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Kharl is your worst nightmare!

One day you shall all fear the name of Kharl, I won't tell you my last name it's irrelevant. Don't ask...I said no, Bob, now get out and stop asking. He's as bad as- Oh..(Nervous laugh) Sorry you had to read that as you can see Bob is- No NINJAkookie the Fritos are mine! Jeez, I'm VISITING A MAD HOUSE! No, literally I'm in an insane asylum...JK...Maybe...(More nervous laughter, sound of a gun cocking in background.) Oh look a deer. (Sound of gun being fired.) Yes Squeaker, that is for supper! You wanna know random facts about myself? Well to bad, you wanna know bad enough Google my name, but you won't find me Vlad made sure of that...don't bother trying to trace this account it's useless. Just like my awesome chocolate chip muffin NINJAkookie's eating...Wait, put that down, why are you in my super secret Kharl cave!? "Dude this is the living room." Well, they don't know that! "They do now." Ah shut it! "Never will me or my pet Bubble be silenced!" (Popping sound in background) "No, not the bubble! Oh well, I'll get a new one." (Sound of bubbles pouring out of container and down the sink) "How dare you, Squeaker! I shall smite you with my giant Bubble Wand thingamabob!"*Squeaker gets successfully smited and lives* Youch! Note to self: never get on NINJAkookie's bad side or shall be smited. "Ya got that right!" Go away! "Fine, I'll take the pizza and leave!" Fine...Wait! Bring my pizza back! "Bring my bubble back!" I can't! "Exactly!" B-but I want my pizza back. "Bubbles!"

For all y'all who read that...holy crap! or as NINJAkookie would say,"Son of a muffin!"

Possible Future Stories:

(It/Supernatural)Going Back-Audrey, Darren, and Rose are working a case when they somehow get transported back to 1957 when an evil creature rooms free. Normally they could take down evil without a problem, but they're no longer twenty-four, they're ten. Can they, with the help of the loser's club, defeat It once and for all?

If I knew where to start I would, but this I can't depart.

This pistol sits in my hand, containing my escape by demand.

My soul is on the danger line.

When I think about it I wonder is it the right choice? But then I realize it's not worth it, I have too much to live for.


Today we see what's ahead and we take it for everything

that we want, but what if today isn't about us...

What if it's about the person next to us, that

person we bump into at the store, we rant and rave at

for something they did on accident, or even

a loved one you let go of, the point is

you never know if today is your last day or theirs.

Make life worth living, do stupid stuff but know the limit,

you never know when your last day is or the person

sitting beside you; just think, will you see

them tomorrow...

Those are written by me so you can't use them without my permission.


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