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Author has written 6 stories for Durarara!!/デュラララ!!, Junjō Romantica, and Resident Evil.


I'm Faix I know it's a bit odd, but there's a story behind that if you ever care to PM me and ask about it. I used to be known as Prosecutor of Death on this site but I had too many unfinished or crap pieces of work so I switched over to this account. From now on I'm not allowed to submit any story that isn't already finished. I'm going to be redoing some of my old fics, so don't be surprised if you read something that sounds somewhat familiar.

I'm good friends with NarutoAddicted95. A lot of my stories will be collaborations with her. Usually we joke around and then somehow a plot starts developing. We keep adding to it until I get the urge to write it down and combine our ideas. Then she edits and sometimes draws pictures to go with them. NA95 is awesome.

Oh, and review replies. I have a hard time replying to those so if I don't reply don't get mad or feel like I didn't read it. Because I treasure all my reviews. I usually only have the time to answer back to the ones that have questions that need to be answered back to. Like if something in the story didn't make sense to you or you're wondering something. Or if you're one of those super people that decides to write a real review and critic me. I would love you forever because I like knowing what I'm doing wrong just as much as I like to hear what I'm doing right.

Flames are different. I will roast marshmallows with them.


Feb. 27: Story of a Girl will update every Monday, so keep an eye out for it. When I get the chance I'll be linking pictures to every chapter. I also have a 100 Theme Challenge for Wesker/Chris that's going to be updating on Mondays as well. I've been writing a lot but I'm only posting one chapter a week. You guys have over four months of built up chapters on that one so expect a weekly update without problems.


Hey, I'm laying off the 100 Theme for awhile but since I've been writing ahead keep expecting weekly updates on that. I'm now working on a Homestuck fanfiction that's probably going to end up being Dave/John with a bit hinted Dave/Karkat with a dash of Dirk/Jake. Maybe when I'm done writing that I'll go back to working on the 100 Theme for Wesker/Chris. Until then I'm putting it off.


All of my stories, if they are ongoing, will be updated on Mondays. Why Mondays? Because who the hell likes Mondays? I figured people need something to look forward to on the most hated day of the week.

Passionate Hate:
Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Published Chapters: 1
Total Chapters: 1
Status: Completed

Heartbreaking Discoveries:
Pairing: Akihiko/Miksaki
Published Chapters: 8
Total Chapters: 8
Status: Complete

Pairings: Mikado/Masaomi
Published Chapters: 1
Total Chapters: 1
Status: Complete

Story of a Girl:
Pairings: Mikado/Masaomi
Published Chapters: 14
Total Chapters: 17
Status: Ongoing

Being Human:
Pairings: Wesker/Chris
Published Chapters: 1
Total Chapters: 1
Status: Complete

100 Ways to Love You:
Pairings: Wesker/Chris
Published Chapters: 7
Total Chapters: 100
Status: Ongoing


PM me or review me. It sends it to my email which I check almost every day. I promise, I don't bite. :D Actually, I really enjoy roleplaying and I love getting new partners. I also have a Tumblr. Look me up. I'm NecroFaix.

This is what I've written for so far:


Junjou Romantica:

Resident Evil:

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Story of a Girl reviews
Mikado/Masaomi. After being told by his best friend to never be seen in Ikebukuro, Masaomi goes through drastic measures to regain his friend. But maybe things are going a bit too far. Masaomi certainly didn't think of every possible outcome.
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100 Ways to Love You reviews
Wesker/Chris 100 Theme Challenge! I found prompts for it on DeviantArt and thought I would give it a try. Basically, it's a collection of oneshots based on whatever the theme is.
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