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With this school year i have been really busy so my posting wont be the best sorry. I wil try to post whenever i can but with Cheer Student Council and SUer hard classes i barely have time to sleep. Sorry.

my favoirte show is Criminal Minds...I mean who doesnt like that show? If you ask most of my friends or my family they well say im obsessed but they are just dont get how amazing the show really is. And right now i have two or three longer stories that im working on. Want to guess what there going to be about?

little side note i'm gonna be super busy this up coming school year because i picked super hard classes so i wont be able to post as much as i want but i will try hard!

I also at one time had diffrent shows that I was obsessed with (not as much as Criminal Minds, but hey they are still good). They are: NCIS,COVERT AFFAIRS, Royal Pains, Bones, Nessary Roughness, and other shows I cant remeber right now but hey its like 1 in the morning, so give me a break. I might write a crossover with NCIS or Bones which i used to be obsessed with both :)

i love music and its one of the biggest inspiration of writing the stories i write.

so this is just a little thing no one is probably gonna read but if anyone has a twitter follow me at Sarbeary14 have the time its nothing inportant but i might give updates on when i might post a story.


Criminal Minds- Derek Morgan/Emily Prentiss ( to me i cant see either one of them with anyone sorta of an addict. OK im a huge addict but its not a bad thing )

Criminal Minds- JJ/Reid (there so cute together)

NCIS- Tony/Ziva

NCIS- Abby/McGee

Bones- Booth/Bones (there is no other way)

Bones- Angela/Hogins (duh)

Covert Affairs- Auggie/Annie


A woman needs a man like a fish needs bicycle. – Anonymous

Don't cry when the sun is gone, because the tears won't let you see the stars

sometimes you just have to listen to the lyrics to understand how you feel

Music speaks volumes, when words leave you speechless.

Put the earphones in. Turn the music up loud. Close your eyes. And escape from everything else

Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand.

Thanks for reading, Love Sarbeary :)

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