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Author has written 13 stories for Invader Zim, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Kino's Journey.

You want to know a secret? Actually, it's not really a secret since I tell just about everybody, and you wouldn't even be reading this if you didn't...er...know it. While I do in fact write original short stories, have started on at least two novels, and have attempted to get myself published, I started off as a fan fiction writer. Told you it wasn't a secret.

My interest in Invader Zim got me started on a huge number of things: a university degree, an obsessive interest in animation in all its forms, a...um...'personal relationship'...and most of all it got me started on writing. I was 17 when I first noticed Zim on the good old satellite telly (what we call television in Englandland, just to casually and subtly indicate my geographical locatioh bugger I cocked up), and having not actually had a life before then it gave a massive shot in the arm for both my creativity and my much-delayed puberty. I got involved on numerous online communities for the show, and proceeded to digest the fan fiction that sprouted from the now-cancelled show.

Now, I read a lot of this, and felt unsatisfied. I was getting into teh Jhonen's other scribblings, and other comics and spuki stuff besides, and wanted something 'original' from fan scrawls. I began thinking in my teenage hubris 'you know, I could write better stuff than this'. I got the chance after accepting a fan's offer to make a fic around their mary-sue character (turning her into a demented obsessive mass-murderer in the process, because I was a jerk back then), and from there decided to experiment a bit with the gory-bloody. The first five experiments can be read here, if you really want to do serious harm to your eyes.

Now in the last year of school, I decided (again, out of my ever-present and utterly unconquerable hubris) 'why waste this enormous talent on fan fiction when you can write your own stories?' And as I entered my University Bachelor's Degree in Film Studies and Philosophy, that's exactly what I did, writing numerous stories of various...but apparently and illogically improving...quality, moving away from rarghblood'nguts towards the more varied realm of the fantastical, bizarre, philosophical, unsettling...and actually fun.

I scraped my way through my degree and for some retarded reason enrolled in a Masters Postgraduate Degree in Philosophy, learning about such things as Jean-Jacques Rousseau's conception of political citizenship and Immanuel Kant's theory of the noumenal self (look ma! I'm smart). For the last year, however, being the animation fanatic I was, I found myself obsessed with Avatar: The Last Airbender. To the extent that it's taken over much of my life.

I grew interested in Avatar because much of the artistic crew worked on Zim (Bryan Konietzo was the Animation Director on that show), and then gradually for its own sake, simply because long-running continuity-driven animated shows are, as I'm sure you've noticed after downloading whole seasons of Naruto, the equivalent of crack. And so I was left in the Christmas period, between University terms, the Book 2 finale had just aired and I was bursting with ideas about what might happened to it.

So you know what I did?

I wrote a fan fiction.

And not just any fan fiction.

While simultaneously struggling with my last ounce of breath to get 3,000 words of an essay onto paper, in the same length of time (approximately 15-20 days of actually being able to write) I wrote 50,000 words of fan fiction. I am currently staring at this in a profound sense of shock. I could write a novel every two months if I maintained this kind of output, and it's a fan fiction.

So you know what I'm going to do now?

I shall bequeth it unto you, the kind people who got me started in writing. And that's not all! I'll keep contributing too. The Avatarverse is rich with stories I've always been interested in telling, and I want to share it with all of you. You people I've...not so subtly...insulted by considering myself better than you all...I hope you accept my stories as a profound and heartfelt apology.

And yes...this is my 'I am Spock' moment.

Oh yeah! About myself. My name is Ross Hopkins, 22 years old as of now, studying Philosophy, planning to publish things that are not fan fiction, interested in animation, 'speculative fiction' (as my agent calls sci-fi/fantasy fiction) and internet-absorbing. Nice to see y'all!

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