanfic)

Right Back Where We Started ~ (ManSal fanfic)

The Seven Roses ~ (SonAmy fanfic, with ManSal included)

A Light In The Darkness ~ (Tailsmo vs. Tailsream fanfic)

Anytime You Need A Friend ~ (Amy and Sally friendship fanfic)

Unnamed ~ (Tailsream fanfic)

Separate Ways ~ (SonicxChase fanfic)


Sonic and Amy stood on a balcony alone. Amy was scared but she began asking because she felt she had to know

"Sonic, do I ever cross your mind?"


"Do you like me?"


"Do you want me?"


"Would you cry if I left?"


"Would you live for me?"


"Would you do anything for me?"


"Choose -- Me or your life."

"My life."

Amy, feeling like she wants to cry, begins to run off when suddenly Sonic's hand grabbed her wrist. She turns to tell him to let go but then he smirked and spoke

"The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind."

Amy's eyes widened at this statement and as Sonic wraps his arms around her and continues speaking

"The reason why I don't like you is because I love you."

"The reason why I don't want you is because I need you."

"The reason why I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left."

"The reason why I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you."

"The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you."

"The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life."

Amy starts to grin as she returns the embrace crying from happiness.

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A teenage girl about 17 had gone to visit some friends one evening and time passed quickly as each shared their various experiences of the past year.She ended up staying longer than planned, and had to walk home alone. She wasn't afraid because it was a small town and she lived only a few blocks away.

As she walked along under the tall elm trees, she asked God to keep her safe from harm and danger.When she reached the alley, which was a short cut to her house, she decided to take it.However, halfway down the alley she noticed a man standing at the end as though he were waiting for her.She became uneasy and began to pray, asking for God's protection.Instantly a comforting feeling of quietness and security wrapped round her, she felt as though someone was walking with her.

When she reached the end of the alley, she walked right past the man and arrived home safely.

The following day, she read in the newspaper that a young girl had been raped in the same alley just twenty minutes after she had been there.Feeling overwhelmed by this tragedy and the fact that it could have been her, she began to cry.Thanking the Lord for her safety and to help this young woman, she decided to go to the police station.

She felt she could recognize the man, so she told them her story.The police asked her if she would be willing to look at a lineup to see if she could identify him.She agreed and immediately pointed out the man she had seen in the alley the night before.When the man was told he had been identified, he immediately broke down and confessed.

The officer thanked her for her bravery and asked if there was anything they could do for her.She asked if they would ask the man one question.She was curious as to why he had not attacked her.

When the policeman asked him, he answered, "Because she wasn't alone. She had two tall men walking on either side of her."

You're never alone...

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In Her Eyes reviews
Shadow, under the control of Dr. Eggman, has been given a mission to kill Sonic. His only care is to fulfill Maria's desire, but can a certain high-spirited girl change his mind? ShadowxOC. Don't like it? Don't review.
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