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Author has written 5 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Cronus Chronicles.

Hi peoples! Since my profile is supposed to tell you about myself, here goes:

I'm kind of an obsessive fangirl. I LOVE The Wanted, All Time Low, and Taylor Swift. I also like The Ready Set, The Maine, Train, The Script, Panic! at the Disco, Owl City, Relient K, Quietdrive, Cher Lloyd, The Summer Set, Carly Rae Jepsen, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and many, many others.

I've been in my Avril Lavigne phase for probably about five years.

I'm pretty great at writing first chapters. And my endings are flawless if I do say so myself - the problem for me arises in the middle of stories, which is why mine are all on indefinite hiatus. Sorry, I guess.

I don't want a ridiculously long profile, but the shortness of this due to my hiatus is pissing me off, so here's that stupid movie soundtrack thing.

Opening Credits: Into Your Arms by The Maine. Is my life some sort of chick flick or something?

Waking Up: Tied Together With A Smile by Taylor Swift. Okay, this a really depressing chick flick.

First Day At School: Sky Diver by Owl City. Does this mean I go to Sky High? Am I in a Disney chick flick? This is weird.

Making Your New Best Friend: Holy Ground by Taylor Swift. Chick-flick-me's best friend moves to a new school. Bummer.

Falling In Love: Hey Stephen by Taylor Swift. Chick-flick-me proves her Disney powers by getting over her friend in seconds and writing a song for the popular guy.

Breaking Up: Where Did The Party Go by Fall Out Boy. Chick-flick-me's relationship dies along with rock and roll. (and Joe Trohman)

Prom: Backseat Serenade [acoustic version] by All Time Low. Wowww, classy. Chick-flick-me does the frick frack in a car.

Graduation: I Must Be Dreaming by The Maine. lmao if you ignore the lyrics of the song and just go with the title. This is the most realistic yet, haha.

Life's Okay: U.N.I. by Ed Sheeran. Chick-flick-me left her boyfriend for college? Maybe she isn't as bad as I thought.

Death of a Close Friend: Where's My Angel by Metro Station. So now CFM is showing actual emotion and can't get over the loss of her friend.

Mental Breakdown: The Lucky One by Taylor Swift. CFM doesn't like her Disney powers so much anymore. She's becoming self-aware.

Driving: With Ur Love by Cher Lloyd. CFM finds a boy who finally makes her feel in charge of herself.

Flashback: Coffeeshop Soundtrack by All Time Low. CFM runs away from Lover Boy because she can't let go of her popularity-driven past.

Getting Back Together: The Reckless And The Brave by All Time Low. CFM realizes her mistake, finds Lover Boy, and runs away with him to escape the person everyone wants her to be.

Wedding Scene: Over Overthinking You by Christina Grimmie. CFM finally realizes that maybe her old friend wasn't so great, and is able to happily marry LB without worrying about her past baggage.

Birth of Child: Break Out! Break Out! by All Time Low. The Disney corporation has trapped CFM and LB, but they manage to escape with their newborn son.

Car Accident: Rainbow Veins by Owl City. LB and little LB don't make it - in a way, CFM knew it was coming. They'd wasted the best years of their lives alone. She turns to drugs in an effort to forget.

Final Battle: New Perspective by Panic! at the Disco. Hiding out in a run-down city apartment, CFM realizes the heroin makes her forget happiness, too. She resolves to change her life and make the most of the good times she can still have.

Death Scene: Hello, Brooklyn by All Time Low. In a last ditch attempt to defeat Disney once and for all, CFM signs her life away to them, and she becomes young again. She uses her Disney powers to give them a taste of their own medicine - voicing a generation and leading all the partiers in the world to HQ through a tracking chip in her soulless body.

Funeral Song: Remembering Sunday by All Time Low. While prom boy, Steven, and all CFM's exes pretend they loved her all along, CFM is finally over the glamour and lies. She's at home in the clouds with LB.

End Credits: Maybe Tonight by The Summer Set. I'm gonna lie and pretend instead of Maybe Tonight, this was Legendary, 'cause I feel like that just ties everything together so much better.

Too lazy to finish this.

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