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Hi! I'm Princess Ashira. I'm female, 24, a happy newlywed, a scientist, and occasionally a writer. I can officially beta now, and I have a gift for finding typos if you're interested. It drives me crazy when people mix up their homophones, and when "your" and "you're" are used inappropriately. I'm also a stickler for using "too, to, and two" and "its or it's" correctly, as well as being infuriated when people spell dying as dieing. It's horrible.

I'm going to write this clearly, just so that my excitement is evident: My new puppy, Obi, is preventing me from writing. The dog pictured is not him. Maybe someday I'll take down Zoey's picture, but I still miss her so for now she stays.

Also, I have a new nephew. (First nephew). He's a cute little stinker.

...Okay, I'm back. I live in a crazy place in the States where things happen "on accident" rather than by accident, and where 'gonna' is again mixed with 'to' in order to make a strange word that sounds kinda like 'gunoo'. Oh, and creeks are cricks here. Even I think that's weird, and I was born here.

I'm a dedicated Star Wars fan girl, although I've come to the conclusion that I would make a terrible Jedi, and a worse Sith. I still want to make a Jedi costume to wear as everyday clothing.
I prefer fanfiction about the Old Republic, and so I'm following and writing stories about Knights of the Old Republic (both of them, eventually). I pretty much always play as a chick, and I don't like Bastila at all. My favorite NPC is probably Atton. He's so...Atton-y. Carth comes in second. Angst is (slightly) less annoying when you can beat it out of him with your feminine wiles. Go Flyboys! I tried to like Mical, I really did, but the folks who made his mesh and texture made him look so freaky, and the developers were kind enough to make his personality boring. I also like Canderous, although I find a lot of the romance fiction about him to be slightly unnerving. Not all of it though. Some of the gifted writers here manage to make it work. HK-47 is hilarious, in a terrifying sort of way, of course...
Hmmm...maybe I'd be a Mandalorian...or a Mandalorian pilot...or a criminal...

I'm also infatuated with Ewan McGregor because he's a very very sexy man. I like Obidala stories, or really any well-written story where Obi-Wan Kenobi gets to experience love. Despite this, I really did not like the prequel films at all. Except for the music. And Ewan. Mustn't forget Ewan. Okay, Liam Neeson was pleasant too.

I now own a "Han Shot First" shirt, and I'm just barely old enough that I noticed the change on my own, the first time I saw the Special Editions. I didn't like the change then, either.

I also own a Stormtrooper baseball shirt, which I feel is awesome.

My mom was kind enough to get me a "Come to the Dark Side, We Have Cookies" shirt for Christmas. My family rocks.

I dressed up as Pink Five for Halloween at one point. Nobody got it. I didn't really care.

My first fiction (or likely its first chapter, as I wrote it as a prequel of sorts) is kind of done. I'm sick of rereading it, so writtenrhythm was kind enough to have a look. Twice. I'm hoping she'll give it one more glance for me. I switched tenses, and then missed a couple spots where I failed to make that switch. When I say done, I mean that the first chapter was originally written as a stand-alone which became the prequel for a KotOR II playthrough.

The next chapter of A Silent Awakening is currently in-progress, and this one is entirely due to the fact that I think about the kind of things that don't get addressed in most video games, or in Star Wars in general, such as:

When do they use the 'fresher?

What if they run out of clean underwear?

Does anyone sleep naked?

How many days can a Jedi function without sleep before she starts to hallucinate?

And so forth.

I like classic, reasonably progressive rock in general. I occasionally use Metallica as inspiration when I need to write something angsty. They pull it off so well. Apparently I also like punk/alternative/modern rock. Sometimes. If we can trust my iTunes playlist generator, anyway. Lately I've been really into movie soundtracks, though. And Queen.

The picture is of my dog, who died right after Thanksgiving 2010, at the ripe old age of thirteen. I miss her. My mom's other dog is an idiot (no joke, she's dumber than a bag of hammers, and weighs about the same).

Note: I'm getting worried that Lexi is taking on some unwelcome Mary-Sue characteristics. I could use either help or reassurance on the matter. Since she's the Jedi Exile, she's gonna have some of those traits built in, including Sion's obsession and Atton's undying devotion. Mad Jedi skills go without saying (although I'll try to make the transition a little less jarring than the game likes to make it) as does her leadership role and the thing where she draws people to her.

Random trivia: Lexi's name is loosely based off of my brother's name, because for some reason I'm really jealous of his name.

I believe that Kolto probably smells like LB growth media, and Bacta like YPD growth media. That's just what I pictured when I had to smell the stuff during lab.

I really do intend to update. My puppy is very distracting. While I am now unemployed, trying to keep a puppy from making a mess in your apartment is very difficult at times. We're close to a breakthrough. The story is not dead. I have the first bit of the next chapter mapped out. I just have to pull up the game, and then decide what I want to include, omit, and/or allude to. I kinda went on a Firefly kick there for a while, but I'm trying. Also have to relearn how to drive at some point, start trying to become employed, and get used to the shinies that surround me. Shiny. I've installed the TSLRCM, which should expand my enthusiasm substantially. My gameplay has been cut short due to feeling unwell. Also, I am late. I hope to soon discover whether the two are related.

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