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Welcome to my World. Where all reality is just a simple illusion. (:

Hello fellow reader. ! I’m a huge KHR addict, I can’t stop reading the manga [or fanfics!] and watching the anime! I also watch other animes like Fairy Tail, Code Geass, Prince of Tennis, Vampire Knight, Bleach, Death Note, Devil May Cry, Blood Plus, and a lot more!

My favorite characters in Hitman Reborn are as follows! : Fran, Belphegor, Basil, Hibari Kyoya, Rokudo Mukuro, Yamamoto Takeshi, G, Alaude, and Sawada Tsunayoshi.

There are probably more, though.

Varia is so elite, their awesome. I honestly like them better than the Vongola 10th Generation. I just wish they had a girl in it. But I guess that gives fanfic authors like me to write OC’s for Varia’s Cloud, right?

My favorite characters in Fairy Tail are as follows: Natsu Dragneel, Hibiki Laytis, Eve Thylm, Gray Fullbuster, Gajeel Redfox, and Wendy Marvel.

Yes, I do like yaoi. But not yuri. If you don’t like yaoi, don’t read my stories.

Theirs this one girl, whose an awesome beyond belief writer that I love, reminds me of me, and always makes me laugh. That girl is kyonechan13.

My Stories Updates!

"I Thought I Loved You"- Ohyeah. Another BF! Aren't you excited? Already up! Pleeeasse review if you read!

You Know You're Obsessed With KHR! When...

1. The word extreme makes you think of Ryohei
2. You've set one of your passwords to one of the KHR pairing numbers
3. Everytime you pass by a pineapple, see a pineapple, or even think of one, you instantly think of Mukuro or Chrome.
4. You pay more attention to numbers in real life (i.e. 59, 27, 80, 18, etc.); Whenever you see the numbers, your mind instantly converts them back to character names
5. You have actually found numbers in real life of a Reborn pairing (1869, 8059, etc.)
6. You have atleast one Reborn-related item in your room- whether that be a printed out picture, to doujinshi, to plushies and others.
7. Have/thought [about] cosplay[ing/ed] as one of the characters.
8. You try to learn Italian)
9. You start wearing more 'mafia'-like clothing. (Ties, vests, fedoras, tonfas)
10. Almost every single Reborn OP and ED are/is in your ipod/zune/whatever you use.
11. You practically memorized the Namimori anthem
12. You have said 'Kamikorosu' or 'Bite you to death' atleast once.
13. You greet your friends with "VOOOOIIII!" and then laugh like mad.
14. When you look at Chikusa and his tattoo, you are tempted to take him to the store and scan him to see how much he would cost.
15. You remember your locker combination because it consists of Reborn numbers. (18, 48, etc. xD)
16. You realize that the Reborn numbers is/are part of your phone number[s].
17. You quote the characters more than speak yourself
18. Your work desk has a lot of KHR stuff that you actually use
19. Command your friends to do it with their "DYING WILLLLL" 8D
20. Hibird is your ringtone ; Your ringtone comes from the show - or even worse, a fanvid.
21. You combine food according to reborn pairings. (tuna+Pineapple=6927)
22. You remember the vocab word "bellicose" only because of Belphegor.
23. You wish you could pull off a Yamamoto when you don't understand something.
24. You are bored in class and begin to doodle pineapples and hibirds.
25. If someone tells you to choose a random number you choose one of the character numbers [ 69, 27, etc. ]
26. You begin to use a character's trademark sayings such as "KYOKUGEN!", "Kufufu" etc.
27. Pin up many KHR images/items just to stare at them.
28. Hug your KHR cushion at night?
29. If someone mentions 69 you think of Mukuro and not that one...position.
30. Encourage friends who don't know anything related to KHR, to read the manga or watch the anime.
31. Attempted to do the "kufufu" laugh
32. Absolutely any mention of hitmen makes you think of Reborn.
33. You know that Mammon is a male, but can't help to hope that he is a female because of those seriously adorable fanarts of her/him.
34. You suddenly pay more attention to ANYTHING Italian (including Giada de Laurentiis, Food Network host of Everyday Italian)
35. You pay more attention to cute yellow birds.
36. "Goku" makes you first think of KHR, not Dragonball, not Gensomaden Saiyuki.
37. Any mention of a scanner in your area makes you go, "Spanner? Where? Where?"
38. You've started a lollipop habit thanks to Spanner.
39. Every time to hit a certain speed limit (18, 27, 50, 80?) you have to point it out to anyone in the car.
40. Your friends are pretty much forced to read/watch it in order to stay friends with you since 90% of what you say is a KHR reference.
41. You talk about KHR characters using their number names.
42. If you want to bother someone [ or are bored ] you start singing KHR character songs.
43. When you recieve a 27% on assignments/tests - Your HAPPY! (Same rule applies with other marks.. 18, 69, 59, 80, 100(haha), 96, etc...)
44. You crack KHR jokes and memes to other people, although you're the only one who will get it.
45. You have dreams with KHR characters in it.
46. You have an account (anywhere) that has a username that relates to KHR
47. You ever played at least 1 KHR game
48. When you make your personal messages on msn/aim/whatever Italian.
49. You start eating candies and grapes because of Lambo.
50. When you heard 'samsara' or 'reincarnation', you suddenly thought about Mukuro
51. You try to match your favorite food to your fave character's food.
52. You sing their character songs.
53. Your desktop/cellphone wallpaper is KHR
54. You laugh when you see a "Tutor Wanted" poster.
55. You're waiting for this list to hit a certain Reborn number. xD (59, etc.)
56. Any other anime character/whatever with Byaku in it makes you think of Byakuran. (Byakuya... Byakuran... Byakuya... Byakuran...)
57. Thinking of the military or looking at any kind of rifle reminds you of Colonello.
58. You catch yourself calling your frog plushie Fantasma.
59. (Woo, 59! -dork-) You no longer buy original manga because all your money is spent on Reborn doujinshi.
60. Your cellphone straps are/is your Reborn OTP(s)
61. You memorized well some of KHR characters' lines, even you don't know what the hell is that mean.
62. You started to make fanfic/fanart/doujin/amv/stufss that is/are related to KHR

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