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Hello everybody wonderful enough to read my profile!

So you want to know about me? Okay!

My real name's Maggie-Elen, for both my grandmothers

I'm 19

I have reddish-brown hair thats more red than brown

I live in the U.S. on the west cost and absolutely LOVE the ocean

I want to be an artist or an art teacher some day and am currently going to school to fulfill that dream

I'm horrible at sports, really clumsey and have always hated gym class

I spend most of my free time drawing or painting or reading or writing

I have a big family and a whole mess of siblings who annoy me to death but I love them anyways

Some stuff about my storries:

I'm kind of a sucker for a good hurt/comfort fic. I don't know what it is, but if a character is hurt, I'm usually eagerly reading. I'm not tisted or anything, I promise you. What I'm really waiting for is when that character gets comforted and taken care of. I like family and friendship, too, with some occasional well-done romance thrown into the background, but primarily I like fanfiction because it allows me to find some of the much-needed comforting a lot of storries skip over in interest of the plot. I'm glad authors do that, as it would make characters seem weak and helpless if they didn't and would be distracting from the real story, but I'm even more glad that Fanfiction lets us forget the story and focus soley on the people.

I originally started an account so I could post a story about Remus getting Harry after he'd spent five years being abused by the Dursleys. I am very fond of that story and am terribly sorry that I haven't updated it in so long. I refuse to put it on hiatus because I want to get back to it, but I've become distracted lately.

I've posted a couple one-shots, which you can find when you reach the bottom of my profile, and have two other on-going storries. One is a serries of one-shots which I am determined to update, really I am. The other is a story... well, you can read ther summary, but I'm very fond of it. Lately I've switched my focus to more of the Weasleys taking Harry in.

P.S. if you know a good sick-fic or hurt/comfort revolving around Harry, please please please PM me! I wish I had time to comb FF for really good ones, but college and family eats up my time! and if you don't know any good ones and you are so inclined, be bold and write one yourself! ;) Add to the pool of inspiration.

My Family

I don't know if you all really care, but my family is the most important thing in the world to me, so I think they deserve a place on my profile

Jenna - My oldest sister who's 26 and got married three years ago to the funniest guy I have ever met. Jenna is the best big sister you could ever have (yes I'm including myself in that) she never got mad at us or complained about having to do chores or babysit or anything and she's always interested and supportive and was the first person (including my parents) to tell me honestly that I should be an artist.

Brenden - My brother-in-law (Jenna's husband) a.k.a. the funniest guy I have ever met. Hes pretty great for a brother-in-law, probably better than my real brothers (cheeky grin :D)

Laura- My 2-year-old niece (Jenna and Brenden's daughter) who is absolutely adorable and has us all wrapped around her little finger

Coal- My oldest brother who's 21 and a junior in college studdying engeneering. Coal was the brother that pulled my pig-tales and poked me for three hour car trips, but who turned out to be one of my best friends when we got older. He still loves to get on my nerves, but he'll get me ice cream at midnight if I'm sick, too, so it all ballances out.

Maggie-Elen- (me) see the rest of my profile

Caliegh- My 16-year-old little sister who can DRIVE now, I still cant believe it! She's definitely the brains of the family. This girl has had straight A's since like kindergartten. We've had to share a room since we were like toddlers so we annoy each other A LOT but she's still my baby sister and I will punch out (okay bitch-slap) anybody who makes her cry so be warned.

Ash(ton)- My 12-year-old brother who is absolutely sweet. This is the kid who would come over and hug you if you were sad or just sit by you if your lonely or try ot make you laugh if you need cheering up. Unfortunetly, he's also the kind of kid who gets teased for being a whimp so its a good thing he's got all of us to back him up if people give him a hard time.

Braiden- My 10-year-old brother who is addicted to ESPN and is better than the internet for sports stats. He's got asthma and allergies so he can't play sports very seriously, but man can he watch them and he can probably make plays better than the coaches.

Zoe-My seven-year-old sister who is so cute i can hardley stand it. She gets into everything and never stops asking questions and still cries a lot, but she's so adorable and innocent you forget all the annoying stuff the second you look at her.

Beth and Charlie - My four-year-old twin sister and brother. Yup, we weren't expecting them either, but we love them like the dickens. They are loud and full of energy and usually sticky, but they gave me in stitches most of the time with the things they do and you can't help but melt when of them wanders over to you and crawls on your lap and snuggles into you.

Yup, so there're nine of us, four boys and five girls if you don't feel like countiing. Yeah, we're a pretty big family. Our parents (Jean and Allen) got married right out of high school (no they weren't pregnent, Jenna was born two years after they were married)

Also, because it would be a terrible shame to forget about him, we must add Banjo to the list because our 5-year-old beagle is absolutely part of the family. Banjo is the most hyper (Hyperest?) dog I've ever met. He's broken three lamps, a screen door and a lawn chair, and the list will undoubtably grow. But we've fallen in love with him and our house wouldn't be ours without Banjo.

Books and characters I like

Harry Potter because it is an amazing piece of artwork and deserves to be honored as such

Favorite characters:

Harry, Ron , Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Tonks, Lupin, Sirius, Molly, Luna, Fred & George, Teddy, McGonagall, Bill, Fleur, and so many many more

Favorite parings

All cannon parings, but especially Ron/Hermione Harry/Ginny Lupin/Tonks Teddy/Victoire Bill/Fleur

Parings I just can't stand

Hermione/Draco (Eeewwwwww) Ginny/Draco (Even bigger eeeewwwwwww) Snape/Anybody (He's a cool character, but not a romantic guy. Him with anybody is gross) Lily/anybody not James (L/J forever!)

Percy Jackson Because Rick Riordan OWNS (he might possibly be my favorite author besides JK of course)

Fav characters:

Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Thalia, Nico, Tyson, Rachel, Sally Jackson, Paul Blowfis, Chiron, Beckendorf, Selina, Clarise (From the Heroes of Olympus which is awesome, Jason, Piper, and Leo)

Fav parings

Percy/Annabeth Grover/Juniper Sally/Paul Selina/Beckendorf Thalia/Leo (Okay I know Leo is from the Heroes of Olymus, but same world, so Im cointing it) Jason/Piper (same as Thallia/Leo)

The Thief Lord

The 39 Clues

Starcatchers serries (the Peter books as I call them, read them to Braiden and Ash a couple years ago and we all loved them :D)

Inheritence Cycle

and so many more!

Things that really annoy me opn Fan Fiction

When people make C2s for their favorite storries - there's an easier way to do that; just favorite the story. If i want to read it, I'll go on your profile. Comunities are for gathering storries with some common thread. Like if I want to find good Marauders fics, I'll look for a marauders comunity. Comunities for your personal favorites are overkill and in my opinion seem kind of arogant. Like my taste is so good that everyone should read my favorite storries. It just bugs me.

Summaries that say 'I suck at Summaries' - I won't read storries that have this in the summary as a general rule. Yeah, it's hard to explain your idea in a few sentances sometimes, but if you can't at least give it a try, usually the story isn't worth reading.

Author's Notes in the middle of a story - It pretty much ruins the mood.

Character-bashing . If you don't like the characters, why are you writing about them?

Slash. Okay, fine, if you HAVE to go and do that stuff (which I personally find revolting) can't you, you know, Lable it loud and clear? I guess I can't say 'don't post it' because I don't run this site, but it annoys me to see, like Harry and Ron slash or *shudder* HarryXSnape or wierd stuff like that which, asside from never even being plausable in the HP world, is so sick on so many levels.

Non-cannon parings - Great, if you don't like the main characters, but I really love all cannons. I understand that not everyone does, but it just makes me mad everytime I see two people who are not actually together being put together, especially when they make no sense (Like Hermione and Fred WTF?)

on that note...

I just read a list of ten reasons why Ron and Hermione DON'T belong together. It made me sick. Here are arguements that not only blow those ten reasons out of the water, but also prove beyond a doubt that Harry and Hermione are meant to be FRIENDS only. Amazing friends, but nothing more.

10.) Because Hermione called Harry, "fanciable", which points to a certain possibility that she fancies him. (And she's never even called Ron at least good-looking.)

BUT she made out with him! Not Harry. Hermione made out with RON. Clearly she finds him 'fanciable'.

Also, if she feels comfortable enough to call Harry fanciable in front of everybody, clearly she doesn't have feelings for him. (like she obviously does for Ron, hence the never being able to find the nerve to call him fanciable)

9.) Because Hermione has more in common with Harry's mom than Ginny. (This is pointed to the H/G theory that Harry went after Ginny because she was like his mother. This is a rebut to that theory. In reality, the only thing Ginny has in common with Lily Evans is the red hair. Ginny was never the top of her class, and she isn't Muggleborn. And, seeing as Hermione has BOTH of those attributes, she is actually closer to Harry's mum than Ginny will ever be.)

OKAY first of all, WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HARRY'S MOTHER other than her name and what she looked like and that she was head girl. You don't have to be top of your class to be head girl. The only reason people think Hermione and Harry are alike is because they're both muggle-born. And guys go after girls who LOOK like their mothers more often than act like them.

Harry fell for Ginny because they work together. Because she's firey and doesn't take crap from him like Ron and Hermione do and because they have chemistry. Harry and Hermione CLEARLY don't (not like that).

8.) Because bickering and fighting can't be taken as "sexual tension" in the real world.

MAYBE not all the time, but for Ron and Hermione and a lot of other couples, yeah it can. They balance each other by arguing. Harry and Hermione getting along can't be taken as true love in the real world either.

7.) Because Harry looks a lot better than Ron. CLEARLY. (Both on the books and the movies. Goodness...)

Um... No. First of all, you don't really know what they look like in the books, well, not enough to compare them for hotness. Second, Daniel Radcliff grew up and got gross, Rupert Grint is WAY hotter. (and what does hotness have to do with it anyway?)

6.) Because Hermione's rarely ignored Harry. (How many times have we seen "...said Hermione, ignoring Ron," in the books?! And I've never seen "...said Hermione, ignoring Harry".)

Deathly Hallows. When Ron comes back in chapter nineteen, the silver doe. Hermione ignores Harry in favor of yelling at Ron because his departure HURT her, which obviously means she cares about him. A LOT.

She ignores him because she LIKES him (and he's a tactless git, but she can't help but love that anyway, hence the snogging at the end of the book)

5.) Because in, there are more H/Hr pictures on both the pages of Harry and Hermione. (I've checked!)

What does this have to do with ANYTHING? Pictures can't beat cannon.

4.) Because of the fact that they fight doesn't make them, "opposites"; therefore, the "opposites attract" theory can go flush itself down the toilet for immense idiocy. (They have more in common than you think. After all, they both belong to the same house. I'm certain Ron couldn't fit into Slytherin. And they both care a great deal about Harry. Hermione, more, of course.)

Yeah, and the fact that Harry and Hermione get along doesn't mean they attract either. Ron and Hermione are opposites (all houses aside. People CAN be brave and different otherwise you'd have a whole house full of the same person. Plus, Harry couldn't be in slytherin either, whatever the sorting hat says, do you see a lot of self-preservation in him?) Ron is tactless, laughs easily, often over-shaddowed, speaks without thinking, not work-oriented, and acts on emotion. Hermione is over-zelous when it comes to studdying, thinks things through, understands people and feelings, concerned about rules, makes sure she shines above the rest (at leas in school), and acts on logic. They are obviously opposites, so the theory works. Better than any theory anyone has come up with for Harry and Hermione.

3.) Because Hermione and Harry have more moments in the books and movies than with she and Ron. (Haven't you noticed how she only touches Ron when Harry's in trouble or in the middle of depressing scenes?)

HERMIONE KISSES RON. Not to save Harry. Not durring a depressing scene. She kisses him because she loves him. Twice, actually.

And OBVIOUSLY there are more scenes with Harry and Hermione, the book's from HARRY'S point of view. What about all those times Harry's not with Ron and Hermione and they're alone together? Hmm? There're a TON of those.

2.) Because Hermione clearly prefers hugging Harry. (Has she ever hugged Ron? No. In fact, she KISSED HARRY BEFORE RON.)

WHICH OBVIOUSLY MEANS SHE'S MORE COMFORTABLE AROUND HIM! If she had feelings for him she would be too embarrassed to KISS him like that in front of everybody! Or hug him. Hugs = friends.


1.) Because HERMIONE POTTER sounds so much better than Hermione Weasley.

Um... no. Hermione Weasley sound snatural, right. Hermione Potter sound sutterly wrong. No. Never.


10. You can't spell HeRmiONe without Ron :D

9. When Ron kissed Lavender, Hermione cried. A lot. When Harry kissed Cho, Hermione tried to help him with his relationship. Doesn't that tell you anything about her feelings?

8. Hermione didn't argue with Harry about the yule ball. she argued with Ron. For not taking her.

7. Harry and Ginny are meant to be. Hermione knows it and roots for it. Hence the beaming when Harry finally kisses her.

6. Just because she's the lead female character does not mean there is romance between her and Harry.

5. Ron's the one in love with Hermione. He wants to take her place at Malfoy mannor. He's jealous of Krum. Harry is NEVER jealous of Krum, and as much as he cares about Hermione and would do anything to help her, it was still Ron begging to be tortured in stead of hermione.

4. Never once in the books is there any evidence that Harry likes Hermione. You can't count the number of times Ron or Hermione are shown liking each other.

3. Ron and Hermione have tension and chemistry from the very start. Their bickering is what they do because they don't know what to do with their feelings. Harry and Hermione don't argue. There is no friction between them.

2. Harry states that Hermione is 'like my sister' (DH, 19) and 'I reckon she feels the same way about me. It's always been like that.'

1. It's cannon. Ron and Hermione end up together in the end. They get married and have children. It HAPPENED. You can't call yourself an HP fan and not ship Ron and Hermione. It's fact. They end up together and neither Harry, nor Hermione, nor anyone else is upset about this. They're thrilled infact. Anyone still trying to say Harry and Hermione are a good couple are living in sad denial and can't belong to the HP universe, because H/Hr does not exist within it.

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