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Name: Aisha

Nicknames: Aishu, Aishy.


Mood: HAPPY.


Profession: Assassin

Special Powers: the Force

Hobbies: Playing on my Xbox. Reading. Hanging with friends. LOLING.

Favourite Sports: Football, Football, Football.


Favourite Video Games: Assassins Creed 1, Assassins Creed 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Halo Reach, Gears of War, Midnight Club, Battlefield Bad Company, Burnout, Mario Cart Wii, Super Mario Bros, and lots lots more...

Gaming Systems: Xbox 360, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, PSP, and DSi.

Interests: Assassins Creed, Halo, Star Wars, SW: The Clone Wars and Gears of War.

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Ways to annoy Asajj Ventress

1. Tell her that the Sith are losers

2. Tell her she is the most pathetic excuse for a wannabe-sith in the history of pathetic wannabe-siths

3. Tell her she has a crush on Count Dooku

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5. Tell her that Ahsoka will attack her in the middle of the night if she doesn't sleep with a nightlight

6. Call her Sajj-sajj

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8. Imitate Obi-wan's voice whenever you're around her

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38 Ways to annoy Darth Vader
Surefire ways to get yourself killed, or at least Force-Choked a few times
1. Call him Ani.
2. Tell him you've taken up podracing as a hobby. Ask him to give you lessons.
3. Ask him if he ever knew, "A cute senator from Naboo." If he says something or stays silent, say, "Ooh, Ani's got a girlfriend!"
4. Walk around tripping every other step. If he asks you what you're doing, say, "Mesa Jar Jar Binks!"
5. Imitate his breathing.
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8. Ask him if he was ever arrested for child abuse.
9. When he does something really evil, shake your finger and say, "Now, now, Ani, would your mother approve of that?"
10. Have emotional conversations with him. Bring up Qui-Gon.
11. Follow him around singing "I Know a Song that gets on Everybody's Nerves."
12. Ask him how he goes to the bathroom in that suit.
13. Paint his TIE fighter yellow.
14. Stare at him. When he asks you what you're doing, say that you can't see how an evil jerk like him could've ever been a Jedi.
15. Throw mashed potatoes at him.
16. Whistle in his ear. When he comes after you, hide behind a stormtrooper.
17. Poke his shoulder.
18. Call him an "evil creep with a dysfunctional family."
19. Tell him he looks like a droid.
20. Sign him up for a quilting class.
21. Make up words to the Imperial March (Vader’s Theme). Sing them whenever he enters a room.
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36: After doing number 30, tell him that you dumped Luke for Jabba the Hutt.
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