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Hi guys! Welcome to my sucky profile that isn't so sucky!


About Me:

Name: If you know me IRL, you'd know my name. Other than that, I'm not telling.

Age:Used to have it up, now I tell no one.

Birthday: November 23

Likes: Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, YouTube (sort of lost respect for it...), Roblox, CoD,, drawing (never said I was good), music, science, writing, food, animals, tv (not as great as it used to be ._.), Role Playing, school, family, friends and sleeping.

Dislikes: Bugs, fanboys, tests, bullies, scary movies, rumors, child abuse, abortion, Modern Disney, trolls, flamers, death and bad phone service.

Couples I support: All,except the ones that aren't meant to be. (Homosexual/Lesbian ones count for the exceptions.)

Err, Should I add anything else here? Meh...

Stories I'm writing:

Super Garfield Galaxy: Chapters: 3/30 (Currently on hold.)

New Paper Mario Bros: Chapters: 0/16 (June 2012)

Somari: Chapters: 0/25 (November 2011)

Sonic Generations: The Story: Chapters: 1/40 (possibly less) (Next chapter by end of this week!)

Fan/Original Characters:

Mario OCs

Tornado's bio

Name: Thomas Sanchez

Age: 14, but looks like he's in his 30s

Race: African American

Gender: Male

Personality:Smart, goofy, relaxed, easily-vexed.

Birthday:July 13th, 1971

Bio:Tornado was born in New York , had a family and friends, yet he died 2 days after his birthday in 1985,the same day the Mario bros. came to the Mushroom Kingdom,he was thrown into a pipe and he was heading for the MK himself. In 1996, he became reborn by one of Bowser's old minions to what should've been a "bad" clone of Mario. Tornado yet still looks upon his hidden past and who his parents were. He owns a raido staion.

Nicknames :Tornado,TornadoMario,Gray boy,gray plumer.

Powers:Controls winds, tornados and can jumps as high as Mario can.

Personal quote: If there were any other chances, why bother using them up?

First apperance: Acro111's "Dimentio, We're back!"

First Story: N/A

Current apperance: N/A

Synthia's bio

Name:Cynthia Sanchez

Age:10, but looks like she's 20.

Race: African American

Gender: Female

Personality:Wacky, smart, lazy, scared

Birthday: August 7th, 2000

Bio: Although her life story is blank, she means a lot to her brother. She was also created at the same cloning habitat. She looks a lot like Peach, but was meant to be a clone of Tornado. She's actually the scaredy cat kind of person, yet she can get a little ticked off when someone messes with her brother. She is the co-owner of Tornado's Radio Station.

Nicknames: Synthia, Synth, P2

Power:None, but uses music as a weapon.

Personal quote: Gotta make time pass on before it passes you.

First appearence: N/a

Current apperance: N/a

Sonic OCs

Skippy's bio

Name: Skipper "Skippy" Lanargan the Lab

Age: 20

Race: Mobian Labrador

Birthday: August 19, 1991

Bio: Skippy has a regualar life. He has friends, goes to school and is a man of his words. His father was a buisness man and they always got along. One day, his father got lost while finding a ball that he and his son were playing baseball with it. While doing so, his father confroted Robotnik and told his son to go home. His father, now lost on a island, can communicate with his family on a near daily basis. He has an adopted sister.

Nicknames: Skip, Skippy, Skips, Skipster.

Powers: Super strength and canine hearing.

Dayna's bio:

Name: Dayna the Hedgecat

Age: 16

Race: Mobian Hedgehog/Cat (mostly hedgehog)

Birthday: Febuary 8th, 1996

Bio: Not much can be said about her. She is an adopted girl who has no memory of her real parents. She keeps a photo of her parents in a lock and keeps it to herself.

Nicknames: Day, Lil' D (only by Skippy)

Powers: Wind control

First apperance: N/a

Current Apperance: N/a

Copy and Paste stuff:

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