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Author has written 10 stories for Primeval, Ballykissangel, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Life on Mars, Downton Abbey, Robin Hood BBC, Avengers, and Mummy.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

I live in a small village on the Lincolnshire border. It’s quiet, some might say too quiet. Despite what you may see on television about rural communities, we have very little in the way of murder and intrigue, not even if a detective inspector comes to a fete or an old lady visits from out of town. So I make up my own stories using the characters that come into my living room. You’ve heard this song before. “I don’t own any of the characters, so don’t sue me.’

I do however own the characters in my debut novel, Daydream Believer. If you are interested it is available on Kindle.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your day.

Daydream Believer by T.M.Thommas

Life is looking up for Will Cooper. He has a beautiful, if high maintenance wife and with his best friend Adam has created the hottest new game that ever hit the market. With the American backing of Murray Leibowitz and REMCORP, Will is set to make a fortune with the Daydream Believer. Not just a normal video game, the Believer allows the player to programme a pre purchased, off the shelf dream and live it in perfect lucidity, whilst still enjoying a restful night’s sleep. What could possibly go wrong?

For a start it would be helpful if he could get his flirtatious partner to keep his trousers on long enough to get some work done. If that wasn’t stressful enough, his wife Cassandra seems intent on spending as much money as possible before the project is even on the shelves, oh and finally, he has inadvertently launched a hostile invasion on the dream world of Morpheus. The residents aren’t pleased.

Some might say that eighteen stone of malevolent hit pig wielding a rather sharp, pointy knife would be the stuff of nightmares. Will would be inclined to agree with them. He also has some very strong opinions on Wolves of the big bad variety, faeries who harvest human paranoia and megalomaniac fairy godmothers. But, it’s ok because it’s only a dream, right? He can wake up at any time. Here lies the problem, he’s now stuck in a world he is not entirely sure exists, and most of it is out to get him.

However, a mysterious benefactor has dispatched Ceun Hawke, Morpheus’s top bounty hunter, and a former rogue polymorph, Anaya to assist Will. They are tasked to convince the inventor to destroy his machine before it’s too late, but their biggest challenge may be simply to keep him alive until they find a way to send him home.

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Set approximately four months after the end of the Mummy. Evie and Rick are still finding out about each other, and forging their careers as the explorers and adventurers we now know them to be. A couple of characters from Evie's past threaten her new found life and confidence, can O'Connell give her the faith in herself that she needs and will she in turn believe in him?
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Happily Ever After? reviews
Assumpta didn't die, but that doesn't mean all is plain sailing for the priest and the publican. I don't own the rights to Ballykissangel or the characters I just borrowed them for a while. If you have the time, please review. Thank you
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