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Hello! Been a while since I've updated my profile on here. My name is Leah, and I love reading and writing.

This website is a place for creative people to come together and create great things. Let's remember this and be kind in our words towards others. No one likes to be put down, degraded, or ridiculed. So don't dish it out.

But back to the thing we all love: fan fiction! I particularly like:

Labyrinth (Sara/Jareth, Jareth/Original Female Characters)

Sailor Moon (Usagi Serena / Mamoru Darien)

Harry Potter

Lord of the Rings


And many others.

I'd appreciate constructive criticism from everyone, so even if you think it's irrelevant, don't hesitate to let me know! :) Everyone misses things--I know for a fact I do. Anyway, enough of my jibber jabber. On with the writing!


New! 7-24-14: These are songs that remind me of Goblins Above:

Already Home by Thousand Foot Krutch

Home by Philip Philips

Raging Fire by Philip Philips


Magic Twilight:

Laura's Dress:


Leah's Dress, Chapter 2: It's basically this dress, but imagine it reaches to the floor. ;)

Leah's Hair style, Chapter 4: Eva Longoria's hair style at the bottom.

Leah's Dress, Chapter 5:

Leah's Dress, Chapter 6:

Leah's Dress, Chapter 10: (Number 15 of the 29 dresses. The one without the veil, of course.)

Leah's Mask, Chapter 10: (I wanted something simple but elegant, and this fit the bill.) Update: I ended up having to pick a different mask, the link I originally posted is no longer available. And unfortunately I have no idea what it looked like. Sorry and I hope this one is a decent replacement!!

To people who keep leaving negative anonymous reviews

That's unfortunate that you didn't like my story. I hope you find one you like.

Goblins Update (July 27th, 2015):

I'm nearly done rewriting 'Goblins' into an original novel. It has added chaptersthat I'd meant to put in 'Goblins' and a little more details and general extras I think those who like 'Goblins', will like. I'm hoping within this next month to have it completely finished *fingers crossed & praying* I will be posting it on 'Wattpad' which is both an app as well as a website. When the story is up, I'll update on here, possibly with a link or a way to find it. Both on my profile here and possibly in the 'Goblins' story itself below. I'm excited for the original version because it has several added scenes I think you'll enjoy. Anyway! Wish me luck and pray like crazy. Time to get writing!!! ;)


Goblins made into an Original Story, still titled Goblins, here:

If you'd like, have a look and comment to let me know what you think. Thanks so much!

My profile page on

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