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"I will not grow up. You cannot make me!" ~ Peter Pan.

Name: Lethal Cupcake on FF, EnternalDaydreamer on deviantART, Myrthe in real life and for friends.

Age: I was born on day Demyx, In the month Luxord, In the year Xemnas-Demyx-Demyx-Lexaeus. Or I'm fifteen years old, whatever.

Likes: Stories. Candy. Chocolate. Anime. Drawing. Daydreaming. Sleeping. Butterflies. Music. Photographing. Necessary Violence. Amusement Parks. Fairy Tales.

Dislikes: Egoism (selfreflection much?). Whiny people (even more selfreflection much?). Slimy, overcooked vedgetables (selfrefle- wait, scratch that). Furry coats. Big Mouths. Bad Grammer (I know, I know. SELFREFLECTION). Redbull. Unnecessary violence. 4KIDS D8. PEOPLE MISTAKING MY "HUMOR" FOR SARCASM D8

Favourite Shows: House M.D. NCIS. Equals Three. Demyx Time. YU-GI-OH! THE ABRIDGED SERIES. DragonBall Z The Abridged Series. Smosh.

Favourite Anime/Manga: To prevent a bucketlist, my absolute favourites:

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX & THE CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES SHOW aka Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. I grew up with these series. And it hasJounouchi Katsuya, Johan Andersen, Yuki Judai and Crow Hogan.

Bleach. Because *nearly* killing eachother is the best way to develop a strong friendship and/or save the world. And it has Kurosaki Ichigo and Hitsugaya Toushiro.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Complicated plot twists and backgroundmusic are awesome. And it has Fay D. Fluorite (And that, my dear people, is the OFFICIAL SPELLING GIVEN BY CLAMP.)

Death Note. I loved it until L died and Light turned into something beyond the word 'psychopath'.

Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood). The only anime so far where I could comprehend the scientific stuff. And it has the Fullmetal Chibi, of course *transmuted into a hummingbird by certain angry Resemboolresident*

Soul Eater. It's not often there's an anime where I like almost every character. Most of all, Death the Kid. SYMMETRY RULES!

Kuroshitsuji. Because Sebastian is one hell of a butler~/shot.

Princess Tutu: Ballet + Ballet stories mixed with Japanese plot + Ballet music = awesome.

Pandora Hearts. I love Alice In Wonderland, I love Kajiura Yuki. I most of all I love the combination of these two resulting in this anime WITH OZ.

Favourite Games:

Kingdom Hearts. Disneynostalgia + Japanese storyline + Heartless + Axel = WIN.

Ace Attorney & Ace Investigations. BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE ONLY GAMES I DON'T SUCK AT. And the storyline's pretty nice.

The Legend of Zelda. "Nuff said.


Better call this section 'Story'. Only one here, Fanfictional Odyssey. I wanted it to be some sort of self-insert crossover, but the goddess of plot and writer's block and laziness and inspiration decided otherwise. Now it's a fic situated in Bleach. Myrthe, an Oc whose personality resembles mine as close as possible, gets thrown into the Bleach universe, together with Suzume, whose character is based on one of my best friends. Almost directly, a few things are made clear:
1: Myrthe cannot handle stress very well;
2: Myrthe cannot handle aggresive hollows very well;
3: Myrthe didn't get superpowers, and has on top of that an extremely low level of spiritpower;
4: Despite these 3 facts, she has to play a heroic role;
5: Despite fact 4, she completely screws up, especially when Aizen takes an interest in their knowledge of Bleach' plot...

I liked the idea of a scaredy-cat that for once doesn't keep cool while she needs to. And the consequences.

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