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Hello to everyone that has come across this profile page. My goal is to finish every story that I start to work on so hang in there with me as I have work I have to do, but I'll try to update as regularly as I can.

Some quick notes:

Favorite Ranma characters in order.



Cologne- wisest character in the story and without her Ranma would be just some talented punk but have few skills.

Ukyo- nice friend to Ranma, impossible to say anything negative about her


Akane- when she decides to get over her jealous

least favorite characters

Kodachi-she is psychotic and that laugh can kill small children

Moose- a blind idiot that can't accept the truth

Akane-when she's in one of her jealous rages (which is very often)

Genma- can't forget about the world's worst dad

Ranma Pairings


Ranma/Shampoo- there needs to be more stories of this. To me it's the perfect match Ranma wants to grow as a martial artist and the Chinese Amazons have the best path to help him do that. The Amazons are not that oppressive of males otherwise Moose wouldn't even be able to fight let alone be a match for Ranma when he first shows up. As for Shampoo getting Ranma she shoot herself in the foot in the story.


Ranma/Akane- This is okay but it's too clique and overused. Akane would make a better friend than wife in my opinion. As long as she wasn't using that mallet all the time.

Ranma/Ukyo- it could work but I don't think Ranma would like being stuck in a shop instead of running a dojo or being a powerful warrior for a tribe. In that respect both Shampoo and Akane have the edge over her because of his love of Martial Arts but I really do like her character.


Ranma/Kodachi- no never She is insane and Ranma does make attempts to avoid her at all cost and even attempted to dump her right away but failed cause he was in girl form

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