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Author has written 17 stories for Mass Effect, Star Wars, and Dragon Age.

Note: I'm LeelooMultipass over on DeviantArt if you want to do the whole DeviantArt thing. I still don't know fully what that is yet. Maybe I'll be able to figure it out. And since I really haven't, I haven't logged in for months.

I'm a sucker for assassins. A major sucker. I've never quite gotten over my Atton fan-gurlishness, or the adorable Zevran, and holy gods above, Thane! The introverted, intelligent and quiet characters also steal my heart: Kaidan, and, again, Thane... Might as well add Fenris to the list.

Am musing about a Shadow Broker related something-or-other, but I haven't figured out just what yet with my canon Shep, Ellen. This, of course, means I have to do another import of Ellen. My 50 billionth, I think. And that also means I really should finish up Jillian's run, and Josh's second run romancing Jack. The events of the "Arrival" DLC are dead to me in my nice little post-Collector universe, even if they are now established canon. The big problem is I hate soloing, and the DLC looks more like punishment than fun. Also, I really don't like the idea of Shep wiping out a system. Even in Ellen's renegade ME1 days, she'd have never done anything like it.

From the Ashes New chapter finally done! Took me long enough. I think it's easier from here. I'm better with espionage than all-out battles. Trust me, once this current bout of battling's over, it'll be smoother sailing. I have everything else running through my head. Just not this part, which, frankly, sucks.

Mass Conquest: Haven't been playing enough ME2 lately, so Josh is languishing a lot. Working slowly on new chapter. One of these days, the "Hottie" will actually be "Down!" It's also the Thane intro chapter.

Encircled So far am envisioning two or three more chapters at the outside. Then I think I'm done with DA2 for good.

Am-- holy hula hoops, Batman!-- finally editing my super-gigantor brick of a fantasy novel. We'll see if I can finish before the sudden burst of motivation wears out. Poor Dorei and Kessian really do deserve a public airing of some sort, eventually, after languishing for a year and a half in a huge binder. All 727 pages of them. Single-spaced, MS Word pages. And Ardreen's plight, caught between magic and betrayal and ecological collapse, needs to be known. 615 pages done! Go me! I'm really trying to force my way through the rest of the DA2 stuff, and some of it is coming harder than I thought.

I'm shocked at how easily KOTOR 2 sucked me back in. If you haven't played with the newest version of TSLRCM (1.7), you're really missing out, especially with all the new Atton content. *squee*

I've been obsessed with Dungeon Siege 3 lately, and would be playing if not for that @#$@#$ new SteamGuard thing Steam puts on your account. Thanks to the oh-so-convenient Steam sale, I haven't gotten my "authorization code" for my supposedly new PC (really, just a new mobo and RAM and Windows install). Die, Steam, die! It's both better and worse than I hoped. I really, really love the combat. It's fluid and engaging the way I think they were aiming to achieve in DA2, but flubbed up horribly. The story is actually quite decent, and the writing's pretty well done. It achieves a nice balance between action and classic RPG. And Gideon Emery of Fenris fame voices several characters. The two problems are the ones you'll see whined about everywhere: the camera (it's really not that bad in single player, and it's far better than DA2's, TBH) and the PC controls. A keyboard mapping fix is due out next week.

If I didn't get sick from the camera, I'd be playing a hell of a lot more Drakensang right now. I missed the old-fashioned, turn-based RPG goodness, and Drakensang has it in spades. I also can't believe that every single quest area is different!!! I know-- gasp, shock! It's a ton of fun, and if you don't suffer from motion sickness, I highly recommend it. I even recommend it if you do suffer-- just play in small doses. I'd forgotten that RPGs can have things like exploration and fun. Oh, and pickpocketing!

A general note of apology: I hope I haven't horribly mis-portrayed Ellen as a "flexible" Catholic. I'm not a believer in any religion or deity, but she is. I don't think she'd be who she is without her God.

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