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Hello! I will not tell you my last name but you may call me Rigby as I am a great fan of the Beatles and have been named after the song Eleanor Rigby!!! I will also not tell you my real age but I am not yet twenty—not thirteen, though, not that age!!! I'm from South East Asia and proud of that fact because it gives me a wider eyes for exotic cultures and such. I love Indie films/bands and also Britpop bands like Pulp and Oasis. Yep, I'm old school. I am also the youngest in our family but I could have been oldest if only my twin Maxwell (Maxwell's Silver Hammer) hadn't been born ahead of me by a few minutes :(. Also the only girl in my family. My brothers from oldest to youngest: Lennon, Jude, Harrison, and dear Maxwell like to look out for me and call me their kid sister (as if Maxwell has the right to call me kid!) I'm an artist by day, lead guitarist for my band at night. My favorite movies: Mr. Nobody, The Boat that Rocked, Clockwork Orange, Fight Club, Nowhere Boy, Hard Day's Night, Help!, Cashback, Manic, 500 Days of Summer, Lawn Dogs, and so much more. Favorite bands include: pulp, oasis, kiss, blur, arctic monkeys, the kooks, kasabian, van halen, beatles, the rolling stones, kinks, nirvana, ok go, etc. Not single, either! My boyfriend and fiançe—for we are bethroted early in our family—Dimitri is such a sweetie. Well, that's all :)