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The Royal Family

Crown Princess Eerika - Eerika is an extremely intelligent girl but is also emotionally compromised. In the state, she is in she could very easily be walked all over and used. She has newly developed a need to always be perfect even if she doesn’t feel like she. She is extremely old fashioned in her ideals of boys and girls and is unlikely to change them. She used to be very outgoing but has become quiet and shy. She feels like she broken and that no one could love her, she feels like any power she once had is gone. She is also extremely jumpy and can easily be scared. Eerika once acted like a spoiled brat in her teenage years but has become more humble. Eerika has built up some high walls to protect herself and someone seriously needs to break them down.

King Tomi - Tomi is a good King and Father he can be strict in both aspects but is always willing to bend some rules when it's needed. Much like his father he is very outgoing. He loves his children for who they are even if others say they need to act a certain way. He deeply loves his wife and known the instant he met her she was the one.

Queen Evangeline -Evangeline worked in a baker in Atlin before being Selected. She is very calm and collected, she always seems to know just what to say. She has a big heart and loves her children like crazy. She never made her children feel like they were confined to their titles of Princess and Prince.

Princess Alice - When Alice is with her sister she is a mischievous troublemaker, together they can be a pain but are generally enjoyable and friendly to be around when they aren’t making trouble for you personally. She seems to isolate herself more than her sister when she is rarely separated from her sister, she is quiet and a lot less friendly than when she is with her sister. Because of this, she seems to be more dependent on his sister than Celia is for her. She comes off a little self-certain, as she doesn’t really recognize how another person is feeling, the only feelings she can really recognize are Celia’s. Once Alice decides you’re a person that she actually cares about she can be very protective and makes sure no one ever hurts you, but because of this she can be childishly and overly-possessive of a person. She can be a really playful person when she wants to be.

Princess Celia - When Celia is with her sister she is a mischievous troublemaker, together they can be a pain but are generally enjoyable and friendly to be around when they aren’t making trouble for you personally. Celia is a more insightful and easy-going person. she is extremely witty and quick on her feet. She can recognize the dependency that her sister shares with her, and knows that at some point it will have to end but she is hesitant. She is the calmer and more mature of the two. When she is away from her sister Alice, she is a pleasant person, acting in a selfless and serious manner. Unlike her sister she has a strong understanding of social interaction and has an innate self-control. She does share the same playfulness and protectiveness that her sister has for the people she cares about, even if she cares for more people.

Prince Petri - Petri is the youngest and only boy of his siblings. He is also the smartest of all four and is always inventing something. He is a good kid and always has the best intentions. Having recently hit puberty his appearance has gone for a nerdy young boy to being a very handsome young man which has caught the attention of all the girls of Illéa but Petri only has eyes for his childhood friend Crown Princess Sofia of Spain. Sofia has always looked passed how Petri looked and cared about him because who he is. Petri has also officially passed all his older sisters in height as they all topped out at 5'4 and he is now at 5'7, which he takes great pride in.

King Father Elijah - Queen Kerttu's Husband, King Tomi's Father, and Princess Eerika's Grandfather. The former Prince Consort of Illéa was deeply in love with his wife until she passed away. Elijah looks like a serious man but he really isn't. He is an outgoing man that is always on an adventure. He was also the last male winner of the Selection and doesn't mind giving advice to those that want to listen.



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