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Hello, and welcome to my profile.

I've been pretty quiet online for a while but I'm still hanging around. I haven't forgotten my favorite characters or their stories. :) 2012 was a doozy of a year for me, and 2013 has already been a doozy for my family and friends, but we'll get through it. Tough times may last for a while, but there's always a blessing somewhere along the way.

I've taken a break from writing for the time being, but I have posted a new short story that might interest you. It features the Beagle Boys and Scrooge's (cough cough) "lucky" dime. Hehe. Although it uses "Ducktales" characters, I've tried to give it the same feel as the Uncle Scrooge stories.

As for the next DW story in the lineup, it is still on hold, but you can find a couple of chapters on my deviantart account. Here are the links. is the best place to check for updates as I post a journals there every month or so.

Prologue (

Chapter 1 (

While you're visiting deviantArt, check out for fanart from "A Hero's Ultimatum" ( and "The Best Present Ever." ( Xanadu7 did a great job with translating parts of "Best Present Ever" into comic form and the latest version of it has some really great shading. Also, I'll drop one little hint... One of those panels shows a character that will have an important role in a future fanfic BeecroftA and I have been working on titled "Dark Destiny"...

That about does it for now. Take care and have a great day!


"Luck of the Beagles"

Ducktales character cameos in Darkwing Duck stories

"The Duck Who Never Dawned"

"The Villains' Revolt"

"Until Proven Innocent"

"The Duck Knight In Duckburg"

Darkwing Duck stories in chronological order:

"The Duck Who Never Dawned" (REVISED)

"The Villains' Revolt,"

"My Daughter, My Life,"

"Neighborly Secrets,"

"Out of Touch,"

"Until Proven Innocent." (in the Ducktales crossover section)

"The Best Present Ever,"

"The Duck Knight In Duckburg," (In Ducktales crossover section)

"A Hero's Ultimatum"

"FOWL Consequences" (on hold)

"Dark Destiny" (on hold)

and more!

Balto stories in chronological order:

"Balto and the Bounty Hunter,"

"Trapped parts 1 and 2,"

"Trials on the Trail."

Copyrights: ALL the characters and settings unless otherwise noted belong to Disney, Amblin/Universal, or Walden. I make no profit. I fully respect these companies and their work and I have no problem with rewriting my stories by removing all copyrighted material from them and coming up with my own character names and personalities and such. (I've already done so with two of the stories posted here.)

Please note that, although I reference specific episodes or printed articles on the characters/settings, the purpose of my work is NOT to replace or slow public sales of the originals. I pick up where the original works leave off and create new situations for the characters to face.

My purpose for writing is to educate the public on the original copyrighted works, and build/expand the fan base for the original copyright holders. Also, while I understand this does not give me permission to use the copyrighted material, I have personally purchased legal copies of the DVDS, soundtracks, comics, etc. from stores for private viewing at home. I support the companies of Disney and Universal and I'm a devoted fan. If you would like for me to make any changes, including deleting material from my work, send me a private message and I will cooperate fully and refrain from future infringement.

Author's Disclaimer: The stories, place names, names given to previously unnamed characters, and new characters (ex: Dr. John Henry Harper, Scraps, Dr. Medley, etc) are my original ideas unless otherwise stated, copyrighted, or commonly accepted in the fandom. (ex: I couldn't figure out who the original author was that coined a specific term or place name, such as "Troublemaker" for Negaduck's motorcycle.) "Mrs. Beaker" in "A Hero's Ultimatum" and "Jacob" from "The Duck Who Never Dawned" belong to BeecroftA and me.

I did not intentionally infringe on any users here and made a large effort to note any author's work that specifically inspired me. Other stories may be similar to mine, but any relation is coincidence. Thanks for stopping by!

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My Daughter, My Life reviews
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