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Author has written 11 stories for Naruto, Warhammer, Legend of Zelda, Hellsing, Mega Man, and Mabinogi.

hi my pseudonym represents what i hope to be as an author in writing the X represents a variable with unlimited potential - TheXfactor in writing

oppinion: i believe that an author is entitled to do whatever they like like in a naruto fic and they give naruto a sniper thats cool but i hate it when people try to chang a story for their personal needs in review also i hate self insertion liike when people insert themselvesi n a story so they can put on paper themselves imagining screwing itachi or whatever.

the hypocrisy in this statement is huge in my oppinion: i dont like it when authors use story like the kyuubi in naruto attacked because it family was attacked by a man that\

smelled of snakes or when the kyuubi calls naruto kit its a giant swirling mass of chakra seperated from the juubi divided 9 ways with 8 other animals how in the hell is it going to have a family!!

i was writing a story used this as an aopening and for some reason i felt like deleting it

unfortunately before i adopted blood stained kubikiri Hancho that was my idea but you know what i decided to just go canon for that part not get unoriginal and say orochimaru did it

possibles fanfiction:i noticed that theres not alot of grandchasexovers with naruto except for one that i know of where naruto becomes a knight lord but i believe theres should be more

and I found two druid naruto fics and they were pretty good but the authors only wrote one or two chapters.

here are good crossovers for naruto in my oppinion:

dawn of war

halo: master chief is pretty cool besides imagine sgt johnson saying to naruto I could be your daddy but... it make you laugh

pokemon:the only fic of this kind i like is when naruto is kind of dark.

yugioh: only good fics so far

hellsing: this series is too good hell if they have as much blood and violence as they do and were like the naruto manga id be pissed

megaman:severly under done id like to see naruto in megaman zero just once just to see zero say who the hell are you like in megaman x command mission

grandchase: this would be pretty cool like if ryan taught naruto how to be a druid or if jin did or seighart or even lass did possibly dio

favorite sayings

i could be you daddy but... sgt johnson from halo

need a wepon? master chief from halo

the bird of hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame. alucard from hellsing

ever time you eat ramen do six situps, everytime you eat ramen do six situps. bobobobobobo

do i need to slap a hoe? any pimp

bitch said something to make me mad said something i could believe so i grabbed the stupid bitch by her nappy ass weed she started talking shit wouldnt you know so i reached back like apimp and i slapped the hoe!!

oh yeah!! the koolaid man

e fic challenges please tell me if you'll write them im not talented i have ideas like many people but the not the will to shape them to a reality.

naruto:rise of the druid naruto becomes a druid mostly canon

hellsings were-fox narut becomes integra hellsing newest weapon a kitsune hanyou

naruto's grand chase naruto goes to the world of grandchase

naruto in dawn of war: for the emporer yelled naruto as his chain sword decapitated the orks head form his body while blood gushed out

reploid naruto: naruto goes to megaman zero naruto with epsilons or scarfaces maybe even spider or zeros abilities in mega-man zero series (epsilon Scarface spider and zero are from mega-man x command mission which takes place before megaman zero)

helljumper naruto aka odst naruto it would be bad ass if naruto crashed into the atmosphere from a drop pod and slams into a prophet or an elite like you do in dawn of war 2 with the commander and everyone on top of the ork truck

naruto the free shooter basically naruto with xigbars powers from kingdom hearts man i wanna see this when naruto getting into a battle with madara and the entire time theyre warping everywhere and shot are all over the place then madara says give up or your friend will die and naruto goes as if

naruto the lunar divider i wish theyre were good fics of this i typed in saix naruto in the search engine and it gave me a bunch of yaoi fanfics i searched through them all and found nothing

please ill do anything but please i gotta see this this would be awesom to see naruto level a building with saixs claymore while beating the hell out of whoever hes fighting

naruto mabinogi naruto at a young age realizes if theyres a divine being out their they must hate him after being attacked and offered by cichol he becomes a shadow wizard if you need help knowing some skills or items message me.

for some reason i have a good feeling if someone made a mabinogi (yes the mabinogi made by nexon the free online game) it would get great amount of attention i mean the mabinogi story line is easy to follow and is crazy how accurate it can be with the events surrounding the story

New challenge I had a awesom dream lasy night I dreamt of a soul eater crossover idea her it is

Naruto & Soul Eater Naruto at a young age wondered why the village hated him which soon evolved into a thirst of knowledge eliminating his ignorance of the world Eibon seeing this and having found someone similar to himself has finally took an apprentice.

Naruto no Kumo: What if Naruto at a young age was affected by a spiders venom kyuubi interacted with it and gave birth to a bloodline making friends with the spiders and enemies of the Aburame seeing them as the beings who wont judge him what if he looks to them as a family?

Naruto lives like hes dying : at a young age after nearly being killed by an exploding tag and the kyuubis healing causes cancer celss to start forming for a while Naruto is sad till he promises himself to see what the world has to offer before he dies. Warning akatsuki will not play a big role in this Naruto will probably be in the background onf the canon events Such as Tanzaku town and he learns of Itachis disease and sympathises with ihm and offers some words of hope.

Naruto no karasu: At a young age Naruto finds an egg a crow egg after reading some stories about crows he thinks their cool and fun for messing with people and he teaches his crow to speak and later develops crow jutsus

Naruto: Rebirth of Xehanort : In this story after the nobody and heartless fo master Xehanort are revived it is discovered he was reborn in a child named Naruto will have his heartless and nobodies abilities.

Naruto the chimera: With people callign him a freak and mosnter Naruto decides to show them how much of one he can be being inspired by the scientist hiruko. and as twisted and insane as Orochimaru

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The Young, The Brave, and The Foolish reviews
Naruto had many of things going for him large chakra reserves, a brain deformity that permitted only the slightest feeling of emotion, oh an a nice use or snarkiness, sarcasm, a willingness to learn and improve others, not to mention free room and board.
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An Important Request
Help, i'm lacking reviews and I don't know if I want to put in the effort to continue or to improve several stories or if I should delete them just, read the story, and send in the form via review or pm please it really helps me, thanks in advance till enough are given I will not write.
Naruto - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 208 - Published: 7/30/2012
In the end
As the forces of Naruto march, Madara cannot help but be in awe at how they have all put aside their differences to take him on together something unheard of before.
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