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Hello all!

My name is Hailey, and I've been a fanfic member for over four years (jeez!) now. Some things about me: I am a rising senior (again, jeez!) in college, double majoring in Marine Science and Asian Studies. Last year I spent both semesters living in Shanghai, China. I speak French and Chinese. I'm a nomad. I think travel is the most important thing in life and snow is the most magical thing on earth. I was reaped from from District 4. I grew up in Erudite, but I choose Dauntless. I stuck with Harry until the very end, and I'm still waiting for that letter from Hogwarts, still waiting for a maple/dragon heartstring wand to choose me, still waiting to be sorted into Gryffindor and play Beater for the Quidditch team, still waiting to become a polar bear Animagus. But in the meantime, I'm a writer, and that means that I can live in any world I want to.

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Read my original work:

Status Update (6/11/15): I just updated (yeah, really) 'Secrets and Stars', basically providing you guys a summary of the whole story because I won't be able to actually write it to completion. Sorry about that, but I hope you can at least enjoy this little treat.

Here is a list of, along with some information about, my ongoing stories (for one-shots, see the list of 'My Stories' below):

-Blood of the Birds (Harry Potter) - COMPLETE - Next generation ongoing fic., following Rose, Scorpius and Albus from their fifth year onward. Plot-heavy and lots of mystery included, with the main romance being Rose/Scorpius. Also includes seven accompanying one-shots (following James, Hugo, Lily, original characters Nigel, Ilana, Holly, and one more to come), each uploaded separately.

Sequel by Slytherin Kingship (ongoing) =

-Secrets and Stars (Harry Potter) - COMPLETE (sort of) - Next generation ongoing fic. and spin-off/sequel to 'Blood of the Birds,' following Lily and Lysander as they grieve the deaths of loved ones, play a whole lot of Quidditch, and perhaps fall in love. Character-driven and angsty, with a focus on the mental and emotional effects of alcoholism.

-Kids That I Once Knew (Harry Potter) - On the back-burner - Series of one-shots depicting moments throughout the childhoods of various second generation characters, starting with Albus and including Rose, Scorpius, Teddy, Victoire, and more to come. Canon with 'BotB', but easy to read/follow on its own. Family-oriented with bursts of joy/sadness interwoven.

-Ebb and Flow (The Hunger Games) - On the back-burner - Collaborative ongoing fic. (with someelee) showing an omniscient view of the 69th Hunger Games with all-original tributes. Tragedy, mystery, violence, angst, friendship, romance... a little bit of everything, but definitely sad.

-Take Us to the Start (The Hunger Games) - COMPLETE - Ongoing fic. following the 70th Hunger Games through the eyes of District 4 mentor, Finnick, training and then praying for Annie, his female tribute. Mainly romance, but also action-packed/violent and, of course, full of angst.


-Secrets and Stars - Chapter 6 - Canis (coming soon; sorry about this delay, but I'm insanely busy with life at the moment) - The Montrose Magpies travel to Ireland to play against the Kenmare Kestrels and prepare for the forthcoming European Championship. At Hogwarts, Lily starts taking Apparition lessons and Hugo celebrates his 17th birthday.

Possible future fics that I'd be interested in pursuing:

-Harry Potter (books/movies) - I'm an R/Hr shipper obviously, but the long story I wrote is actually Rose/Scorpius and the one I'm writing now is Lily/Lysander. I'd also be really interested in doing a Marauders generation story, a Voldemort and Hagrid period story, and/or a Founding Fathers story. I probably won't be doing AUs, just because I like to keep things as true to the books as possible (because I love and respect them too much to dare to change anything about them, but adding stuff is okay).

-The Hunger Games (books/movies) - I finished a Finnick/Annie story (which I have a sequel planned for but may never write) and worked on a collab with a friend for a while that was meant to narrate our own version of the 69th Games. I also wrote a Peeta/Katniss one-shot told from Peeta's POV. The only other fic. I might be interested in writing would be a Katniss/Peeta post-Mockingjay story, again probably from Peeta's POV.

-A Song of Ice and Fire/"Game of Thrones" (books/TV) - Obviously this series is amazing. Ideally, I would wait until all the books have been published to write any fanfic, but who knows when that will be... in the meantime, I wouldn't mind exploring some of the many back stories that were left out of the show and possibly an anthology of the Stark family preceding the first book.

-"Inception" (movie) - God, I love this movie. It's so amazing, and not just the effects, but the characters! I love stories with 'ensemble casts', so this was a must-see for me, and has become one of my all-time favorites. My favorite character in the movie is (of course) Eames, but I also love the connection between Arthur and Ariadne, so I'd really enjoy writing about any or all of them.

-"LOST" (TV) - I have a TON of ideas for "LOST" fanfics, since it's my favorite show of all time. For this one, I would be willing to do AU's, because there are a few characters that weren't explored as much as they could have been, so I'd like to give them some more interesting storylines. Here are some of my ideas (let me know if you'd be interested):

-Ana Lucia/Miles (AU) - Since Miles was never given a love interest (other than his bromance with Sawyer), and considering that he became a cop in the flash-sideways, I kind of think these two were meant for each other. (Wouldn't they be so bad-ass?!) Basically, I'd love to write about a relationship between them if Ana Lucia had lived, left the island with the Oceanic 6, and then returned to find Miles in Dharmaville.

-Dharmaville - Since Season 5 skipped three years that Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Miles, and sometimes Daniel spent in 1950's Dharmaville, I'd like to make my own version of what happened during those years. This would include a lot of Sawyer/Juliet of course, a very depressed Jin slowly learning English, and the bromance that is Sawyer, Jin, and Miles.

-Desmond/Penny - Like my idea above, even though the Oceanic 6 were shown sporadically through those 3 skipped years, Desmond and Penny had very little screen-time. I adore this couple, and so would love to write about their years in hiding on their little boat, and of course baby Charlie.

-Sun/Jin (AU) - I think Sun and Jin's ending was perfect, with one exception: Ji Yeon. These two were destined to be together, and I understand that that meant they had to die together (Jin's so honorable!), but what about their daughter? So I'd like to give them their happily ever after, and explore what might have happened had they survived, gone on with Jack and crew, and (hopefully) gotten off the island to raise Ji Yeon together.

-Charlie/Claire (AU) - Okay, this just wasn't fair. Charlie was my favorite; how could they kill him off (and so early on)? If he had lived, I can imagine his happy family with Claire and Aaron, and of course more male bonding sessions with Desmond and Hurley.

-Off-Island Epilogue - So this is the obvious choice: writing about what happened afterward to everybody who finally made it off the island (for good, we think): Sawyer, Miles, Kate, Claire, Richard, Frank, and eventually Desmond. I'd love to see Sawyer and Miles actually work together in LA, Kate and Claire reunite with Aaron, Richard try to start a life for himself, and Frank just show up along the way.

-On-Island Epilogue - I was so thrilled to see that Hurley ended up being the new Jacob, and that he let Ben be his second-in-command. I was equally thrilled when the special 15-minute epilogue was released, showing not only Hurley and Ben, but Walt too! Finally, some real answers! Anyway, I'd love to explore Hurley and Ben's friendship (plus Hurley's struggle as a leader and Ben's struggle being without control), how they managed to get Desmond off the island, and how (and why) they brought Walt aboard.

-"Skins" (TV) - I'm really hesitant to write Skins fanfics because the show is much more graphic than my writing tends to be. I'd have to be seriously convinced to ever write more than a one-shot, but I did recently write an Alo/Mini finale narrative (G3). The only other idea I might consider is something with Cook telling Effy of Freddie's death (G2).

-"Gossip Girl" (TV) - Now that it's finished, I am so ready to write about my OTP, Chuck and Blair (and baby Henry, of course)!!! So glad that they got their Chairytale Ending after all, and I wrote two tributary one-shots for them called 'With Me' and 'Selfish & Shrewd,' but I'm sure there will be more fics where that came from.

-"Gilmore Girls" (TV) - I mainly have post-GG ideas for this, because I wasn't fully satisfied with the ending. I'd love to do a Rory/Logan, Lorelai/Luke, Lane/Zack, or Paris/Doyle story (taking place after the 7th season).. possibly just write my own Season 8 ;)

-"My So-Called Life" (TV) - This is a show from the 90's (if you don't know it, check it out, 'cause it's amazing) that I absolutely adore. I just hate that it was cancelled after only 18 episodes! So basically, I would love to write from where it left off, because it deserves more.

In case you didn't notice, most of the above are finished series/shows. This is because I always find it really difficult to write stories while the actual story is still going on. One idea that I would be willing to explore, however, would be an AU for "Grey's Anatomy" with Alex/Izzie (if they had remained married after the 5th season). Other than that, I think I'm going to wait for those books/shows to end before I write my own stories for them.

Thanks for visiting my profile; happy reading!

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