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Author has written 12 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Bleach, H2O: Just Add Water, Winx Club, Parodies and Spoofs, Mario, Fantastic 4, and Ouran High School Host Club.

Hi I’m Hannah Covington. I’m 25 years old, I live Hawaii but I'm from Japan and England I love to sing, dance, I love anime, I like to read harry potter series, vampire diaries series, twilight series, comic books, play video games, play guitar, write my own songs, text, play with my dog, hang out at the mall, going to the beach. Spending time with my family and friends, role play, i like to play sports, and I love to act. The type of animes that I like are: Ouran High school Host Club, Bleach, Death note, Hetalia, One piece and many more. If you have any ideas on what type story you want to see on here created by me. Please message me I’m open to any ideas, I’m somewhat of a fast typer so when it comes to making a story please be patient and it will be posted ASAP.

I recently graduated college. And i'm using the time to be with family and look for a job, so I might not always have time to write stories, but I’ll do my best to make sure that the chapters are posted when I have time. I’m currently making a story that’s a combination of bleach, super Mario and winx club. Some of you may not like these shows others might like it so please just bear with me. I promise to do my best to make my stories fun, exciting, drama, and other topics you might like. I’m not gonna tell you on what’s it about on here. But if you’re curious just message me about it and i will tell you small bits of what will happen. Also if you have any ideas or if there's a part that you want to me rewrite in the story please message me so I can get started on making the corrections.

For my stories it will be based on anime, video games and TV/movies, I do like to add my own personal touch to it such as putting customize characters. I do not own bleach, sonic and friends, super Mario or winx club. I do however own customize characters which is: Zac, Johnny, Hannah, jade, etc. please review my stories so i know what you think of it. Plus it helps me know what I need improve on with your comments. I have a lot of favorite bands/singers which is: Metro station, Demi lovato, Selena Gomez, Cascada, Jonas brothers, Bring me the horizon, 3oh!3, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, Sean Kingston, Ke$ha, Taylor swift, Orianthi, Rihanna, etc.

The type of songs that I like is : A year without rain , Shake it , Here we go again, Every time we touch , Miracle , Starstruckk, Tik tok, Blah-blah-blah, Your love is my drug, Hot n cold, Don’t forget, Down, Do you remember, Round and round, Naturally, When you look me in the eyes, Diamonds aren’t forever, You belong with me , According to you , G6, Replay, Face drop , Love the way you lie and a whole lot more. On Facebook and here I role play as a fairy, mermaid, a soul reaper, witch/wizard, an espada, a superhero, a vampire, and a princess. Role playing with my friends is so much fun, especially when we do customize role play.If at any time you wanna talk to me just private message me and i will most likely answer back. If i don’t answer back quickly it’s probably cuz my internet is not working, or someone else is using the computer. Another way to message me is through my email for yahoo. I usually check my mail whenever I have time. So you can message me either [email protected] or [email protected] I give great advice to my friends and family, I’m currently married to Shinji Kataoka. I’m emo, Goth, scene, punk. I luv all types of music.

Here's my profile BIO, please don't tease, discriminate or put negative comments. this is how i created my character, the way i wanted it to be.

Name: Hannah Mitsugiwa Covington

Voiced/ role-played: by Carolyn Lapointe

Powers: Ability to manipulate weather according to her mood. Able to shape shift, with each form having different weather patterns.

Race: human (half American and half Japanese)

Height: 5'4

Weight: 120

Body type: skinny/ athletic

Eyes: blue

Hair: main hair color-jet black (just like her parent’s mother- Emily mitsugiwa Covington and father- Mason Louis Covington) but changes a lot.

Body type: skinny/athletic

Age: 25

Hometown: United Kingdom

Current home: japan (karakura town-she travels a lot)

Relationship status: Divorced/In relationship with Lucas

Children: Bella and Justin

Personality: sweet, stubborn, kind, polite, rebel, likes to talk

Likes: pizza, ice cream, sushi, fish, noodles, burgers, raves, parties, texting, fighting, sing, dance, professional at playing guitar, write original songs swimming, breaking the rules etc.

Dislikes: school, homework, guys trying to flirt with her, veggies, teachers, dull parties, and school uniforms

Parents: Emily and mason Covington

Siblings: Lola, Jade, James, Jake

Birthdate: October 13th 1994

Forms: all types of animals, ability to talk to all animals, a mermaid, soul reaper and fairy

In Ultimate mode her powers are amplified exponentially, making her powerful enough to affect weather all over the planet. Ultimate mode is called "Sky Master".

Weapon of choice: swords, Nun-chucks, guns

Side story: When Hannah was 6 years old true greatness was about to happen for her. She has an amazing family to support her no matter what, with all the power she can help anyone. She is the oldest in the family; she has 2 sisters and 2 brothers. . Whenever there's danger she's there to help those in need. She cares for a lot people including her friends’ and family. She has amazing friends’ like Natalie, ichigo and other friends. She has the power to travel form different worlds. She’s an expert in weapons such as swords, numb chucks, and guns. She hopes to find someone that has the same interests as her. She also has a band called the London rebels. She’s the lead singer. She’s forming a band but she needs people for certain instruments. She also has an evil side but she conceals it because she's a good person and she's a police officer with her husband. Over the years she's changed a lot and has let go of people who she felt toxic, she also got a divorce from her husband due to personal reasons so she raises her kids alone. She does keep in touch with family and she's very close to her siblings who have powers as well but it skipped their parent's generation. She also has a new boyfriend name Lucas who helps her raise the kids.

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