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My name is Jennifer, I live in London England. I am a Personal Trainer slash writer in disguise. Currently working on my first novel.

I watch way to much tv and spend way to much of my time reading fanfiction and wishing my life was more interesting and exciting.

Lets see I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, i've been watching it since I was eleven (i'm 26 now) and i'm slightly obsessed. I am BA all the way.

Unlike most other Buffy fans though I never hated Briley. I thought Riley was what Buffy needed at the time and I think he was a great character. I actually prefer Briley to Spuffy which I dont want to read. Don't get me wrong I love love love Spike, he's one of my favourite characters, but he was at his best when him and Buffy were enemies. Or when he loved her but they were just friends.

I also loved Willow and Oz or Willow and Tara, Xander and Anya and I dont mind the idea of Xander and Dawn or Dawn and Conner.

I hate I repeat hate with a fiery passion the idea of Angel and Cordelia, cant stress enough how much I hated that. I thought it was great when they were close friends, like Family but when it hinted at something more I hated it.

SPOILER ALERT - I also do not except the new season 8 comic as canon i think its a load of crap! Killing Giles, how could they!!!!

In my ideal ending, ie if i was in charge and could make a Buffy/Angel movie. There would be a big end of the world battle, Angel would be a champion get Shanshu and become human and him and Buffy would live happily ever after and have babies. Willow would find happiness again (maybe with Oz or another woman but definately not with Kennedy.)

Xander would find happiness with a slayer, Dawn would get with Conner and he and Angel would develop a better relationship. Gunn who didn't die would also find happiness with a slayer. Faith can have Robin. And Giles can live happily ever after with Olivia. Erm what else oh yer they set up a new watchers council with all the scoobies at the helm. There's alot more to my idea lol and if i get into this writing thing and i'm any good maybe one day i'll write it. I just want my happy ending for both the scoobies and AI team!!

Buffy moments I didnt like: When they all chuck her out of her own house. I actually cant bring myself to watch that episode because I hate it that much, I dont know what Joss was thinking. Buffy saves the world, dies twice, repeatedly sacrifices her happiness, sent the man she loved to hell, takes all of them into her house to protect them and what do they do, they turn against her! Its a sore spot for me lol.

Favourite season: Season 2

I loved season 1-3 the most. I really like season 4 and 5, season 6 to me is the worst season as one of the best things about the show was in all the action and drama and pain that was the show they always had the humour which helped make it brilliant even at some of the darkest moments. But season 6 as a whole is missing that. I didnt really like the Nerd trio either. Series 7 picked it up again and was better and I love Chosen.

Favourite episodes:(bold = favourite from each season, capital favourite overall) Welcome to the Hellmouth part 1 and 2, Never kill a boy on the first date, Angel, Prophecy girl, When she was bad, School hard, reptile boy, whats my line part 1 and 2, Surprise, Innocence, Passion, Becoming Part 1 and 2, Anne, Band Candy, Lovers Walk, AMENDS, Bad Girls, Earshot, The Prom, Graduation part 1 and 2,The Freshman, Something Blue, Hush, Primeval, Buffy vs Dracula, The Body, The Gift, Bargaining Part 1 and 2, Once more with feeling, Two to go, Grave, Conversations with dead people, Chosen.

Top ten Buffy/Angel Characters

1. Buffy 2. Angel 3. Spike 4.Willow 5. Giles 6. Xander 7.Tara 8.Wesley 9. Gunn 10.Oz

I'm also a big big fan of Dark Angel, i was really annoyed that it got cancelled and I dont think they really gave it a chance. In terms of relationships i'm MA all the way. I never liked Max and Logan together and was waiting for Max and Alec to get together which I think would have happened if the show wasnt cancelled.

Also loving Vampire Diaries fanfic more than the actual show. I do watch the show sporadically, but there treatment of Bonnie who is my favourite character makes it hard for me to enjoy it much anymore. ( In terms of fanfic I like reading Beremy, Bamon, Stefonnie, Monnie and Klonnie .

I heart David Boreanaz (even now, i've loved Angel since i was eleven lol.)

I heart Jensen Ackles (Alec is sooo fine.)

I will be uploading some of my own work very soon. Its just taking me a while because the story just expanded out of nowhere. Its my first ever piece of writing never mind fanfic.

I've discovered this love for writing I didnt know I had, just started writing my own novel and I write poetry to. Whenever something comes into my head I usually get out my blackberry and start typing away. Its one of the things that keeps me sane.

Anyway hope you enjoy my writing!

j x

P.S If having a moment of doubt in life, dont forget to ask yourself W.W.B.D? And you'll probably be alright lol.

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