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Random Information

So, wanna know my thought process for stories? Well... to be honest, my planning skills are pretty crap. I come up with vague scenarios, say... the beginning, the end, and maybe one other scene. When I begin writing, I see if I can feasibly connect the few dots I leave, and if I can't, I simply take a different direction in the story. In some cases, I don't think I do too badly, but it's pretty easy to write myself into a corner, so I'm gonna need to work on that...

If, for some reason, you want to talk to me outside of PM or offsite, here's some contacts.

Email - terribleficwriter@gmail.com

TvTropes - TropayXion

Animeleague - AnimeRoxas/MangaXion

YugiohAbridged - roxasabridged

Roleplayer Guild - RolePlayerRoxas

fanficriff(dot)blogspot(dot)co(dot)uk - My fanfic riff space.

Thoughts on finished stories

Tsukuribanashi ('Made up Story') - Ah, the first fanfic I finished, and my first Touhou 'fic in general. While I may not feel that great a writer, I at least happen to love this fic of mine.

I noticed about halfway through writing it, though, that I seemed to be copying a bunch of traits from the residents of Scarlet Devil Mansion - A huge-ass mansion, a 'gatekeeper' (Who kind of shares this role with the librarian) the maid (Who was originally silver haired and wore a blue maid uniform...), the fairy servants and the crazy sister to the 'Mistress'. And, although I'm quite sure Christina and Remilia aren't exactly alike, they can both still be childish, huh?

So, yeah, I ended up ripping off a game I haven't played despite making sure I didn't end up making clones of characters. Still, I suppose they can be unique on their own, and those who left reviews seemed to like them well enough, so I'm glad for that!

As for canon characters... Well, from what I know of their personalities, everyone's a bit of a jerk. So, I added a little bit more, unoriginal as they may be. As a pointless note, I didn't give Marisa that 'Ze' verbal tic because I kind of forgot about it, and didn't want to shoehorn it in. I'll probably end up using it in future stories though.

Let's see... I guess I should say, Shujiko is probably my favourite OC in this story, despite her lack of plot importance. Mostly because she was the first one I created, and she embodies that Hot-Blooded resolve every shonen protagonist needs. The one problem? Imagining her voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch... Well, there's also her actual power level. While fighting on through sheer willpower is all well and good, I find it easy to confuse with 'unexplainable giant power-up'. My intention of making her stronger as a fight goes on is that she simply starts trying to win, but hopefully I didn't make it feel like an ass-pulled power up.

Finally, thank you all who read, reviewed, liked, disliked or whatever. As long as my story was acknowledged in some way, I'm happy!

Update: Thanks to Skygraze, I actually have fanart now! Thanks a lot! Now if only there was Shujiko fanart...

http:/i1035 (dot) photobucket (dot) com/albums/a435/skygraze/RENA (dot) png

Yuuka's Love - This was thought up on a whim, when I was reminded of a scene in Touhou Mother where Yuuka is beating Wriggle up for no real reason while reading through 'Imperfect Metamorphosis', which has my absolute favourite Yuuka-related scenes ever. I thought it'd be interesting to do my own take, even though my romance skills are zero.

First of all, I wasn't sure how far to take the abuse. While I don't mind loli's, especially if they're youkai who are technically older than most humans, I thought it'd be received badly if I had Yuuka mercilessly slaughter Wriggle for lulz. That, and it would be harder to see Yuuka as someone who likes children...

So, I tried my hand at... well, not necessarily light abuse, but light enough for a youkai to heal quickly from any harm. Trying to figure out character's reactions was pretty damn hard (Given that I don't really know them all that well), and make sense of Wriggle's emotions whenever Yuuka done anything to her. Since I'm not into that whole BDSM stuff, I was constantly questioning if it was even possible to react with pleasure if someone shot you, love interest or not!

However, again, I'm reassured that I did quite well. Somewhat rushed ending, but an enjoyable story altogether. As for the possibility of a sequel? Well, I never really thought of that, since I can't think of anything else to add to Wriggle and Yuuka's interactions (Well, Yuuka and Elly could occasionally play with Wriggle and friends, but there's no way in hell I could ever make that interesting enough to read). Although, If I do more research into other 'nineball pairings', I can see what other dysfunctional relationships I can add to what I shall now refer to as my 'shipverse'.

And once again, thanks to all who read this story!

Scarlet Heart - For some reason, when I was reminded that RemiliaxFlandre was a popular pairing, I found it difficult to resist the urge to write something about it. Well, it gave me an excuse to test myself again, and I certainly enjoyed writing it, regardless of whether or not the finished product is any good.

Like Yuuka's love, I didn't want a typical love story, I wanted to highlight how someone like Remilia would feel if she fell in love with Flandre, and the effects of her neglect. It was hard to do, though. Not only do I not really ship them (not because I hate it, I just can't see their relationship as anything but platonic/sisterly), I aslo had to envision a scenario where Remilia was trying to shut off her own sister. Not something I can imagine her doing at all.

The time line's a big vague, as well. Does this all take place before EoSD? After? During? Probably best not to think about it. As much of a cop out as it sounds, I couldn't think of a suitable place in the time line and simply settled for ambiguousness.

...Not much else to say, really. All I can say is thanks for reading, reviewing or whatever, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Notice Me, Reimu! - ...What's there to say? I wrote it in a day, and isn't meant to be taken seriously. Just some silly thing to help get me back into writing.

The Woman in the Woods - Wanted to try something different. Don't think I did too well, especially since I've been told quite a few times magicians don't need to be feared to exist or anything.

Predator Stalks the Night - ...Nothing to say, really.

First Step - About time I wrote a proper non-Touhou story. This one was a request, which probably arose from a discussion about pairings, and I said I'd try writing a NanoFate thing for the hell of it. Kinda difficult, since I felt it lacked any real content and I'm easily discouraged, but I guess it was deemed too adorable to abandon, so I finished. I'm just glad I didn't have to do any fights, I can never remember any spells or rankings or what for this series.

Dreaming Terror - Well, this sure took a while, huh? Would you believe this was supposed to just be a single chapter skirmish? then again, since I tend to make things up on the spot, I guess I just didn't account for things like Elly and Kurumi's relationship, or all the conversations. Yuuka's always fun to write, but the others were great to flesh out, as well. I can't seem to decide who I enjoyed writing the most in this fic. Well, okay, I know it isn't Mugetsu.

It's finished, but there's still a couple of things related to this story I want to write at some point. Like Kurumi's backstory that I kept totally subtly hinting at, and something focusing on the -Getsus. Due to various reasons, this won't be for a while, though.

War is Heck - An idea that sprung up from silly conversations with a friend. Other than that... just a silly story.

Just Another Name Tag - Because I felt the need to write something hopeless for... some reason. And what better setting than one in which the True End would be a normal game's worst ending possible?

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