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Author has written 26 stories for Harry Potter, Legend of Korra, Pokémon, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Speak, Inuyasha, Gravity Falls, and Hey Arnold.

I am an aspiring author and I may not have to much time for Fanfiction. But I will try, mark my words. My old account, InvisibleFirebendingNinja, is still up but it is retired. I also have an account on FiMfiction, which is where all my pony-related stories goes.

This is a list of a few FF cliches that I'm getting sick of seeing on this site.

Top Ten Worst Cliches

10. Unprompted swearing in anything.

There's a reason younger and younger kids are using vulgar language, it's because we're not setting a good example. The exact context of swear words are evolving as we speak; the F word might not mean tomorrow what it means today. Many of these words used to have their own context and use, but now most of them seem to exist solely to express any person, situation, or circumstance that the user disapproves of. Many times, there is literally no need for it and authors seem to make the characters swear just to have them say something.

9. The Karma Houdini.

No one likes this types. The people who are more or less allowed to do anything from annoying their big brother to intentionally starting a full-scale war. Will they face any sort of consequences for their actions? Of course not, they get away with everything. Whenever it's blatantly obvious, the authorities will still refuse to act justly and instead pin the blame on the nearest scapegoat. This is not funny, charming or enjoyable in anyway because it is far too real. Everyone has gotten the short stick of this stick at some point, and for some it really hits home.

8. Romance, romance, romance!

It's always romance. Because things like friendships and familial bonds are boring and shallow, everything everywhere is all about romance! You need that special person in your life and if you don't have one you can't live a full, real life. Often crops up in fan fictions and reboots or remakes, because once again, any other kind of relationship is not good enough to foster even the slightest emotional response. Are you watching your dying best friend taking their last breaths and they tell you that they love you? Oh, that must mean that they were in love with you the whole time. What else could it mean?

7. Shoehorning in 'educational' bits.

From out of nowhere psychology lessons to going out of their way to explain the difference between PTSD and PMS (which are apparently easily confused for some reason). Stories with these are pretentious, full of themselves and irritating. You can practically hear the author saying "Everyone who reads my story is a complete moron. It is up to me, being so incomparably smart and awesome, to educate their stupid little brains."

6. Disregarding existing elements of something for the sake of 'creativity'.

Blah, blah, blah, Twilight. Seriously though, it's bad enough when the author doesn't care about existing lore, but rewriting it and calling themselves 'creative' for it angers me greatly. If you are really creative, you would find a way to work around any obstacles instead of just pretending they don't exist. This is why, if you must do research (such as on windagos or troll lore), you should pick a subject you genuinely enjoy so the research as a better chance of sticking. Even than, though, it's always good to brush up on basics. Lastly, never assume you know something without looking it up first.

5. The Love Triangle.

Possibly among the most desperate and manipulative things to do in anything. In romance, a love triangle is the only way to stir up trouble. Because as we all know, no couple ever have clashing personalities or one has emotional baggage or something to complicate things, that would never happen. Oh, have I mentioned that every second of romantic relationships outside of marriage have to be filled with drama to start with? Because it does. Anyway, the specific triangle is preferably of the two-suitors-want-one-interest type, rather than the comparatively boring string of unrequited love. Ironically, the more fan-hatred generated, the better.

4. Everyone is a doctor.

Every parent, every street kid, every dog knows the ins and outs of medicine, psychology and rocket science. Oh, what? You thought things like that required an expensive license and years and years of specialized training? Pfft! What planet are you from? Every pre-schooler knows that fresh mint leaves can be used to settle stomachs, that that bully is only like that because her mother left her in the hands of her abusive father for another man, and the ultimate secret to life, of course. People who have this knowledge need to have special training, or at least a reason to have this knowledge.

3. 'Perfect' wording for dialogue.

One of my more...pronounced pet peeves. You don't need to have perfect wording with everything. In fact, it's recommended that you don't in the case of dialogue and first person, provided that the character in question isn't just like that. Saying things like 'however', 'male/female', and 'although'? This is not how people talk. It's okay if people in your setting just talk like that, if characters are just playing around or something, or like before, the character is just like that. But as the common, everyday character from modern-day? It just doesn’t work and has an almost uncanny valley-like feel to it.

2. Die For Our Ship.

Nearly exclusively a fanfiction trope. The idea that anyone who puts someone's preferred ship in the slightest amount of jeopardy is the absolute worst the human race has to offer. I hate this. These people in canon can be ordinary characters, but the authors of these fanfics feel the need to warp them into insanely jealous, violent, nasty, hate-filled monsters who are often with their significant other simply to have a ready victim for their abuse rather than any fond feeling. All this really does is broadcast how insecure the author is about the ship, much like jealousy in the real world. If you're secure in your belief that this couple with get together, there's no reason to make the rival a monster.

1. Using 'It's for kids' as an excuse to give no effort.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Land Before Time. Gravity Falls. The Secrete Of NIMH. All Dogs Go To Heaven. An American Tale. Disney's Hunchback Of Notre Dame. What do these eight movies and shows have in common? They are all targeted towards children. What else do they have in common? They are all intelligent, mature, realistic and dark. Being faced with a bigot, having a big falling out with friends, coping with loss of loved ones. Children need to know about this stuff and they need to know how to handle the emotions that come with them.

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