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Hey , When I say bunny , you say Vixon .

Me: Bunny




Hey , yall , I'm BunnyVixon4u , but not you , you , me , you , you , me , you get it ! I'm between the ages of 1 and 27 . Find the answer , divide it by two and subtract 1 . You still won't get ! And yes , Hormone crazed teen boys of the world , I am a female . WHOA , I'm also a princess .

Don't know why but , I absolutely love pregnancy fics , I guess it's the drama , I love drama , but not school drama , that's just stupid bickering !

I live to write and write to live . Not really though , but it's my passion ! And how many girls my age can say that ? Not many , most are trying to get boyfriends or anticipating a cell phone .

I give all my props to God for creating me !

I also love to sing and occasionally play piano , while my sister plays the drums in church (they don't have real musicians) . Our church is dying though so please pray for me and my family.

C.O.G.I.C look it up . For any other christians reading this , I'd advise you to read any stories by taywrites . Seriously , check them out . Their testimonials and their touching .

Hope you enjoy my fanfictions and have a Bunnytastic day, And God Bless !