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Author has written 14 stories for Detective Conan/Case Closed, Prince of Tennis, Harry Potter, Mass Effect, Pokémon, Code Geass, Final Fantasy VII, and Witcher.

Hey everybody,

One of my favorite animes is Detective Conan and my favorite pairing will always be Conan x Ai Haibara or Kudo Shinichi x Shiho Miyano

I hope to write many good stories for all those who enjoy reading about Conan and Ai Haibara

Favorite Pairings in Detective Conan

Conan/Ai- They complete each other, its as simple as that, like Holmes and Watson.

Shinichi/Shiho- I always think that Shinichi needs a woman who's smart and cunning because if the creator based this series on Sherlock Holmes, Shinichi would most likely prefer someone with the wits of Irene Adler. Also I think that Shiho is way hotter than Ran.

Current Projects

Harry Potter and The Veela- Will be my first priority and will be the first to be updated.

Children of Arceus- Same with HPATV, will be my top priority.

Harry And Daphne- Working on it, however will take longer for future chapters to be posted. Feel free to give ideas, it will be much appreciated.

Redemption of A Heartless Angel- Again, working on it. Will take the slowest to update due to having the lowest interest.

Unspeakable Potter- Harry Potter is the eldest out the three Potter children, he has a loving family and supportive parents however he has a distant and cold personality, Neville Longbottom is the B-W-L. Will be Harry/Fleur pairing.

Favorite Harry Potter Pairings

Harry/Daphne Greengrass- One of my favorites of all time!!!! C'mon, Golden Boy of Gryffindor and the Ice Queen of Slytherin.

Harry/Fleur- Works really well and very enjoyable to read. One's the Boy-Who-Lived, the other is a quarter veela, both despise their fame and the attention they get. Also, Harry Potter is one of few individuals with the power to not succumb to the veela charm.

Harry/Gabrielle- Same reason as Harry/Fleur, besides Gabrielle is described by Rowling as an hyper, always cheerful type of girl, which is exactly what our grumpy savior of the wizarding world needs. Age difference needs to be minimized sufficiently so readers won't look on her as a child.

Harry/Fem Blaise- Could be fantastic if done correctly.

Harry/Hermione- One that I would sincerely prefer over Harry/Ginny in Deathly Hallows but alas it was not meant to be. I don't know why J. K. Rowling didn't stick with this.

Pairings that I DO NOT LIKE

Harry/Ginny- Why do you think I'm writing my own fics? YUCK!!!

Ron/Hermione- Ron's a idiot, pathetic, selfish bastard, and as depicted in the book, always arguing with Hermione and losing faith in Harry, his supposed best 'friend'. Also not realistic, relationships that contain a lot of argument tends to not last long in real life, not relatable.

Harry/With any male character- Can't really see that happening, I'm sorry.

Favorite Pokémon shippings

LuckyShipping (Red/Leaf) (FireRed/LeafGreen) - Leaf is the only girl that I can see our favorite crimson eyed Champion develop feelings for.

PokéShipping (Ash/Misty) - Always loved their arguing, also I grew up with this shipping in mind.

AdvanceShipping (Ash/May) - Mentor/Student relationship that becomes so much more, the split ribbon is a symbol of that

PearlShipping (Ash/Dawn) - Super Kawaii, they support each other very well. You can see it with the way they cheer each other up when one suffers a loss.

AmourShipping (Ash/Serena) - I'm a sucker for childhood love, deal with it (Puts on sunglasses)

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The Autumn's Zephyr reviews
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