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Author has written 8 stories for A Nightmare on Elm Street, Child's Play, Halloween, Doctor Who, and Friday the 13th.

DISCLAIMER: I own none of the characters for which I write about.

Let me start by stating the obvious: my name is Jake. I work a steady job and enjoy writing fan-fiction novels. Most of my stories will be based on popular horror films, but I will occasionally branch out into other franchises. Hope you enjoy my work; check out the ones I've already published, and also make sure you check out what's coming soon. Happy haunting...


Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash - By Jake Reed (November 15-December 13, 2010) - Christmas Eve has descended on Crystal Lake, N.J. And with it, the vile horrors of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, the Book of the Dead! Freddy Krueger, now trapped inside the mind of Jason Voorhees, wants to use the book to escape his prison, and is using Jason as the tool to achieve this nefarious end! Now, the only hope of survival for a group of pimple faced teenagers is accidental hero Ashley J. Williams! But can even Mr. Steel Chin himself fend off the two biggest titans of terror to grave the silver screen?

Halloween: Vengeance - By Jake Reed (October 31st, 2012) - Halloween has come to Haddonfield once more. Carrie and her boyfriend Travis are setting up the party of the decade and Stephen Strode and his friends Karl and Amber prepare for a night they will never forget. But there's one problem: Michael Myers has escaped from Smith's Grove Sanitarium again and is once more making his way to Haddonfield! Stephen and his friends become targets for the killer after tresspassing on his domain. But before the night is over, Stephen will learn a secret about his past that will shock him to his core! Don't miss this new and exciting chapter in the saga of Michael Myers! Book One of the "Mark of Thorn" Trilogy!

The Last Meal: A "Nightmare" Tale - By Jake Reed (April 27th, 2014) - When Karen Donaldson finds the Crave Inn Diner, a hot meal becomes a frightening nightmare that she may not wake up from! Welcome to the Crave Inn, where the meat is so fresh, you can still hear it scream...

Tommy Doyle's Madhouse: A Four-Part Halloween Short Story - By Jake Reed (June 31st, 2014) - For the first time ever, read the complete history of Tommy Doyle. Read, from his perspective, the events of that fateful night in 1978. Learn what he was doing when Myers came after Jamie Lloyd a decade later. What happened to him shortly before he found Jamie's baby? And what happened after? These questions, and more are revealed in this thrilling four-part short story!

In His Image: A "Halloween" Short Story - By Jake Reed (October 24th, 2014) - Annabelle Lynn was eight years old when her parents were murdered before her eyes. As she grew up, she became obsessed with the killer, Michael Myers, until she finally broke down and was committed at Smith's Grove. Twelve years later, Michael Myers breaks out of Smith's Grove Sanitarium, and Annabelle follows him back to her hometown of Russelville where her infatuation with Myers leads her on a blood-thirsty murder spree in the hopes of pleasing the murderous maniac! But is this all real, or has her madness finally consumed her? "In His Image" is an all-new Halloween tale that will chill you to the core!

Children of Elm Street: A "Nightmare" Tale- By Jake Reed (October 30th, 2014) - Taylor King just moved into Springwood with her aunt, uncle, and cousin. Though she is initially upset about the move, Taylor quickly makes friends, finds a fun job, and even gains a boyfriend. Everything went better than expected. But then, her new friends start dying in their sleep. Turns out, Springwood has a dark secret; one that refuses to stay buried. Fortunately, Taylor's friends have secrets of their own: they are the Dream Warriors, a select group of young people with special abilities in the Dreamscape. If they are to have any chance of success in putting the restless soul of Freddy Krueger to Hell for good, Taylor will have to unlock her own special dream power. But doing so might unleash a more dangerous enemy...


Final Destination: Derailed - By Jake Reed (October, 2015) - When Michael Lubbock has a vision of a bomb killing everyone on a train, he acts and saves nine people (including his friends and his sister) from the first act of terrorism on American soil in over a decade. Now Death, sensing an unbalancing in the universe, has come to set the books straight. But he's not the only one who wants Michael dead...

87 Days: A "Fallout" Tale - By Jake Reed (November, 2015) - Somewhere outside Washington D.C. lies Vault 87, one of many massive underground fallout shelters built to house humanity during the oncoming nuclear storm. When the bombs finally fell in 2077, many people failed to make it to their reserved vaults, including those destined for Vault 87. Perhaps they were the lucky ones. With less than 100 people inside, the inhabitants of Vault 87 attempted to live normal lives. But few knew the true horror was about to begin. When a nuclear bomb goes off just outside the vault's entranceway, the inhabitants are trapped forever inside; the Vault has become their tomb. Then, the experiments begin! Several inhabitants are subjected to take the FEV, and it horrendously mutates them into something not of this earth! No longer human, these "super mutants" begin forcing other vault dwellers into the experiments. Soon, only a handful of survivors are left in the face of the mutant onslaught. But even if they can manage to hold off the Super Mutants, with no way out and no help ever coming, what's the point of fighting for their survival...?

Friday the 13th: The Two Jasons - By Jake Reed (May 13th, 2016) - Unstoppable, unkillable, unsanitary! And there are two of them! God help us all! On an average weekend, a group of friends on a cross-country road trip, and hoping to promote their newly founded band, come to Crystal Lake to play a show. Invited to a campground by a set of new friends, they find themselves hunted by two deadly forces: one of them is Jason Voorhees, the hulking shadow of a boy who drowned in the lake over sixty years ago. And the other one is... Jason Voorhees? Yes, from a parallel universe, a cyborg version of Jason Voorhees comes through a wormhole from the future and lands in his former home on Earth. And when these two Angels of Death meet, no one will survive.

Doctor Who/Deadpool: Mad Merc With a Box - By Jake Reed (August, 2016) - The title says it all, folks! The crossover you never knew you always wanted! The Doctor, our world's favorite regenerating Time Lord, meets Deadpool, the Marvel Universe's favorite regeneratin' degenerate! When the Twelfth Doctor lands in New York City in the middle of a Skrull invasion, he prepares to assist Captain America and the Avengers fight back! However, as he does, Deadpool shows up and, with his battle cry of "Chimichanga," throws a monkey wrench into the works by "kidnapping" the Doctor and holding him "hostage" inside the TARDIS. "Forcing" the Doctor to help him end the Skrull invasion, Deadpool will use his own brand of crazy to save the Earth! But unknown to him, the Doctor has chosen Deadpool as his newest companion! Big mistake, Doctor! Join the Twelfth Doctor and Deadpool as they journey across time and space in an adventure that puts the fate of the fabric of reality into the hands of not one, but TWO madmen in a little blue box! We are so screwed...

Memories in Blood: A Nightmare Tale - By Jake Reed (October, 2016) - Ten years ago, Elsa Lansdale lived in 1428 Elm Street. That is, until she was forced to watch as Freddy Krueger butchered her sister alive right in front of her. Her mind shattered, Elsa was locked away at Westin Hills for a decade. Now, Elsa returns to her childhood home to seek the truth about what happened to her that night. However, she may not like what she finds; in fact, it could mean the death of her... An all-new short story featuring the newest incarnation of Springwood's otherworldly nightmare!

The Crow: Torn Asunder - By Jake Reed (October, 2016) - Two people have been murdered in New York City; one shot dead in his home, another raped and stabbed by vicious thugs who left her in an alley to bleed to death. Rebecca Williamson will find out who did it; she will find the people who shot her fiance dead, and then she will find the people who killed her. Because Rebecca is dead, but she has returned, thanks to the Crow, a being capable of bringing spirits back from the Other Side in order to wreak horrible vengeance... Rebecca Williamson died in an alleyway. But now, she has been reborn as the gothic vigilante known as... The Crow!

Halloween: Retribution - By Jake Reed (October, 2016) - Set four years after "Vengeance," the survivors of that horrific night have put the tragic events behind them and are moving on to build their adult lives. But as Halloween approaches once more, a new Shape prepares to make his deadly debut. Only Dr. Jason Loomis and former mass murderer Michael Myers know what is about to be unleashed upon the world, and only they can stop it... True evil can never die; it's just reborn! Book Two of the "Mark of Thorn" Trilogy!

Final Destination: Death's Icy Embrace - By Jake Reed (December, 2016) - A young woman must use her psychic abilities to save her girlfriend and a group of strangers from violent deaths after a premonition saves them all from an untimely Christmas demise.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Next Generation (Working Title) - By Jake Reed (January, 2017) - Matt Hart is a normal 17 year old boy: he lives with his mom, Kimberly, and step-brother Jake; he has straight "A"s in school; he practices mixed martial arts; and has even devloped a small crush on the new girl in school, Bella. But Matt's world is turned upside-down when an ancient evil arrrives on Earth seeking revenge! Now, as he and his brother learn the dark secrets of their mother's past, Matt and Jake find themselves at the frontline in the battle for Earth, but they won't be doing it alone. Together with the gothic Bella, aspiring gymnast Amber, Matt's emotionally volatile MMA rival Daniel, and the enigmatic runaway Aaron, these six teenagers with attitude will become the indomnitable fighting force known to one and all as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! But if they can't learn to work together, then the Earth may be doomed before they can even begin...

The Crow: Blessed Angels - By Jake Reed (Summer, 2017) - When a family of four, including two twins, is brutally murdered during an apparent home invasion, the only person who cares is Detective John "Robbie" Robeson, who is tasked with getting to the bottom of the brutal tragedy. But soon into the investigation, Robbie begins to go insane. He begins seeing the Twins everywhere he goes, but they are twisted perversions of the children he saw in a burnt-up photograph: their skin is as pale white as death, their clothes all black and arms dripping red with blood. The Twins are now vessels for the gothic spirit of The Crow, and they will use Robbie as the instrument of their revenge...

1428: The Legend of Elm Street - By Jake Reed (October, 2017) - You know the end; now, go back to the beginning! Before the Dream Warriors, before Nancy, before the nightmares, there was a dead girl, eight years old. Springwood, 1964. A sleepy midwestern town that's been rocked by a string of child murders. The police are perplexed at the lack of evidence or suspects and the investigation is nearly dropped until the daughter of officer Donald Thompson becomes the latest victim to fall to the Springwood Slasher! Now, Thompson and the rest of the Springwood PD will stop at nothing until the Springwood Slasher is caught and brought to justice, whether it's through the law or by their own hands!

The Crow: Eternal Vigilance - By Jake Reed (Summer, 2018) - The third and final novel in the tragic "The Crow Eternal" trilogy continues the tale of Detective John "Robbie" Robeson as he brings his shadow games to a close.

Halloween: The Mark of Thorn - By Jake Reed (October, 2018) - The final part of the epic Mark of Thorn trilogy brings the legend of the Myers family to a terrifying conclusion... Plot details coming soon.

Warriors of Elm Street: A Nightmare Tale - By Jake Reed (October, 2018) - Picking up three years after Children of Elm Street, evil has once again descended upon the people of Springwood. But this evil is unlike anything the people in this sleepy Ohio town have seen before, and with the Dream Warriors gone, the newest generation of Elm Street children may be powerless to stop it!

That's all the projects on my slate for right now. Send me a message telling me which one your looking forward to the most. This list is subject to change and some of them may never see the light of day. But hopefully, all of them will because they are great stories.

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